Stargate SG-1 Season 2

The Fifth Race


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Hammond: Colonel, are you sure you’re okay?
O’Neill: I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvis with me. {everyone looks at him} What?
Jackson: You just said there’s nothing “cruvis” with you.
O’Neill: I did not.
Jackson: Yes you did.
O’Neill: No I didn’t.
Jackson: Yes you did.
O’Neill: Didn’t.
Jackson: Did.
O’Neill: Didn’t.
Jackson: Did.
O’Neill: “Cruvis”? What is that?
Jackson: I don’t know.

Teal’c: What is the reason for these padded gloves, O’Neill?
O’Neill: So we don’t hurt each other. I’ll be honest with you, Teal’c. It’s so you don’t hurt me.

O’Neill: Alright. What the hell is going on with me?
Jackson: What do you mean?
O’Neill: Well apparently I have lost the fallatus to speak properly. That wasn’t a joke. I didn’t do that on purpose.

Jackson: Well my translation’s a little bit vague. I think the circle means “the place of our legacy.” Or it could be “a piece of our leg” but the first seems to make more sense.

Hammond: Colonel?
O’Neill: Yes sir?
Hammond: What are you doing?
O’Neill: I don’t know, sir. You know me and computers.

Carter: What’s it doing?
Tech: Chevron Eight is locked.

Hammond: Colonel! I’m just supposed to let you go?
Jackson: He’s already gone, General. I don’t think we have much of a choice.

O’Neill: You’re the Asgard. Thor’s race.
Asgard: You have heard of us?
O’Neill: Nothing but good things.

Asgard: We have studied your race closely.
O’Neill: Ah. What did you learn?
Asgard2: That your species has great potential.
O’Neill: Great potential. That’s good.

Asgard: Understand this: the was once an alliance of four great races in the galaxy. The Asgard, the Nox—
O’Neill: Met them.
Asgard: The Furlings.
O’Neill: Don’t know them.
Asgard: And the Ancients. The builders of the Stargates.

O’Neill: You folks should understand that we’re out there. Now. We might not be ready for a lot of this stuff, but we’re doing the best we can. We are a very curious race.
Asgard: You have already taken the first steps toward becoming the Fifth Race.