Airline to Heaven… alone.


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Wilco is in town tonight. I am not there. D’oh. Once they started playing auditoriums I stopped going altogether.

Cake was in town over the weekend. Didn’t go to that either. I just can’t bring myself to go to shows alone. I know it’s wussified, but I feel stupid. The only show I went to alone was (ironically) Wilco’s last show at First Ave. in support of YHF. And it was mainly because I was within walking distance. I debated and debated, assisted by a couple of cocktails, and finally sucked it up and went.

I walked in and was trying to see if I recognized the song that the opening band was playing and then realized to my horror it was Wilco. D’oh! They started early. It was a great show either way. They played Airline to Heaven and I thought it was an amazing song live.

I thought back to that show and song a short time later on 9/11, and thinking, sadly, that they would most likely remove that from set lists.