Yay for voting. Or is it yea for voting?


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I went shopping today. People should really stop me from going shopping. Here’s the damage:

  1. Groceries (too boring to list)
  2. CDs: Ike Reilly, Cake, Westerberg’s Folker
  3. Patina: ring, lip junk
  4. DVDs: Keen Eddie (!!!!), Homicide Season 5 (!!!!)
  5. Unnamed political candidate’s merchandise

I keep going back and forth, but I’ve made my decision: I will not discuss my feelings about the upcoming election. I feel strongly about it, but I’m tired of talking about it and stressing about it.

I will not shut up about one thing: On November 2, vote. America was founded on the principle that its citizens choose who leads it (yes, I know that’s the simplistic version). It is your duty—your responsibility—to vote.