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Okay, I had been having a semi-crappy Sunday. I’ve been working on a website and having trouble with it. Not serious trouble, mind you, but it’s just been kind of a pain.

So to keep my mind off of it for a moment, I went online to check email, visitor stats, blah blah blah.

I got an email entitled “Quotes”. Yeah, nothing new. ALWAYS appreciated, but nothing new. I get emails every few days or so from visitors.

So I read it. And was a little confused. So I reread it and realized it was from someone sending me a quote of the day. How sweet is that? I’ve never gotten a quote of the day submission.

So I went to update the page and realized that somewhere down the line I had sent out a plea for new quotes. So it makes more sense. But that someone actually saw it and emailed me?

I love people.

Happy Sunday, y’all.