Stargate SG-1 Season 2

Out of Mind


Samantha Ferris  Suanne Braun  Tom Butler

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Major General Trofsky (Tom Butler): Welcome back to the land of the living, Colonel. I’m Major General Trofsky. This is General Raully.
General Raully (Samantha Ferris): Maybe we can try to answer some of the questions that are probably weighing heavily on your mind.
Trofsky: First of all, I regret to inform you that everyone on your team—Dr. Daniel Jackson, Captain Samantha Carter and a Jaffa named Teal’c are all deceased.
Raully: As a matter of fact, I’d imagine everyone you ever knew is probably gone now.
Trofsky: You see, Colonel, the year is now 2077.

O’Neill: General, what happened to my team?
Trofsky: They didn’t make it.
O’Neill: I got that.

Trofsky: I’m sorry, General. It was a long time ago.
O’Neill: Maybe for you.

Trofsky: It’s okay, Dr. Jackson. You’re in the SGC. You’re going to be fine.

Trofsky: This one has naquadah in her system, so keep her a little more dosed.

Trofsky: It’s okay, Dr. Carter. You’re in the SGC. You’re going to be fine.
Carter: SG-1?
Raully: I’m afraid they didn’t make it, Captain. I’m sorry.

Raully: Anyone with that technology would be a very powerful ally against Apophis.
Carter: Apophis? Isn’t he dead?

Dr. Fraiser: It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re in the SGC, Teal’c.
Hammond: Good to have you back, Teal’c.
Teal’c: General Hammond. Where is the rest of SG-1?
Hammond: Good question. We were hoping you could tell us.

Teal’c: General Hammond, I will not remain idle while my friend may be in danger on this planet.
Dr. Fraiser: Teal’c, you’ve been unconscious for three weeks.
Teal’c: That is not possible. My symbiote would have awakened me long before the period of three weeks.
Dr. Fraiser: You were barely alive, Teal’c. You had substantial internal injuries.
Hammond: Dr. Fraiser spent most of the three weeks at your side. I’m convinced it was her refusal to give up that kept you alive.
Teal’c: I am in your debt, Dr. Fraiser.

Teal’c: General Hammond, I hereby respectfully inform you that I must take my leave of the SGC.

Teal’c: I have learned much from you, General Hammond. For that I thank you.
Hammond: I’ve learned a lot from you too, Teal’c. So we’re even on that count. Take care of yourself.

Jackson: I don’t understand. They said—
Carter: They’re Goa’uld, Daniel.
Jackson: What year is it?
Carter: 1999, more than likely.
Jackson: So this is all a hoax?
O’Neill: Big hoax. I’d say so.
Jackson: I have more questions, but that can wait.

Hathor: Silence!
O’Neill: Oh, I was so hoping never to see you again.

Hathor: Our friend here is ready for a host. Tell us, which one of you shall it be?