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It’s actually a little after Thanksgiving, but I didn’t get home until midnight. So this is my semi-post Thanksgiving post… or rant. On the way to help my mom prepare stuffing and green beans, the local NPR radio station was having a Thanksgiving theme. And they played Golden Smog’s Pecan Pie. Awesome.

For the record, the stuffing kicked ass. It was the first time I made it, even though it’s a family recipe. So very tasty. And I bought twice as many mashed potatoes as needed. I can never get that right.

I had a rant going, but I decided to condense it into what I’m thankful for:

• My family—actual family or not. I spent the evening with my former step-dads family. At the Kids Table. I love the Kids Table. We always tend to gravitate toward pop culture discussions. So lots of TV and movie talk. I’m now convinced that I need to watch Firefly. And I’ve hopefully convinced at least one or two cousins to check out Freaks and Geeks. Plus, I had a half-hour long conversation with a cousin about Reno 911. Finally, I find someone who loves the show as much as I do. TV brings family together.

Plus, the group had a conversation about Goodnight, and Good Luck. And McCarthy. Living in the Midwest (with many members living in Wisconsin) it was a high-spirited conversation. Leaving one younger cousin to remark, “This family is pretty political.”

Yeah, we are. Politics seem to come up a lot in that family.

• My work—both my business and my part time job. It’s nice to be relatively excited to work. And it’s nice to be proud of the work I’m doing.

• Onions. Not so much thankful, but it smells like onions in my apartment. Not like a nasty lingering odor, but fresh cut onions. Weird.

• This site. For those of you reading this who have contacted me over the years, I just want to let you know that I really do appreciate the emails. When I started this site I didn’t expect much of anything. But hearing from some of you out of the blue just pretty much makes my week.