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Yay, Friday! I checked out of work early today (I love that I can do that) to get home and just relax. Yay, Relax!

This week was a long one. Yesterday especially.

You know your day is going to be interesting when you get a collect call from a Hennepin County jail inmate.

It was, to be clear, a wrong number and I hung up instead of accepting the charges. For a split second I thought about accepting just to let this person know they were calling the wrong number, but then I decided the last thing I needed was to befriend a convict who appreciated my kindness and had nothing but time on his hands. Despite what Oz teaches you, the average convicts usually aren’t that hot.


Anyway, when I got into work nothing was working right. And I had to deal with this “graphic designer” who wanted some color postcards printed—4-up, 2-sided. And wanted them in an hour. Because Kinko’s does it in an hour.

Yeah, honey? Kinko’s doesn’t have two presses running full-time in the back and a dozen or so big buck jobs sitting on their desk that need to be finished and have plates made. Your 500 ugly-ass bitmapped image postcards? Not a priority for me.

So I was already pissed at her. Then she came to pick up the postcards and said they looked good and now I’d know how to do it next time. What?! What?!?!

Okay, sure. I’ll know that you save your PDFs completely stupid and I have to fix them. But I think I got the hang of the whole “postcard” thing about four dozen postcard jobs ago. Idiot.

Then to add insult to her idiocy, as she was leaving she mentioned that now we could get back to doing nothing since her precious job was done.

So I asked my bosses if I could go home since I apparently had nothing more to do for the day. They laughed. And told me to get back to work.

So after I finished stewing over stupid customers, I ended up staying a little late to get something done for a woman who needed it for an event that night. Which netted me a $20 tip. Gotta love it.

Then when I got home (to prepare, such as it is, for The OC) I found someone had said some very nice things about my stories. I like compliments. Compliments feed my insatiable need for constant validation.

Anyway, I got the quotes up last night and am happy about that. Once I procrastinate for like a day, it takes me weeks to get back to watching an episode.

So now we’re back to Friday. Or as it’s sometimes called “Storybook and/or Music Friday and/or Saturday”. And since I did open up the lovely Storybook Nook, I’ve decided to comb through old rants and find the more coherent and/or cohesive rant entries that are more like short stories. Wish me luck. With four years of rants to go through, it might take a bit.