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I missed the State Fair this year. The food of the year is Macaroni-on-a-stick. I think they’re slipping. The food’s just not as shocking and god-awful as it used to be. Bring back the deep fat-fried candybars! We’re a buncha Minnesota fatties. Just go to the Sprawl of America’s food court.

This country is the most obese place anywhere. I go to Europe and I’m considered obese. It’s because of the portions here. Everything is friggin’ super-sized. Go to any typical dull “Americana” restaurant, like TGI Friday’s, Chili’s, Applebees… all the portions are huge. And with the “Clean Plate Club” America is effectively screwed, weight-wise.

I can’t believe how lazy America is (yes, I know this is a sweeping generalization. I don’t care). It’s like it’s more important to get the biggest bang for your buck. If they’re told they can super size it for just an extra 99¢ they think it’s a good deal.

No, you just paid an extra 99¢ and you get to eat a bunch of food you don’t need, Chubby.

Talk about a step out of the seventeenth century. Iran just ruled that woman had the right to petition for divorce. ‘Bout time.

I’ve been adding stories to my nightmare roommate page. I get to post it after Saturday at noon, as at that moment I am thru with her FOREVER!!!!