Let’s set the record straight, shall we?


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As you probably don’t know, I check my website stats daily. I look at the searches people are finding me with, I check to see what sites/forums are linking to me, and I ferret out Hotlinking punters. I also like to see what the numbers are like. Last month I reached an all-time high of over 15,000 visitors.

I will remind regular readers that approximately one year ago I had a whopping 33 people drop by for the month.

And it never fails to amaze me how people get to my site. The Wright searches are pretty innocuous, yes. But the ones into my rants crack me up. Since it’s so many random words on this page and it changes daily, people often show up looking for unrelated subjects. I feel bad (which is why I have the disclaimer at the top) but what can I do?

Often people coming into my site do searches of an entire quote they’re looking for. Or sometimes people enter questions instead of keywords. It’s interesting (to me) which quotes/questions are most popular.

I also get my fair share of people coming into the Oz pages with some pretty disgusting phrases. Phrases I won’t mention here. Sometimes they were looking for Oz-related info, sometimes not.

Now I’m fine with that. In fact, since the whole reason I started quoting shows was because I couldn’t find my favorites from Oz, I’m very happy when an Oz fan visits.

But within the last maybe 6 months a disturbing trend has emerged. And it is becoming more and more prevalent. I’m not happy with it.

So let’s set the record straight:

  • There is no Simpsons porn at this site. Not Bart and Lisa, not Bart and Marge, not Homer and Lisa. Not one bit. And you’re sick for looking for it. THEY’RE CARTOONS, PEOPLE!

AND for the record:

  • I have not one image of Chris Meloni naked. Or Lee Tergesen. If you’re looking for some full-frontal, I suggest you just rent the DVDs.
  • There are no naked shots of Lindsey Weir from Freaks and Geeks.
  • There is not one picture of a naked Kyan on this site. Furthermore, I don’t have shots of any of the other Fab Fivers in the buff.
  • I don’t know what will happen to Seth or Ryan on this season of The OC. Unfortunately for me, Josh Schwartz and I are not besties.
  • I don’t know what designer label Rachael Bilson wears.
  • And yes, Scully and Mulder had sex. If you didn’t notice, they had a child together. That sort of gave it away.