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I’m sorry, but screw my petty crap. What the hell is going on in NOLA?

I did a mental inventory of family, friends, and readers I know and no one—I hope—is currently in New Orleans. Except for one relative in Monroe (four hours north), but I think she’s safe.

My thoughts go out to everyone in the path of the storm. Keep safe, y’all.

Actually, something like this would be a reason for me to stay up all night and keep track of the unfolding events.

But I need to get to bed at a semi-reasonable hour.

I got a job last week. And start Monday.

Wasn’t looking for one, didn’t apply for one, got offered one. It’s part time—because frankly my own business workload can’t handle a full time job. I’d go insane.

And I’ve been sort of mum about it because it just still seems too good to be true, frankly.

And things that seem too good to be true never are. But everything about it just seems good.

Further updates as events warrant.