Sometimes my rant tells me to burn things.


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Two acquaintances of mine went to school at West High in Uptown. One was the drummer for a band, Dumpster Juice. And they both lived on Cedar Lake, one of the many lakes in south Minneapolis.

So one weekend, the band had a show in his mother’s garage.

Before the main event (Dumpster Juice) went on, they had another high school band open up for them, a band called Loud Fast Rules.

As they like to tell it, they got a TON of complaint calls from neighbors. From across the lake.

I believe Dumpster Juice is still around, playing small gigs here and there. They’re probably only known as a local band, however.

Loud Fast Rules is still around as well. Sure, they go by Soul Asylum now, but they’re still around.

In other news, I’m still really enjoying rewatching Keen Eddie on DVD. I just wish there were more extras. It’s all about the extras.

Hm. I can’t decide whether to make this a random rant week or not. I got the idea in my head to have every day have a special theme for my rants post, like Music Friday and Storybook Thursday. But I don’t think I’m creative enough to think of 7 different ideas. Well, not creative enough to think of 7 different interesting themes.

I like to think of this rant as ebbing and flowing in the ether. It is its own entity. I just listen to what the rant tells me to do and I do it.

Sometimes the rant tells me to burn things. I’m getting worried.