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I went shopping today. Sigh. People should stop me from going shopping. Here’s the damage:

    1. Groceries (too boring to list)
    2. CDs: Ike Reilly, Cake, Westerberg’s Folker
    3. Patina: ring, lip junk
    4. DVDs: Keen Eddie (!!!!), Homicide Season 5 (!!!!)
    5. Unnamed political candidate’s merchandise

I keep going back and forth, but I’ve made my decision: I will not discuss my feelings about the upcoming election. I feel strongly about it, but it’s not my place to say boo about it.

I will not shut up about one thing: On November 2, vote. America was founded on the principle that its citizens choose who leads it. It is your duty—your responsibility—to vote.

Okay, I’ve said this before, and I’ll it again: someone at VH1 is either in Cake or is their biggest fan. I hear Cake CONSTANTLY on VH1. And I have no problem with that. I love Cake.