Stargate SG-1 Daniel Jackson

Season 9


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Avalon : Part One

Jackson: I’m sorry. I mean I know I owe you one. We all do.

Mitchell: Merlin. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Merlin?
Jackson: Yes.
Mitchell: Was an ancient.
Jackson: I think so.
Mitchell to Teal’c: See! That is what I’m talking about.

Vala: Oh, now this brings back memories.
Jackson: How’s that?
Vala: Isn’t this where I beat you up?

Mitchell: Ladies first.
Vala to Jackson: Well then, after you.

Jackson to Vala: I’m sure if there’s a monster down here it’s going to be much more scared of you than you are of it. Especially once it gets to know you.

Avalon : Part Two

Vala trying to reassure Jackson: Look, I didn’t hear any screaming or squishing sounds, so…

Jackson: What happened?
Mitchell: The whole place is collapsing. We must have done something wrong.
Jackson: What’d you take?
Vala: What? I—
Jackson: Truth of Spirit. What’d you take?

Jackson: We know the Ancients left their galaxy for Pegasus and returned later when they lost the war to the Wraith, but what happened to them.
Landry: I thought they ascended.
Jackson: Well some did that we know, but what if others went home? Even if they didn’t, the book I read suggests that the Altarens left civilization behind.
Landry: And your point is?
Jackson: My point is that we haven’t met a single living Ancient who’s willing to share their knowledge freely with us and there could be an entire advanced civilization of them out there somewhere in another galaxy. I mean isn’t that why we’re doing this, all of this? The Stargate program, the [?], is so we can meet new races, gather advanced technology, possibly learn about ourselves in the process.
Vala: Oh c’mon. You do it to meet women.
Mitchell: She has a point, sir.

Jackson: What the hell did you say?
Vala: I think it’s more what I didn’t say at first. You see apparently there’s a blessing you’re supposed to recite over the leaves before you drink—which, nobody warned me about. Then I think it’s what I did say. I was trying to politely explain what was going on, and then his wife started screaming and accusing me of being overcome at which point I believe I suggested she might think about procreation… with herself.


Jackson: Maybe you can tell me who you are.
Prior: I am a prior of the Ori.
Jackson: And what is that?
Prior: In time. All in due time.

Jackson: The central icon of the religion seems to be fire.
Vala: I don’t need a book to tell me that.
Jackson: That would make sense. Fire is light, energy, warmth. And yet on Earth at some point fire became associated with demonic imagery. Things that are evil. Hell not Heaven.
Vala: And?
Jackson: I was wondering if the Ancients had something to do with that.
Vala: Tell you what. Why don’t we flip to the end and let’s see how it all turns out, hm?

Jackson: This is bad.
Vala: Worse than being burned to death?
Jackson: It appears our ascended Ancients and the Ori have a slight difference of opinion. See, the Ori seem to think that because they’re ascended, human beings should worship them. All humans.
Vala: And if we don’t.
Jackson: Then we aren’t worthy of living and should be destroyed.
: I don’t think enlightenment means what they think it means.

Jackson: Hey. Wow. What the hell are you doing here?
O’Neill: Nice to see you too.
Jackson: No, sorry. I just wasn’t expecting to see you.
Well I was in the neighborhood. And I’ve got a little surprise for Mitchell.
Jackson: Oh. Yeah he loved the last one.

O’Neill: Sorry you missed Daedalus.
Jackson: No, you’re not.
O’Neill: You’re right. I’m not.

Jackson: I don’t think I would say this to anyone else, but for the first time, I’m scared.
O’Neill: I’m hungry.
Jackson: Me too.

The Ties That Bind


The Powers That Be

Vala: What makes you think they’re going to tell you the truth? You’re supposed to be my faithful servant.
Jackson: Then I’ll also explain that we’re not as faithful as you would like to believe and if necessary I’ll also tell them we’re plotting to kill you.
Vala: I have heard better plans!
Mitchell: I kind of like it.

Vala: Thank you! I apologize for ever doubting your masterful skills at negotiation.
Jackson: He’s doing the best he can.
Vala: That’s what terrifies me.

Jackson: What’s really bothering me is why they’re doing it. I mean, why do they care if people worship them or not?


Vala: You boys aren’t gonna let people from two different planets beat you at your own silly game are you?
Jackson: This silly game isn’t over yet.
Mitchell: That’s my wingman.
Vala: You need a new wingman.
Jackson: I’m gonna kick your ass.
Vala: Promises promises.

