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I wrote a random rant yesterday, and decided it was too boring to post. I wrote a random rant today, and decided it was too boring to post. So I deleted a bunch of crap and condensed them to bring you the most ranty goodness I possibly could. It’s most likely still rather boring:

It is a lovely day today. This day is why I like October so much. I went to see Grandma today. She has advanced Alzheimer’s. You haven’t lived until you’ve been asked 12 times within 2 hours if you’ve taken a vacation this year. She never disappoints.

I was looking at a collage of photos she has. There’s a photo of my aunt as a young girl sitting on some steps with a squirrel next to her standing up with his front paws on her arm. It’s a cute photo, but as mom says, probably wasn’t the safest photo. Rabies, anyone?

Anyway, I noticed a photo that I hadn’t seen before. It’s of five men standing in front of a WWII bomber with a foxy chick painted on the side. “Madame Shoo Shoo.” One of the men is my grandfather. The reason they’re posing in front of Madame Shoo Shoo is because my grandfather painted her.

During the war, one of his duties was to paint the side of planes. I guess there was even an article published about it, but that’s lost to time.

His other duty was to identify—by sound only—what type of plane was flying overhead. He was in some military intelligence unit. I always thought that was sorta cool.

I have his dog tags. Along with a two dollar bill signed by all the men in his unit. I even have one of those maps that they would put up in warrooms to show bombers their intended targets.

Unfortunately what I do not have is an entire photo album of flak photos taken from a plane in the air over Germany. Grandma threw it out in an Alzheimer’s moment.

I also have two bullet casings from the 21 gun salute at his gravesite. He died two days before the Berlin wall fell. I’ll never forget that.

In other news:

I live in Minnesota. There is a political race between Mark Kennedy and Patty Wetterling. And it’s gotten NASTY. Not on Patty’s side, but on Mark’s. He has some “I’m Mark Kennedy and I approved this message” ads of the most nastiest, underhanded ads I have ever heard in my life.

If he really approved that message, the guy’s a slug. Low-class.

And an idiot. Because if you insult/slam Patty in this state it’s not a good idea. Her son Jacob (bless him) was kidnapped and most probably murdered about ten years ago. She has been relentless in trying to find out who took her son and also relentless in crusading for missing children. She is a hero.

Last night, I saw an ad for Patty that had John from America’s Most Wanted. He basically stated that he was a Republican, but from what he knew of Patty Wetterling, he would vote for her. I like him a lot more.

There’s a Food Network show with John Cleese on wine for dummies. As always, he’s quite hilarious. And Brendan Fraser is on it as a guest of his. For some reason I really like him. I have no idea why. But he strikes me as quite naturally funny, and he takes risks in terms of the movies he stars in.

Back to the Cleese show: man, is that guy funny. Just spot on clever, witty, and funny. I would kill to be that funny.

I would just like to add that I miss Graham Chapman.