Stargate SG-1 Season 1

The Enemy Within

1997.08.01    S01E02

Alan Rachins  Jay Acovone

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Teal’c: Am I a prisoner?
O’Neill: Uh… yeah.
Teal’c: I understand.
O’Neill: We’re not exactly living up to your expectations of us, are we?

O’Neill: Permission to barge in, Sir?

Martin Kennedy (Alan Rachins): These slaves, where do they come from?
Teal’c: There is a tale of a primitive world the Goa’uld discovered Millennia ago. The Tau’ri. First world where forms of this type evolved. It is said the Goa’uld harvested among the primitives. Some became Goa’uld hosts, others became Jaffa. The rest were taken as slaves and seeded among the stars to serve them. That world has been lost for centuries.
Kennedy: Teal’c, beings of this form evolved here on Earth.
Teal’c: This world—
O’Neill: —is the world you’re talking about. Ra came here. If our ancestors hadn’t rebelled and buried the Stargate—
Teal’c: You would have not become strong enough to challenge them.
Kennedy: Then the galaxy is populated by the ancient peoples of Earth.
Hammond: There could be millions by now.
Teal’c: Then you are their greatest hope. And mine.

O’Neill: Listen, um, I gotta ask you something. It’s not easy for me.
Kawalsky weakly: We’re friends.
O’Neill: If you don’t make it, can I have your stereo?

Kennedy: I heard the operation was a complete success, sir. Congratulations. And I have my orders to return to Langley.
Hammond: Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Kennedy: With Teal’c, sir. I have his travel orders as well.
Hammond: You do realize that without his cooperation in finding an anesthetic the operation might have been a failure.

Teal’c: He was your friend.
O’Neill: My friend died on the table.