The O.C. Season 3

The Undertow


Nikki Griffin  Nikki Reed

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Seth: Who knew my new PlayStation idol would be your new girlfr— new…
Sadie (Nikki Reed): Friend.
Seth: Friend… Girl friend.
Summer: Nice save.
Sadie: I think friend is the word.
Ryan: I’m gonna get that.
Sadie: Nice dodge.
Ryan: Thanks.

Taylor: Holy Kodak moment!
Summer: I guess Seth just aced his Brown interview.
Taylor: That’s fantastic. We’re so gonna party tonight. I’ll make a flan.
Summer: You know what, Taylor, Seth and I were thinking about hanging out alone. My dad’s out of town, so…
Taylor: Ah. Say no more. nudging Summer. Hm? Hm?
Summer: What’s wrong with your eye?
Taylor: It’s a knowing wink, Summer.

Sadie: You’re still into toy cars? You know I’m gonna choose to find that cute instead of creepy.
Ryan: It’s just something someone gave me.
Sadie: This wouldn’t by any chance have anything to do with that Hooters waitress that showed up at your door yesterday.

Kirsten: Just because a girl isn’t tied to some train tracks, doesn’t mean she should be ignored.

Seth: Ugh. Get a room.
Sandy: Hey, count your blessings. Kids with affectionate parents grow up to be better adjusted sexually as adults.
Seth: I know. I meant get a room. My room. And do it in front of me.

Jess (Nikki Griffin): Here I am. Down a boyfriend. Up a stalker.

Ryan: Look, you gotta stop dating guys like him. And I gotta stop dating girls like you.

Seth: Is that a no to the Wheelbarrow?
Summer: I’ll Wheelbarrow you.