The O.C. Season 3

The Heavy Lifting


Jackson Rathbone  Jeff Hephner  Morena Baccarin  Nikki Reed  Willa Holland

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Seth: You can’t blame yourself. You tried.
Ryan: And failed.

Kirsten: Julie, last time you went on a stealth mission, you toppled the dessert tray.
Julie: Yeah, but it did get his attention.

Sadie (Nikki Reed): He said you might think it’s cheesy, but that’s what you were to him. An angel.

Sandy to Matt: This is your fourth quarter bonus, by the way.

Sadie: It’s a funeral. People say sorry before they say hello.

Kaitlin (Willa Holland): You’re like an adult.
Justin (Jackson Rathbone): My parents are therapists. They’re annoying, but pretty smart.

Sandy: Who knew women’s panties were such a minefield?
Seth: Don’t say panties.

Kaitlin: Are you going to try and act like this is a strange coincidence?
Justin: Not… anymore.

Summer: Hm. That’s pretty smart. You may just have rocked my world. I’m wearing the thong.
Seth: Yeah, that’s… that’s my mom’s.
Summer: Ew.

Julie: Oh no. I don’t do oysters. If I’m going to swallow something that disgusting there better be something in it for me.

Justin: Hey. Kaitlin. I think there’s something in your eye. What— it couldn’t be! Is that a tear?
Kaitlin: Shut up.