Jackson: Well, temporary or not, it’s good to have you back.
Mitchell: How good is this? Got the band back together!
Carter about Vala: So what’s with the extra back-up singer?

Jackson: Just try to be—
Vala: What? My charming self?
Jackson: A little less talk, a little more shut the hell up.

Teal’c: The Ori knew the Jaffa of Kellana would defend their homeworld and others would follow.
Jackson: And Nerus made certain we’d join in.
Mitchell: Which means he’s working for the Ori.
Carter: The Mark IX gave them almost 70% of the power they needed to envelope the entire planet.
Mitchell: Oh yeah, we’ve been set up.
Vala: What a complete shock! Daniel glares at her. I won’t say another word.

Jackson: Doesn’t that look an awful lot like a—
Mitchell: Yeah, it does.
Carter: In fact I think that’s just what it is.
Jackson: No. It can’t be, ’cause I was gonna say Stargate.
Carter: Try Supergate. I estimate it’s three to four hundred meters.
Teal’c: Large enough for passage of an entire armada.
Vala: It’s incomplete. There’s still time.
Jackson: Time? Time to do what? Everything we’ve done has just made things worse.

Jackson: What are you doing?
Vala: Trying to help, Daniel. Someone had to do something and you wouldn’t listen.

Carter: She did it. The gate’s been destroyed.
Jackson: Did Vala make it back on board?
Airman: Negative, sir.

Carter: A matter stream left the cargo ship just before it exploded. There’s at least a slight chance that it was pulled into the singularity.
Jackson: So you’re saying she could be alive somewhere in the Ori galaxy?
Carter: It’s possible.
Jackson: Well. We wanted to send them a message.

Ex Deus Machina

Landry: You see a possible Goa’uld connection here?
Jackson: Well we already know that sometime last year the Goa’uld successfully infiltrated the Trust. And that the Trust has connections to government agencies and corporations worldwide.
There’s a good chance we didn’t get them all. If that’s the case, the Goa’uld are still on Earth. And they’re gaining strength.

Mitchell: Witnesses?
Jackson: One. Some guy who was working overtime. He spent most of the firefight under his desk, but was able to provide a description of three individuals. Big. Tattoo’ed. Chain mail pants.
Mitchell: So it’s either our Jaffa or KISS is back on tour.

Jackson: Where are you gonna be?
Carter: Seattle.
Barrett: How the hell are you going to get there. {She beams out}. Prometheus.
Jackson: Beats flying coach.


Mitchell: I’m getting that “grasping at straws” feeling.
Jackson: Yeah, just don’t tell Teal’c.
Mitchell: I already did.
Jackson: Yeah, what’d he say?
Mitchell imitating Teal’c: “The warriors of the Sodan exist, Colonel. I am certain of it.”
Jackson: He’s more bass.

Carter: No tattoo.
Teal’c: He is a warrior of the Sodan.
Jackson: According to legend, no Sodan has been indentured to a Goa’uld for over five thousand years.
Carter: So your intell was correct?
Teal’c: Indeed.

Volnek: All enemies who transgress our sacred ground forfeit their lives.
Jackson: Yeah, well, you might want to post a few signs.

Walter Harriman: We’re receiving an IDC code. It’s Colonel Mitchell.
Jackson: You’re kidding.
Walter: I would never do that, sir.


Carter: Huh. Maybe it wasn’t our fault.
Jackson: I thought it was always our fault.

Jackson: Wait! Wait!
Mitchell: What? I was looking for the lightswitch.
Jackson exasperated: New guy!
Mitchell: Hey, you touched that!

Jackson: He may not have a snake in his head, but the man we defrosted and brought back here has Goa’uld DNA intermingled with his own. He may as well be the son of Anubis.

The Fourth Horseman : Part One

Mitchell: I’m just saying, it’s pure ego.
Jackson: Pure ego? That level of enlightenment? Arrogance is about pleasure, right? Wallowing in the pride of one’s achievement.
Mitchell: You don’t think getting a whole galaxy to bow down and worship you is something to write home about?

