Reason #519 to stop feeling sorry for myself


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Today was a crappy day. I woke up and looked at the clock. 11:30.

I’ve oversleeping a lot lately, which is bad. But I hate my job so so very much that I’m past caring.

The day just got worse. Unsurprisingly. And it was a crappy, rainy day. So leaving work tonight I was feeling sorry for myself.

As I crossed over Minnehaha, I saw police, ambulance, and a fire truck up two blocks. The firetruck was blocking the street, so I was focused on watching the cop directing traffic to turn right. After a minute or so of being stopped, I casually glanced to my left.

An enormous black truck was flipped on its side and had slammed into a light pole.

So, yeah. Stop your whining, Claire.

In other news: I am very happy to report that I had a guestbook signer telling me he was a fellow Farrar fan and had downloaded some MP3s I had posted. So Music Thursday and/or Friday will remain.