So there are few people that I adore. Either in real life or on television. Because, frankly, I'm a grumpy bitch. But if I had to bring anyone to the fore, it would be Claire Rushbrook. First brought to my attention as Ida Scott on Doctor Who (and I feebly hoped she would be a…

In other news: I'm back. It was a long hiatus, I realize. But I'm back. Rants and TV. Miss me? Well at least pretend you did. My ego is clearly fragile.

Doctor Who Series 7

Doctor Who series seven starts September 1. In the meantime, I noticed a lot of people have been searching for quotes from The Doctor on the subject of Time: From The Ninth Doctor: Rose: It's 1869. How can I die now? The Doctor: Time isn't a straight line. It can twist into any shape. You…

Planet Claire is Tweeting

Planet Claire is tweeting. In theory, all episode updates (even the ones from old shows and episodes) will get tweets. So if you want to keep up with all the comings and goings on Planet Claire, you can now follow @planetclaireorg.

Torchwood Miracle Day

Torchwood Miracle Day is coming to a TV near you. July 8 (STARZ Network - US), July 9 (Space - Canada), July 14 (BBC1 - UK). It's a ten-part series this time and I will be quoting it.

Site Redesign

Just in time for 2011—it’s a completely new New Planet Claire. I’m still trying to work the bugs out so it’ll be a few weeks before everything’s working like it should.