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All last night I kept reminding myself, “I have to pick up Mom at nine. I have to pick up Mom at nine.” She was getting her car serviced and needed me to pick her up.

And I’m not good at waking up early (my version of early is before nine) so I was worried. I finally set my alarm and went to bed.

This morning, my phone rang, waking me up, so I jumped out of bed and grabbed it. It was my mother, asking me to bring walking shoes so we could go for a walk. I looked at the clock.

8:21. I overslept.

Good job, Claire.

To my credit, I showered, dressed, and was out the door in 20 minutes. And made it to the dealership by 9:05.

After I picked Mom up, we went to visit Grandma as she lives in a Memory Care center nearby. She was happy to see us.

Okay, I interrupt this rant to announce that a big truck has pulled up at the back door. It’s a rental truck. And it looks like it’s for the neighbors upstairs. Who are already really noisy. So I am thinking the ceiling’s coming down in a few minutes. It’s like a circus up there.