The O.C. Season 3

The Safe Harbor


Michael Nouri

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Summer: If we’re going to launch a successful campaign to get Marissa back into Harbor we have to find someone who can organize the masses. Someone who they’ll follow, you know, into battle.
Seth: You mean General Townsend?
Summer: Affirmative.

Taylor withdraws from the campaign
Seth: I guess that means no button guy.
Summer: Seth!
Seth: I just wanted to meet the button guy!

Neil Roberts (Michael Nouri): The girls should be home any minute. I think they were up most of the night last night working on the petition. They’re so hopeful.
Julie: And here we are about to ruin everything.
Neil: It’s really selfish of us if you think about it, isn’t it?
Julie: You know, I suppose I could wait a couple of days, see how things pan out.
Neil: It really is more of a weekend conversation, isn’t it?
Julie: You are so right.
Neil: You know, I could really go for a drink.
Julie: You read my mind.

Ryan: Alright, so it’s down to the three of us, the AV club, and the comic book geeks.
Seth: Actually Leon is still a bit of a hold out.

Summer: I’m picturing, like, Indecent Proposal. You’re Demi. Naturally. And Taylor is the leather-faced guy who talks to horses.
Seth: You want me to trade sex for signatures?
Summer: Get her on board. I want Marissa back at this school.
Seth: I feel so dirty.

Seth: I have been sanctioned to offer you sexual favors. I swear Summer said it was okay.
Taylor: Wow. Anything else, you would facing a long night. Involving candle wax, tubesocks and the new Fiona Apple CD. But Marissa, I can’t.
Seth: Okay, well, lucky for both of us I have the option to forego manwhoring and make an appeal to your heart. Because I know that you have one.

Neil about the pork rinds: I’ll just take these and be outside trading stock tips with your friend Gus.

Summer: Surrender much? I bet Napoleon never talked like this.
Ryan: Well, maybe he should have before he was defeated and exiled.
Seth: Summer, my little Empress, this is our Waterloo. Let’s just retreat and minimize collateral damage.

Marissa: Thanks so much for doing this.
Ryan: It really means a lot.
Sandy: Ornery judge, captive audience, righteousness on my side. I feel right at home.