Stargate SG-1 Season 7



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Villager: Who are you?
Jackson: I don’t know.

Jonas: It’s not the Lost City. It’s the City of Lost.
Carter: Do you have a Gate address?
Jonas: There’s a reference and some partial translations that Dr. Jackson was working on from the Library of the Four Races. It talks about a city of the Ancients called “Vis Uban” as being a place where a plague began. This was going to be the crown jewel in the entire Ancient domain. Only it was still under construction when the plague broke out.
Carter: Two words: Gate address.

O’Neill: We’re not talking about a common cold here, Carter. It was the plague.

Villager seeing Teal’c: He is Jaffa.
O’Neill: No, but he plays one on TV.

They are travellers, like us. They say that they are friends.
Shamda: No one can be a friend if you know not whether to trust them.
O’Neill: Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Shamda: Enemies’ promises were made to be broken.
O’Neill: And yet honesty is the best policy.
Shamda: He that has too many friends has none.
O’Neill: Ah, but… birds of a feather.
Shamda: I’m unfamiliar with that story. What lesson does it teach?
O’Neill: It has to do flocking and… togetherness.

Colonel. We found something you might want to see.

Teal’c: Do you not recognize us, Daniel Jackson?
Jackson: I’m sorry. {he walks off}
O’Neill: Not even me?

Jackson: Please leave me alone.
O’Neill: I’m Jack O’Neill. And, barring some freakish similarity, you are Dr. Daniel Jackson.

Jackson: I’m dead?
O’Neill: Obviously not. You just sort of died. Actually you ascended to a higher plane of existence. Last time I saw you you were helping us fight Anubis.
Jackson: Anubis?
O’Neill: Yeah. Kind of a over-the-top cliche bad guy. Black cloak, oily skin. Kind of spooky.

Carter: All I know is, if I were you I’d definitely want to get to know me. … You.

O’Neill: Very good story. Wonderful. Full of nuances. I like that.

Hammond: You have no memory of who I am?
Jackson: None whatsoever.
O’Neill: Neither do I, sir.

Jackson: Have I mentioned you owe me fifty bucks?

Teal’c: I am unable to kel nor’eem as I once did since I began using tretonin.
Jackson: Well that sounds complicated.
Teal’c: Indeed.

O’Neill: So the Lost City is still lost?

Jackson: Look, all I know is that the place you’re searching now is not it.
O’Neill: Then where is “it”?
Jackson: Did I just say “all I know.”?
O’Neill: Everyone turn away. I want no witnesses.

Carter: Our goal is to take out Anubis’ new super weapon. It’s what gives him a clear advantage over the rest of the Goa’uld mother ships. Now, we’ve received word from Teal’c that Yu has pledged to bring the full force of the remaining System Lords’ fleet down on Anubis once we’ve succeeded.
O’Neill: Okay. Everyone who thinks this is absolutely an insane idea, raise your hand. Come on, be honest.
Everyone, including Carter, eventually raise their hand.

O’Neill: All I’m saying—just for the record—this is the wackiest plan we’ve ever come up with.
Carter: Wackier than strapping an active Stargate to the bottom of an X-303?
O’Neill: Oh yeah.
Carter: Wackier than blowing up a sun?
O’Neill walking out of the room: Yep!
Carter: He’s probably right.

Jonas Quinn: Well, can’t you do some kind of a… keyword search?
Jackson: Yeah, for what? “Achilles”?
Jonas: Well, that’s good. I’m glad to see that your memory’s finally coming back. Not to mention your razor-sharp wit.

Jackson: Congratulations, I think you guys hit the mark.
O’Neill: Thanks. It was fun.

Anubis: You will suffer greatly.
Jonas: I figured as much.