Stargate SG-1 Season 4

Small Victories


Colin Cunningham

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O’Neill: I’d be happy to debrief you all after I’ve debriefed myself for a nice hot shower.
Hammond: Permission to shower granted. In fact, I insist on it, Colonel.
O’Neill: Bad?
Jackson: I wasn’t going to say anything…

O’Neill: Well, I’m off.
Carter: Still going fishing?
O’Neill: Yep. Still staying here?
Carter: Yeah. I think I’ve had enough relaxation for awhile, sir.

O’Neill: Blow it up.
Major Davis: The Pentagon has requested that we take steps to preserve a number of specimens for study.
O’Neill: The Asgard already tried that. Those buggers are on the verge of wiping out their entire race.
Major Davis: That’s why I’m here. You people are the closest things to experts we’ve got.
O’Neill: As an expert, I’m saying blow it up.

Carter: Sir, if there is still a small enough number of the Replicators on board, a properly-equipped team could possibly—
O’Neill: Save the world?

Thor: I have come by Stargate because there are no ships to spare. My homeland is being threatened by the Replicators. Thus far all attempts to stop them have failed. I have come to seek your help.

O’Neill: Would it be necessary to mention my insane aversion to bugs at this time?

Carter: How am I supposed to help figure out how to defeat kiron-based technology if I don’t even know what a kiron is?
Thor: The Asgard would never invent a weapon that propels small weights of iron and carbon alloys by igniting a powder of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur.”
Carter: Okay, I get your point.
Thor: We cannot think like you.

Carter: We did it.
Thor: It was your stupid idea.

O’Neill: Now that’s timing!
Carter: We came as soon as we could, sir.
O’Neill: Teal’c, are you okay?
Teal’c: I am, O’Neill.
Carter: I take it things weren’t going well.
O’Neill: Nah, we had things handled.

Carter: The Asgard had this big new ship. The O’Neill.
O’Neill: Oh yeah?
Carter: But… we had to blow it up.

O’Neill: Hey listen, stop by anytime. In fact, I’ll take you fishing. I’d love to do that. There’s this lake in Northern Minnesota where the bass grow {demonstrating} that big.