The O.C. Season 3

The Secrets and Lies


Jeff Hephner  Michael Nouri

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Summer: I’m sounding out a hot new couple alert. Act like you knew nothing.
Seth: I don’t.

Seth: So if the body doesn’t lie…
Summer: Then it’s saying, “Ew.”
Seth: “Ew”? Or “Touch my pooper”?

Seth: Tense, tightly-wound shut-in. That’s all I want out of you, okay? It’s kind of a Boo Radley-shade. Far away from The Bait Shop and all of it’s unsavory characters.

Kirsten: Hey handsome men!
Seth and Sandy: Where?
Seth: Ah, I just made the same joke as my dad. That’s a bad sign.
Sandy: Your father happens to be hilarious. It’s just hard to tell these days.

Summer: Volchok is Atwood’s kryptonite. He’ll totally Hulk out.
Seth: You’re mixing comic book metaphors. But you think we can keep Marissa quiet?
Summer: Marissa? She can barely put two words together these days.
Seth: She’s usually such a wordsmith.
Summer: What does she see in that guy? He’s so dirty and greasy.
Seth: He’s got good abs. Women like abs. I got a six-pack myself. I know.
Summer: Cohen, those are your ribs.
Seth: Oh.

Matt (Jeff Hephner): You think thing’s have been complicated? You haven’t seen anything yet. Boss.

Summer: You may be Mrs. Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts, but if you make my dad happy—
Neil (Michael Nouri): Which she does.
Julie: I do.
Summer: Then I’m happy.

Summer: We have a major problem. Marissa just bailed on our parents’ engagement party to skank out with the surf Nazi.
Seth: Your dad and Julie got engaged? You kind of buried the lede there, Summer.
Summer: We’ve got bigger fish here, Cohen. Marissa is on a slut spiral and we need to stop her.