Nightmare Roommate and cats and beer. Oh dear.


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Thought I’d post a NR story:

Nightmare Roommate likes cats.

Claire tangent:
Ramona HATED her because she would pick her up and squeeze her and try to pet her. Ramona is far too aloof to allow that sort of nonsense. So she hid from her.

Nightmare Roommate likes cat-themed things because she likes cats. So I have to deal with cat salt and pepper shakers, cat blankets, god-awful cat Christmas decals… She thinks that because I happen to have a cat I must like all things cat-themed. So she thinks it looks really cute to have her cat stuff in the living room and kitchen.

It’s not. It’s ugly. But there is no way you can tell someone that.

Nightmare Roommate likes Budweiser Beer (see where I’m going with this?).

Nightmare Roommate gets the Bud merchandise catalog and orders shirts and other absolute ugly crap. We had a plastic blow-up Budweiser sun in our living room. A SUN, for god’s sake! And since I occasionally used to drink Bud Light, she would assume I wanted Bud Light crap.

I hate Bud Light crap.

Keep in mind, this is a woman who has a framed print hanging in her room that is the “All I needed to know I learned in Kollege Colege Collage College”.