Claire: Squirrel Savior


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I heard a weird noise in a dumpster next to my apartment as I was walking by today. I figured if it wasn’t my imagination it was an animal. But I was kind of nevous that if I let it out it would turn on me. There’s not much room for something to run out when you open the flap and there’s no telling what direction the animal is going to take.

I stood there for over a minute, just looking at it and trying to hear it again. I must have looked nuts. And heard nothing more.

Finally, I decided I simply couldn’t bear to be responsible for the indirect death of an animal. I inched toward the dumpster and gingerly opened it.

Sure enough, a squirrel popped out and scrambled off.

I feel kinda good about that.

There’s a squirrel (I think it’s just one squirrel) that is always back there that I say hello to everyday (shut up). I’d like to think I saved my little squirrel friend.