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I can’t remember if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday today. And it wasn’t like one time, it was all day I kept getting confused. The only way I seem to be remembering it is that The OC is back tomorrow. It will also be the debut of The OC Update mailing list. I like to at least look organized.

Well, online anyway. My apartment is another story.

I finally have a breather tonight. I got all my website updates done and now I can relax. Which means I get itchy. I’m not used to not working.

There’s this cat that’s been wandering the alley over the past week. Increasingly skinny, skittish, and no tags. Last night I heard a brawl between two cats and moments later she went running through the alley. I tried calling to her to no avail.

I feel like helping her and it eats me up. But even if I could coax her over, what then? I already have a cat and incorporating some random feline even for a short period would severely fuck with my already manic pet (who still has a big patch that’s furrless due to whatever ailment is currently stressing her out).

So instead I just stress out about this little cat roaming the streets.

In other news, I keep having these dreams relating to both my new work and old work. I’m not a fan of analyzing dreams. Because I don’t have the heart to delve into my psyche. But it’s got to mean something.

Another dream I don’t care to analyze: I dreamt the other night that I was pregnant with a demon child. Except the weight was measured in gigabytes, not pounds. I was avoiding the demon who showed up to help deliver it, but he finally caught me. He was nice, and reminded me that the last time the other demon midwife stayed with me for a week to help me heal since the birth was so painful.

On top of that, there were these little demons wandering around with plates of cigarettes for sale.

And it took place on my University campus.

Riddle me that.