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Winter has descended upon the city.

How do most people deal with it?

Winter sports! Sledding, skiing, bobsledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing, jumping into freezing waters for a quick swim…

But the real Winter sport? Driving. It’s a bitch.

Actually, it can be fun. If you’re on a road with no traffic and no parked cars, slipping and sliding along is a bit of a roller coaster ride.

But adding other cars into the equation is a bit dicey.

Especially SUV drivers. Who think because they’re driving a tank, they’re invincible. But since SUVs are top heavy and therefore not so good at quick turns on a slippery road. You see more SUVs in the ditch than sports cars.

Perhaps one of the reasons I freak out a bit about driving in snow is because at the tender age of 17, during a particulary snowy day, I slammed into the back wheels of a semi.

It kinda sucked.

I actually think it was perhaps worse than I’ll ever know (we were inches away from going under the semi and becoming one of those cautionary movies you see in Driver’s Ed). But injuries sustained were rather minimal.

Except for the car—totaled. And the semi—undrivable and had to be towed.

I’m actually a lot more relaxed about driving in snow now than I used to be. Now I hate cold more than anything.

Oh, and lest you mock the dorky girl with a sled and snowsuit? Screw you. That’s me in front of my cabin.

Not many kids can claim that their family cabin was a bar during Prohibition. Which is a story I’ll have to retell sometime.