Sometimes I like people.


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REASON #36 I HATE UPTOWN: The Streets.

Driving down Uptown residential streets, there are cars parked on each side of the road, and the road is rather narrow. Trying to navigate around oncoming traffic can be nerve-wracking. Often you have to edge into a rare empty parking spot to let oncoming traffic pass. It SUCKS.

But yesterday, I had the ultimate: A semi truck was parked in the middle of the street.

I turned down the street, saw the truck, and should have backed up and just taken another street but, like an idiot, I figured, eh, I’m little. So I kept going.

I have never had to fit through a tighter spot in my life. I had about an inch on either side of me. I was going about .25 miles per hour—when I wasn’t fully stopped to assess the situation.

And to top it off, when I was almost through and at the narrowest point, some guy in a truck starts yelling at me.

A little weirded out, I decided to ignore him and just concentrate on getting through. The truck guy parked and I finally got to him and stopped. A little confused, I rolled down the window and he smiled, but didn’t say anything. I said, “I’m sorry, were you yelling at me?”, sort of embarassed.

He replied, “I was yelling ‘You got it! You got it!'”

I laughed, thanked him, and carried on.

Sometimes I like people.