Stargate SG-1 Jack O’Neill

Season 9


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Avalon : Part One

Mitchell: Listen, General O’Neill gave me the choice of any posting I wanted. I chose SG-1. That meant Colonel Carter, Teal’c and yourself. Not two letters, a dash and number.

O’Neill: How are things working out for Mitchell?
Landry: Well you could have told him that SG-1 got reassigned. You should have seen his face.
O’Neill: Yeah. I suppose.

O’Neill: You get well soon. And when you do, you can do anything you want. And I mean… professionally. Anything. Well not… anything.


Jackson: Hey. Wow. What the hell are you doing here?
O’Neill: Nice to see you too.
Jackson: No, sorry. I just wasn’t expecting to see you.
Well I was in the neighborhood. And I’ve got a little surprise for Mitchell.
Jackson: Oh. Yeah he loved the last one.

O’Neill: Sorry you missed Daedalus.
Jackson: No, you’re not.
O’Neill: You’re right. I’m not.

Jackson: I don’t think I would say this to anyone else, but for the first time, I’m scared.
O’Neill: I’m hungry.
Jackson: Me too.

Mitchell: Well I suppose after you save the world seven or eight times…
O’Neill: Who’s counting, huh.
Mitchell: Teal’c. Actually he mentions it quite often.

Ripple Effect

Camo Uniform Janet Fraiser (Teryl Rothery): Daniel? Teal’c? Where’s General O’Neill?
Landry: I’m sure you all have a lot to catch up on.