Stargate SG-1 Season 6



Corin Nemec

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Carter: Sir, if we’re right about this and Ba’al no longer has any knowledge of what’s happening on the planet, it’s possible we could free these people. If the System Lords think the planet’s worthless then we wouldn’t have to worry about someone coming in and taking his place.
Hammond: Did they ask for our help?
O’Neill: Mm, not exactly.

O’Neill: So you’re seeing things before they happen.
Jonas: That’s right.
O’Neill: Like what’s for lunch.

Teal’c: We have encountered many strange phenomenon, Jonas Quinn. But I have yet to meet anyone who ca see the future.
Carter: It goes against all the laws of physics as we understand them.

Carter: It’s hard to believe that Yu hasn’t been destroyed yet.
Sina: Given that he is the only System Lord still in opposition to Anubis, his persistence is remarkable.
O’Neill: You go, Yu.

Carter: You think Nirrti has something to do with this.
Jonas: It’s very possible. She had me in that gene-splicing machine for over an hour. Maybe she did something to me.

O’Neill: Nirrti never did anything to anyone that didn’t turn out badly.

O’Neill: Are you sure this is what you want?
Villager: It is as the prophecy foretold.
O’Neill: No, screw the prophecy. I need to know that your people are willing to follow through on this.

O’Neill: You know everytime I wake up in a Gou’ald cell, I can’t help the thought that something bad’s gonna happen.

O’Neill: Excuse me, Miss. How about sending a little of that our way? {the guards collapse} Or not.

Teal’c: Are you still having visions, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: Not since the surgery, no.
O’Neill: So no lottery numbers? No trip to Vegas just you and me?

Jonas: We changed the wany things played out, which would seem to indicate the future isn’t predetermined. But by doing so we fulfilled an ancient prophecy. A thousand years ago someone in that village predicted that this would happen. Now how do you explain that?
Carter: Maybe it was just a lucky guess.