The O.C. Season 3

The Cliffhanger


Michael Nouri  Ryan Donowho  Willa Holland

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Seth: So I wanted to be alone. Are you the only one in this family that’s allowed to brood?

Seth: We’re getting dangerously close to an after-school special here, Ryan. It’s marijuana and I did it twice.

Julie: I know you’ve been married for, like, 200 years, but you must remember something about dating.
Kirsten: Well I hope so or I’m in the wrong business.

Johnny (Ryan Donowho): Look, Marissa and I have a history together, alright? It’s complicated.
Kaitlin (Willa Holland): Uncomplicate it. Do something.

Neil looking through the New Match book: She’s pretty.
Julie: Pear-shaped. But pretty.
Neil Roberts (Michael Nouri): Oo. Look at her. Nice… smile.
Julie: Yeah. Adult braces.

Ryan: Look, maybe you just feel sorry for him. Or, maybe sometimes you didn’t think you could talk to me, I wasn’t listening. Or maybe you’re in love with him. Either way you’ve gotta figure it out. Until then, I don’t want to see you.
Marissa: Look, I know things have been confusing—
Ryan leaves. Literally, figuratively and… temporarily. Marissa sucks.

Julie: It’s my own fault. I let you do the scheming. Clearly not your wheelhouse. From now on if someone needs to be manipulated we put me in charge.
Kirsten: Fair enough.

Summer: Cohen, you are in a deceit spiral. And if you don’t stop now, you could turn in to some creepy old men who have secret attics where they hide stolen money and porn.
Seth: Okay, first of all? That sounds awesome. Second of all, it could be worse. I got scared.
Summer: Scared?
Seth: Yeah. Tongue-tied, dizzy, my bladder felt weak.

Summer: What’s that smell?
Seth: It is… incense. I was doing yoga plus I had some really bad gas.
Summer: Gross.

Julie: Go away Gus. I told you, I don’t want to play strip pinochle.
Neil: You play strip pinochle?
Julie: Long story.

Neil: You can be manipulative, you can be aggressive. I’ve known you to stretch the truth on occasion. But the fact is, when I’m not around you, I miss you.
Julie: You do?
Neil: What can I say? I’ve fallen for you.
Julie: Well this just may be your lucky night. I have an extra Hot Pocket.

Johnny: Dude, you are the last person I want to see right now.
Ryan: Okay, alright, let’s get you down from here. We can talk about it later, okay?
Johnny: Right, right. So you can save me one more time for Marissa.