Hotlink Tuesday


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This is short and funny to no one but me, but it’s apparently Hotlink Tuesday.

I found a new hotlinker this morning from some random board. To a Wright image again. I was going to leave it alone, until I noticed a snotty little message on the board to the effect of “You can’t come in unless we invite you. You can try, but we’ll ignore you because you suck.”

Snotty elitist crap like that will not go unpunished at planetclaire.org.

I was nice though. I only used my standard hotlinking image, instead of my malicious one.

Although having “I F*CK GOATS” show up was tempting, I’m just not in a grumpy enough mood and they didn’t steal anything besides images.

I may or may not have already swapped out another image with I F*CK GOATS when someone else was hotlinking.

A few other sites that hotlink to my standard image showed up in the logs as well. Then someone found my rant page by searching for “hotlink” in Google. Thus, Hotlink Tuesday.

I’m posting because I’m currently waiting for corrections to a book I’m doing. The editor is getting me corrections by scanning in the corrections, PDFing the page, and emailing it to me. ONE PAGE AT A TIME.

Apparently he’s never heard of a goddamn fax machine.