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My busy season is approaching. Queer Eye and QE UK, The OC, Stargate, and Simpsons. Five out of seven days has a TV show I need to quote. That means I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday nights. Plus Monday finds me trying to convert people into Las Vegas and LAX.

In other news: We did another shoot for the cookbook today. Which required us to make Easter eggs. I haven’t made Easter eggs in years.

Since Easter is nowhere near we had no way of picking up an Easter egg kit with those little tabby things for the color. So Heathrow and I went online to find a recipe. We didn’t really find one other than “Use food coloring”, but we did pick up a tip that netted us some of the coolest eggs I’ve ever seen.

TIP: Get some rubber glue and drizzle it around the egg in a random pattern. Wait for it to dry, and then drop it in your chosen color. Roll it around for a bit. Take out of the color and let dry.

Now here’s the dilemma: you can either a) peel off the rubber glue and dip in a different color or the same color, or 2) peel off the rubber glue and leave as is, or 3) don’t peel it off at all.

I gotta say that this technique makes some very nice eggs. I told Heathrow that, aside from Ukrainian eggs, they were the coolest I’d seen. And she had no idea what Ukrainian eggs were. Are they obscure?

Do you remember those generic Easter egg kits? The little color tabs, the cut-outs for the completed eggs. That metal contraption that allowed you to dip the eggs into the dye. Good times.