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Random thoughts:

On the way home from my mom’s, I was contemplating my absolute hatred of Uptown, and realized that the Twin Cities has some of the weirdest named neighborhoods. Uptown, Tangletown, Frogtown, and Dinkytown.

That’s right. Dinkytown. Who names these places?

The host from Bands Reunited on VH1 is not only highly cute, but incredibly funny on camera.

So I’m embarassed to admit that I’m watching Surreal Life. It’s the first episode and Charo is explaining why Ryan wants to move her bed into Charo’s room:

“She doesn’t want to sleep in the boys’ room and she doesn’t want to sleep in Brigitte’s room. pause. Because she’s a crazy bitch.”

I haven’t laughed that loud at my TV in ages. I heart Charo.