The O.C. Season 3

The Sister Act


Michael Nouri  Paula Trickey  Willa Holland

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Seth: Every time things are going too well around here, that’s when doom comes aknockin’.
Ryan: Doom?
Seth: Aknockin’. doorbell Or aringin’. Right on time. Don’t answer it. It’s probably a flaming bag of crap.
Ryan: Or FedEx.

Kirsten: Veronica. What are you doing here?
Veronica (Paula Trickey): Hello, Kirsten. I hear you and Julie are starting a new dating service. I want you to set me up with the delicious Dr. Neil Roberts.
Kirsten: The father of Marissa’s best friend? The girl you called “Little Miss Columbine” at last week’s board meeting?

Sandy: Do you know Veronica Townsend?
Neil (Michael Nouri): Do I know Veronica Townsend? Sandy, I know every former A-cup in this town.

Marissa: I can’t find my stupid jacket.
Ryan: I’ll help.
Marissa: It’s brown. With things on it.
Ryan: And it’s stupid?

Seth: I love how people just come in now. No more of that useless back and forth to the front door.

Julie: I’ll be okay, Kiki. I’m like the Gulf Region. At this point, what’s one more hurricane?

Kirsten: Sandy, there you are. I have to talk to you about Veronica Townsend and… you-know-who.
Seth: Now we have a quorum.

Marissa: I’m sorry. But we were just trying to spare you.
Kaitlin (Willa Holland): From what? From being a part of this family?

Summer: My god. That is amazing. And all you did was tell her he voted for John Kerry?
Seth: Yes, that is exactly what I said.
Summer: You told her he had genital warts? C’mon!

Summer: Of course I didn’t mean to hit you.
Seth: I know. I just find it interesting how your hand collided with my face.