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Random Story: I’m a bit of a cheese fan. Okay, a huge bit of a cheese fan.

I like cheese, people.

Anyway, whenever I get some cheese out of the fridge, wrapped or not, I get a cat.

Doesn’t matter where she is in the apartment. I take the cheese out of the fridge, wander into the livingroom, and two seconds later I have a cat staring at me wanting my cheese.

Are cats supposed to like cheese?

RANDOM STORY: I was really annoyed by the constant ads for the “See Arnold Run” movie. And now I’m friggin’ watching it. Sigh.

Actually I’m kinda curious as to how he met Maria.

And I find it interesting when two people marry that have such differing politics.

So I can’t decide whether the writers/producers of the Arnold movie are for or against Arnold. I kinda think they’re trying to make an objective portrayal of his life. It’s kinda hard to tell. But I kinda like it.

Don’t hurt me.