Jackson: I’m sorry, aren’t you breaking some major cosmic rules here? I mean, why did the Others let you go without wiping your memory clean?
Orlin: Honestly, I don’t really know. I guess enough of them felt it was necessary for someone to step out of line and warn you.
Landry: I’m assuming you’re talking about the Ori. We’re already aware of the threat they pose.
Orlin: Believe me, you don’t know everything. A long time ago, the Ori and the Alterans were one society—human—on an evolutionary path to ascension, but a philosophical division grew. The Ori grew more and more fervent in their religious belief. The Alterans… for lack of a better way of putting it… believed in science. The Ori tried to wipe them out.
Jackson: So instead of going to war, the Alterans built a ship, left their galaxy and came here. We know that both the Alterans and the Ori eventually ascended, and that the Ori passed on a religion called Origin to the next evolution of humans they created.
Orlin: Yes, but the central promise of the religion, everything Origin’s followers devote themselves to, is a lie.

Jackson: Are you saying that the Ori don’t offer their followers ascension?
Orlin: No. Most certainly not. Then they’d have to share.
Landry: Share what?
Orlin: The power they sap from those who worship them.
Carter: How is that possible? I mean, are you saying there’s a real, physical transfer of energy to the Ori that occurs simply through a human being’s belief in them?
Orlin: “Simply” is not how I would put it. It’s quite complicated, but possible. And for it to have a measurable effect, it requires massive numbers of humans relinquishing their will. Nevertheless, it is one of the main reasons the Ancients have so strongly believed in strict non-interference in the lower planes.
Jackson: Because the temptation to manipulate and align lower lifeforms in some order for your own purposes could result in exactly this type of abusive corruption.
Orlin: The Ori empower themselves by sapping the life force of those willing to surrender themselves to them.
Jackson: Unknowingly. And this promise of salvation in return—
Orlin: Leads to nothing but death of the most meaningless kind.

The Fourth Horseman : Part Two

Jackson: That warm, fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing may be the effects of a device that’s inhibiting your ability to concentrate and focus your powers.
Mitchell: Symptoms may include: dizziness, irritability—
Jackson: Nausea—
Mitchell: Mild nausea. And a condition known as “hot dog fingers.”

Damaris (William B. Davis): It makes no difference what you do to me. But know this: the Ori are all seeing. They’re already aware of this affront to their emminence. They shall strike down those that dare to defy them.
Mitchell: Nothing happened. You?
Jackson: Not me. Little thirsty.
Mitchell: That doesn’t count.
Jackson: No it doesn’t.

Damaris: We are beacons on the road to enlightenment.
Mitchell: No. You’re darkside intergalactic encyclopedia salesmen. Unfortunately the home office hasn’t been quite up front with you.
Jackson: Nice work on the metaphor.
Mitchell: Thank you.

Collateral Damage

Carter: How’s it going?
Mitchell: I don’t think diplomacy’s my thing.
Jackson: Oh. That’s what you’re doing.

Jackson: Colonel Mitchell was assaulted. His memories were manipulated against his will, and an innocent woman was murdered. Now I’ve only worked with the guy a short period of time, but I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna let this one go.

Landry: I read your report. Not sure I’ve seen language like that used in an official Air Force document before.
Jackson: Sorry about that, sir.
Landry: Oh, you should have seen what Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson wrote.

Ripple Effect

Jackson: Okay, say for example we accept the possibility that this is an alternate SG-1 from a… parallel universe. how did they get here?
Carter: I got nothing. Yet.

Black Uniform Teal’c: And with the new threat to this galaxy I returned to SG-1.
Jackson: Right. Along with Colonel Mitchell, myself and, eventually, Colonel Carter. Who rejoined following her—
Black Uniform Teal’c: Following her honeymoon.
Jackson: What?

Carter: As we discussed the situation, we realized we could pinpoint the source of the phenomenon to a precise window. Specifically the interim journey between the two gates.
Mitchell: Did she just say “we”?
Carter: Pardon me?
Jackson: She said “we”. You said “we”?
Carter: Ah, me and… myself, I suppose. The other Samantha Carter.
Mitchell: Right. Finally someone who can keep up with you, huh?
Carter: Yep.

Teal’c: Up to this point the particulars of the varying universes have remained remarkably similar.
Landry: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Another SG-1 came through twenty minutes ago, which puts the count at twelve teams not including yourselves.
Jackson: Well at we’re in good company.
Landry: This last team is a little different in terms of personnel.
Teal’c: How so?
Landry: Well there’s someone I thought you might like to talk to.

Camo Uniform Fraiser: You have to find a way to get us back as soon as possible.
Jackson: Yeah, Sam and Dr. Lee are working on something.
Camo Uniform Fraiser: No, you don’t understand. We’ve been targeted by the Ori. Earth is being ravaged by a plague. Hundreds of thousands have been infected. If we don’t find a cure, the entire planet will be wiped out.

