Stargate SG-1 Season 7



James McDaniel  Robert Picardo  Ronny Cox  William Devane

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General Francis Maynard (James McDaniel): Mr. President, I’m here to bring you up to speed on a program we’ve been running out of Cheyenne Mountain for the past seven years.
President Hayes (William Devane): I’ve already had my top secret briefing.
Gen. Maynard: Yes, Mr. President. But not this. Mr. President, for the past seven years the United States Air Force has been sending teams to other planets by means of an alien device known as a “star gate”.
President Hayes: That’s funny. That’s very funny. My first day. This is a joke, right? I have a great sense of humor—I didn’t know that you had one—but this is good because we’re finding out about each other. Now I have to call the ex-President of Togo, and when I’m done, apparently, the rest of the world is coming to an end.
Gen. Maynard: The ex-President of Togo will have to wait, sir. This is not a joke.

Vice President Kinsey (Ronny Cox): Mr. President, I realize this is a little overwhelming right now, but what you really need to know is that the Stargate is being seriously mismanaged. It’s urgent that we act now.
President Hayes: What are you talking about?
Kinsey: I have desperately tried to maintain some proper control and accountability, but the oversight in place is completely inadequate. The military—specifically the personnel directly involved in the SGC—need to be replaced immediately. Now, I have several recommendations regarding—
President Hayes: Woah, Bob! Hold on here.
Kinsey: Mr. President, why do you think I was ordered to keep quiet? This was a deliberate attempt by the military and the previous administration to drive a wedge between us. Because they knew I was going to come after them. We need to stick together on this.
President Hayes: For God’s sakes, Bob! Think of the magnitude of this!
Kinsey: For God’s sake is right.
President Hayes: Oh come on, Bob. If you want me to buy into your holier-than-thou position you’ve gotta convince me you’re right.

President Hayes looking through the reports: Hosted alien dignitaries. Acquired alien technology. Travelled back in time? Did they really blow up a sun?
Gen. Maynard: As I understand it, sir, yes they did.
President Hayes: That’d look awfully good on the old resumé.

President Hayes: I’m starting to get a bad feeling about where some of that campaign money came from.

President Hayes: This is my office, not yours. No matter what you may think you did to make this happen, don’t you ever—for one second—forget that.
Kinsey: Yes, Mr. President.

Kinsey: Nice work today, Richard.
Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo): Really? I got the distinct feeling it didn’t go so well.
Kinsey: Ah, well. It doesn’t matter.
Woolsey: It doesn’t?
Kinsey: Nah. The President’s going to come around.
Woolsey: I didn’t get that impression, Mr. Vice President. In fact I clearly sensed that he was siding with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
Kinsey: Today was a formality. Don’t get me wrong. The job you did was viable. The President has to appear to be hearing both sides. Considering his position. But… he’ll see things my way eventually.
Woolsey: And if he doesn’t?
Kinsey: Things happen.
Woolsey: What is that supposed to mean?
Kinsey: It means you chose the right side, Richard. One way or another, I promise you… I’m gonna win this one.

Maynard: Hammond and SG-1 are close to finding the Lost City. Let them do their job, sir. Let them save this planet one more time.

President Hayes: As far as I can tell, Hammond and SG-1 have done an extraordinary job under very difficult circumstances. But in doing so, they made some mistakes. Made some enemies. And frankly I don’t know that I can protect them.

Woolsey: I also hope history one day shows that… I tried to do the right thing.
President Hayes: Who’s version of history, Mr. Woolsey?