The O.C. Season 3

The Disconnect


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Julie: Sandy, I don’t think I’m in favor of low income housing.
Kirsten: Julie, you live in a trailer park.

Summer: Well maybe I never had a dream. You know, maybe for once in my life I actually want to do something in my life. Like something important. Be the first woman in space or win one of the noble prizes.
Seth: Summer, women have been going to space since the 60s. And it’s not noble prizes, it’s Nobel prize. Marie Curie won in 1903 for discovering radium.
Summer: I think you’ve made your point.

Kirsten: Is that a pirate costume?
Seth: Summer and I are at war.
Sandy: A pirate war?
Seth: Well it turns out Brown usually takes only one student from Harbor and we both want to be it so I need a hook.
Sandy: Oh, you mean like a Captain Hook?

Seth: Did you just whack me with your tuba?
Summer: Did you just jab me with your peg leg?
Seth: It’s a tap, you little whacker.
Summer: Jab, jabber. Why do you have to be better than me at everything.
Seth: See, that’s just it, Summer. I’m not better than you at everything. There was one thing that I was better at.

Jeff: I haven’t invited anyone. I was hoping, Julie, that you might join me for dinner.
Kirsten: Mr. [ ], if this is a joke it’s not funny. I spent two days cooking and Julie bought a Flower Mart.

Seth: So, Ryan. You’re a working man now. How’s the job going? Model homes, calculators, dudes in suits. I bet that’s pretty exciting stuff.
Ryan: You’d be surprised.

Seth: …My intelligence was the one quality she admired in me. It made me almost a man in her eyes.
Ryan: C’mon, man. That’s not true. You’ve got plenty of other positive qualities. You’re funny. When you want to be.
Seth: Have you noticed how Summer’s gotten a lot funnier lately? I mean I think she’s funnier than me now.
Ryan: You’re an expert in comic books and Yakuza films.
Seth: Girls don’t like that.
Ryan: You know how to work a grill.

Summer: A vicodin love confession is still a love confession.

Kirsten: How was your date?
Julie: Oh, it was awful. We totally didn’t click, we had nothing to talk about, his tongue was like sandpaper.