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On the way home, listening to the radio, that Butthole Surfers song came on. You know the one:

I don’t mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows.
I can taste you on my breath and smell you with my nose…”

Or something like that.

Does it remind anyone else of Jim Carroll’s People Who’ve Died? No? Okay.

NEXT RANDOM THOUGHT: I watched The Surreal Life last time. And was struck by the interaction between Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav. Because they appeared to develop a genuine deep affection for each other. Seemed like a weird pairing, But it was really very sweet to watch.

Now there’s a new show, Strange Love, which is showing their ongoing relationship.

Now I am perpetually mistrustful of reality TV, but unless I am just a gullible little girl I think they really adore each other. And it’s really nice to watch.

And if it’s fake, damn you, Reality TV!