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I told my boss about being freaked out by the running guys last night and she just looked at me like I was a complete wuss. Maybe I just over react about things like that.

I cut out early to go home and take a nap, since I still feel like complete crap. I got some work done as well, but still I felt guilty. I’m not used to having an hourly job where it’s okay to leave early.

Have I mentioned that I hate the holidays? I never used to, really, but now it’s just nothing but stress. And my responsibility is minimal. I buy gifts for maybe five people. I’m not exactly known to be a Christmas card sender, so I don’t really have anything to live up to there. And as far as I know, I’m not venturing out anywhere.

But I’m stressed all the same. Although I have been contemplating sending out cards. Now that I have access to all the tools, I could whip something out in a few minutes.

I always wanted to send along one of those Christmas letters. You know the ones: “The kids are perfect, we’re richer than you, we both got promotions, we travelled the world…”

They crack me up. If I don’t already know all this about your life, then I clearly don’t keep in touch with you enough to want to spend the time to read the entire letter, now do I?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do something like, “This year was a great and productive year in the Claire household. Both Claire, Ramona, the infestation of silverfish, and the small rodent living in the walls kept busy. In January, Claire dealt with a really nasty papercut that lasted a few days and required a bandaid. Around the same time Ramona suffered from a bout of diarrhea which made keeping the apartment clean and smelling fresh difficult.”

And then just go on for like 5 pages.

If you expect me to read your insipid letter, you damn well better be reading mine.

I would love to call the rest of the week a wash and hide under my covers. I really would.

In other news: one of my clients is on the news tonight. The local NBC affiliate is doing a special segment on podcasting and contacted her a few weeks ago. For some absolutely unknown reason, there was no need for her web site designer/developer to become a part of the story as well.