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Hm. Instead of random words, I am going to post random images. Oh c’mon people. It’ll be fun!


My mom’s china (see above) is famous. It’s featured in one of the cookbooks I prattle on about. The shot’s rather traditional, but it turned out nice.

Say hi to Clarus the Moo Cow. If you click on her, she should go “Moof!”.

The above font is Clairiccimo. Named after me. Okay… I named it after me.

I earned this nickname when I first started working on bibles. I was trying to figure out where to hyphenate Sadducees. So I asked out loud and pronounced it “Saduccis”. As in Father Guido. And everybody cracked up.

I was informed, between giggles, that it was pronounced “Sad-you-see”. “They don’t believe in Jesus. So they’re sad, you see.” So Duff started calling me Clairiccimo.

Anyway, a few years later I had to make this pain-in-the-ass font. Didn’t know what to call it.

Clairiccimo was born.


I have been looking for a Mao t-shirt for the past ten years. I want one as bad as I want a square ring. I’m sure you’ve seen the shirts. They’re red with his image in black.

Anyway, I might have a hook-up. My mom’s best friend is going to China and I asked her to get me one. So, if she remembers and if they still make them, I’m golden. *crosses fingers*

Uncle Tupelo. Jay’s on the left and Jeff’s on the right.

But aside from the band, the photo is notable for the sign.

“Liquor, Guns & Ammo”. To sum up, if you want to get liquored up and shoot at things, head on over.

This is what it looks like when you drop watermelons repeatedly on a car from atop a five-story building.

And this? Well, this is what it looks like when you drop an anvil on a car from atop a five-story building.

And this… this would be what happens when you chainsaw a car completely in half.

Why am I posting these? That, people, is what my family does for fun one day every summer. And you, gentle reader, wonder why I’m as screwed up as I am. They own a hardware store in the Minneapolis warehouse district.

Carrying on:

Welcome to my standard Monday menace:

Watch LAX. Watch it, I say!

I can’t get anybody to watch it. Not even our resident pilot. Sigh.

The only show I’ve gotten anyone to watch is Keen Eddie (coming to a DVD near you shortly!). And it was my mom I convinced. And it was after the show went into syndication.

Tonight’s LAX did not disappoint. The storyline of the kid who hangs out in the airport because his girlfriend was killed was sad. And then the disparate reactions when he helped out the two characters was both beautiful and heartbreaking. I hope he’ll be on again.

Oh well. In other news, As Time Goes By is being rerun on TPT 2. I absolutely love that show. Dame Judi Dench is so wonderful. So is Geoffrey Palmer.