Mitchell: If this plan goes FUBAR we’re the only ones that go down with the ship.
Black Uniform Jackson: Well there’s plenty more where we came from, right?

Jackson: I miss Thor.

Black Uniform Jackson: Wouldn’t it have been easier just to zat him?
Black Uniform Teal’c: Easier, yes. But far less gratifying.
Black Uniform Mitchell: Did he just insult me?



Kane: We watched so many barter away their beliefs in exchange for their lives. But Leta, she… she refused to accept it.
Jackson: I am sorry.

Kane: Do you ever give up?
Jackson: Not until I’m dead. And… sometimes not even then.

Nadal about the power loss: To our knowledge, the Caledonians do not possess the level of technology required to do this. Such a weapon could only have been given to them by your people.
Jackson: I hope so.

Off the Grid

Eight Hours Earlier

Jackson: What the hell was that?
Mitchell: What was what?
Carter: We’re supposed to stay under the radar.
Teal’c: I doubt if this world possesses such technology.

Mitchell: I have no intention of taking anybody on. I’m just going to pose as a buyer.
Jackson: You?
Mitchell: Well no offense, Jackson, but you do not strike me as the drug dealer type. In fact you’re not even close.
Jackson: I think I’m as close as you are.
Carter: Come on, you’re miles away.
Mitchell: Teal’c, which one of us is closer?
Teal’c: I believe the three of you to be equidistant.
Mitchell: Oh please! Mary Poppins is not even in the running.
Carter: Hey!

The Scourge

Jackson: Yes, we stopped them this time. But be damn sure they’re already thinking up some other means of spreading fear and destruction throughout this galaxy.
Mitchell: Yeah, that’s why we call them the bad guys.

Mitchell: Seriously. What are we doing here?
Jackson: Honest answer? PR for the Stargate program.
Mitchell: I’m telling you, today it’s escorting foreign delegates on off-world tours, tomorrow it’s comic book conventions and supermarket openings.

Chapman: I think we can assume the bugs got off the base.
Carter: They must be using their echo location as a means to hunt their prey.
Jackson: Us. She means us.

Jackson: So. We still doing movie night?
Carter: Yeah. Why not.
Mitchell: Good. I already picked something out.
Teal’c: Old School?
Mitchell: Starship Troopers.
Teal’c: Is it humorous?
Mitchell: Is it ever.

Arthur’s Mantle

Landry: So why would Merlin build a device that would transport him to another dimension?
Mitchell: Oo! Today’s daily double.
Jackson: Yeah, that’s the part I haven’t quite figured out yet.
Mitchell: Close!
Jackson: But at least it points to the possibility that both Colonel Mitchell and Colonel Carter may still be somewhere here on this base. {Mitchell indicates a touchdown}. We just can’t see or hear them.



Carter: Well this certainly looks like a place where Merlin might have lived.
Mitchell: I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. There could be dozens of villages in the area just like this one. No way to know for sure this is the right one.
Jackson: Well there’s… that. {indicates a sword in a stone}

Antonius: Welcome to Camelot. The past and future home of King Arthur and his Round Table.
Carter: Sorry. Future home?
Meurik: I assume you know the history of the battle of Camelot.
Jackson: Of course. Where Arthur was mortally wounded by Mordred.

Antonius: Merlin’s name is rarely mentioned in public.
Jackson: Why’s that?
Antonius: Many believe he was a wizard of darkness. He may have tried to do good, but there was always potential for great mischief in his heart. Thankfully, he has neither been seen nor heard of since Arthur’s departure. The library where he practiced his strange arts remains sealed to this day.

Jackson: Merlin could see the future because he actually aged backwards in time. It’s not meant to be taken literally, but we have seen a lot of legends and folklore have a strong basis in fact. Avalon. Atlantis.
Teal’c: The Easter Bunny.
Jackson: I guess there’s a few exceptions.

Mitchell: I wasn’t sleeping, I was kel’nor’eeming. Teal’c taught me the fundamentals.
Jackson: Did he mention you should remain conscious during the process?
Mitchell: Yeah, I’m still working on the basics.

Jackson: Uh oh.
Mitchell: What?
Jackson: Nothing happened.
Mitchell: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? {screaming is heard from above}
Both: Bad.

Mitchell: I only count four ships.
Jackson: It’s probably their first wave.
Mitchell: We should see what we can do about discouraging a second one.