The O.C. Season 3

The Road Warrior


Cam Gigandet  Nikki Reed

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Seth: I’ve got two girls in bikinis trying to seduce me. Which sounds awesome. But I’m scared, I’m wet, and I’m cold, Ryan.
Ryan: Okay. Alright, I’ll be right there. I just gotta towel off.
Seth: Why do you have to towel off?

Kirsten: Maybe you two should stop sneaking around and go public.
Julie: I don’t disagree. And neither does my chiropractor.

Ryan: What’s this guy doing here?
Volchok (Cam Gigandet): That’s funny, because I was just about to ask her the same thing about you.
Ryan: Yeah, well, you’ve always been kind of slow.

Summer: My dad has disastrous taste in women. If I don’t step in he’ll wind up with the first money-grubbing slutbag that gets into the backseat of his Mazerati.
Kirsten: Julie, would you like to take this?

Sadie (Nikki Reed): Your bookie?
Ryan: No. It’s just Seth. I’ll call him in the morning.

Seth: Dude, where are you?
Ryan: Indio. How much trouble am I in?
Seth: Ah, none yet. Mom and Dad think you’re helping inner city kids paint an overpass mural. I’m rolling around in your bed right now. So it looks slept in.
Ryan: You probably do that anyway.

Taylor: Just what are we going to tell Summer?
Summer: What’s who going to tell Summer?
Seth: Do I need to call a locksmith?
Summer: What are you doing here, T-Bag?

Bail Bond Guy: I got authority to protect this property with lethal force. You know what that means?
Ryan: It means we’ll be out in the car.

Sadie: Stakeout look so much cooler in movies.
Ryan: Yeah, that’s because they cut right to the part where the guy shows up.