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Partners in Crime

Penny: How do we know the fat isn’t going straight into your bank account?
Miss Foster: Oh Penny, if cynicism burnt up calories we’d all be thin as rakes.

The Doctor: What’s that for?
Phone Bank Woman: My telephone number. Health and Safety. You be health, I’ll be safety.
The Doctor: Ah.. ah, but that contravenes, um, Paragraph 5 subsection C.

Miss Foster: We have unscheduled parthenogenesis.

Donna: You really believe in all that stuff, don’t you?
Wilfred: It’s all over the place these days. If I wait here long enough—
Donna: Don’t suppose you’ve seen a little blue box.
Wilfred: Is that slang for something?

Mom: Why are you whispering?
Donna: I’m in church.
Mom: What are you doing in church?
Donna: Praying.
Mom: Bit late for that, Madame.

Penny: You can’t tie me up! What sort of country do you think this is?
Miss Foster: Oh, it’s a beautifully fat country. And believe me I’ve travelled a long way to find obesity on this scale.

Penny: Is anyone going to tell me what’s going on?
The Doctor: What are you a journalist?
Penny: Yes!
The Doctor: Then make it up.

Donna: I was right. It’s always like this with you, innit?
The Doctor: Oh yes! And off we go.

Miss Foster: I’ve been employed by the Adiposian first family to foster a new generation after their breeding planet was lost.
The Doctor: What d’you mean “lost”? How do you lose a planet?
Miss Foster: Oh, politics are none of my concern. I’m just here to take of the children on behalf of the family.

Penny: What’s happened?
Miss Foster: I think The Doctor happened.

The Fires of Pompeii

Seller: Afternoon, sweetheart. What can I get you, my love?
Donna: Um, veni, vidi, vici.
Seller: Huh? Sorry? Me no speak Celtic. No can do, missy.
Donna: Yeah. What does he mean, ‘Celtic’?
The Doctor: Welsh. You sound Welsh. There we are. Learned something.

Sister: It has come! As foretold in the prophecy. The Box. The Blue Box.

Caecilius: Modern art! shooing the movers Out of the way, that’s it! Oh Rhombus I’m a little bit peckish. get me some ants and honey. There’s a good lad. Oo! Maybe a doormouse.

Caecilius: So where were you last night? Down at the thelopolium no doubt. Cavorting with Etruscans, Christians and all sorts.

Reverend Mother: If the disciples of the Blue Box defy this prophecy their blood will run across the temple floor.

Metella: I told you to get rid of it.
Caecilius: I only bought it today.
The Doctor: Ah…. caveat emptor.
Caecilius: Oh, you’re Celtic. There’s lovely.

Evelina: They’re laughing at us. Those two. They use words like tricksters. They’re mocking us.
The Doctor: No no. I meant no offense.
Metella: I’m sorry, my daughter’s been consuming the vapors.
Quintus: By the gods, Mother. What have you been doing to her?
Caecillius: Not now, Quintus.
Lucius: I gather I have a rival in this household. Another with the gift.
Metella: Oh, she’s been promised to the Sibylline Sisterhood. They say she has remarkable visions.
Lucius: The prophecies of women are limited and dull. Only the menfolk have the capacity for true perception.
Donna: I’ll tell you where the wind’s blowing right now, mate.
Lucius: The mountain god marks your words. I’d be careful if I were you.
The Doctor: Consuming the vapors, you say.
Evelina: They give me strength.
The Doctor: It doesn’t look like it to me.
Evelina: Is that your opinion. As a doctor?
The Doctor: I beg your pardon.

Lucius: The female soothsayer is inclined to invent all sorts of fables.
The Doctor: Oh, not this time, Lucius. No, I reckon you’ve been out-soothsayed
Lucius: Is that so, Man from Gallifrey?

Lucius: Doctor, she is returning.
The Doctor: Who’s she?
Lucius: And you, Daughter of London. There is something on your back.
Donna: What’s that mean?

High Priestess: The false prophet must die. Sacrifice her!

Metella: Sweetheart, can you see? Tell us. What’s going to happen?
Quintus: Just… leave her alone.
Evelina: I can see…
Metella: What is it?
Evelina: A choice. Someone must make a choice. The most terrible choice.

Lucius: There is heat enough in this world for a new species to rise.
The Doctor: Yeah, I should warn you. It’s 70% water out there.
Lucius: Water can boil. And everything will burn, Doctor.
The Doctor: Then the whole planet is at stake. That’s all I needed to know.

Planet of the Ood

Announcer: The Ood. They came from a distant world. They voyaged across the stars. All with one purpose.
Ood: Do you take milk and sugar?
Announcer: To serve!

Solana Mercurio: Sorry but according to your own rules, sir, there’s no alcohol allowed on base.
Mr. Halpen: It’s hair tonic. If you must know. Five years ago I had a full head of hair. Stress, that’s what this is. Stress.

Delta-50: The circle must be broken.
The Doctor: What do you mean? Delta-50, what circle?

Solana: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Ood Sphere. And isn’t it bracing!

Solana: Here at the Double O—that’s Ood Operations—we like to think of the Ood as our trusted friends. We keep the Ood healthy, safe and educated. We don’t just breed the Ood. We make them better. Because at heart what is an Ood, but a reflection of us. If your Ood is happy, then you’ll be happy too.

Solana: I’d now like to point out the new innovation from Ood Operations. We’ve introduced a variety package with the Ood Translator Ball. You can now have the standard setting— How are you today, Ood?
Ood 1: I am perfectly well. Thank you.
Solana: Or perhaps after a stressful day a little something for the gentlemen. And how are you, Ood?
Ood 2: All the better for seeing you.
Solana: And the comedy classic option— Ood, you dropped something.
Ood 3: D’oh!

Mr. Halpen: Ood Sigma, have you seen this before?
Ood Sigma: Humanity defines us, sir. We look to you for answers.
Mr. Halpen: Oh, fat lot of good, all of you.

The Doctor: But what is it? What is the circle?
The Ood: The circle must be broken.
The Doctor: Why?
The Ood: So that we can sing.

Donna: If people back on Earth knew what was going on here…
Solana: Don’t be so stupid. Of course they know.
Donna: They know how you treat the Ood?
Solana: They don’t ask. Same thing.

The Doctor: Funny thing, the subconscious. Takes all sorts of shapes. It came out in the red-eye as revenge. Came out in the rabid Ood as anger. And then there was patience. All that intelligence and mercy focused on Ood Sigma. How’s the hair loss, Mr Halpen?
Mr. Halpen: What have you done?
The Doctor: Oh, they’ve been preparing you for a very long time. And now you’re standing next to the Ood Brain. Mr Halpen, can you hear it? Listen!

Ood Sigma: We thank you, Doctor Donna. Friends of Oodkind. And what of you now? Will you stay? There is room in the song for you.
The Doctor: Oh, I’ve… sort of got a song of my own, thanks.
Ood Sigma: I think your song must end soon.
The Doctor: Meaning?
Ood Sigma: Every song must end.

The Doctor: We’ll be off.
Ood Sigma: Take this song with you.
The Doctor: We will.
Donna: Always.
Ood Sigma: And know this, Doctor Donna. You will never be forgotten. Our children will sing of the Doctor Donna. And our children’s children. And the wind and the ice and the snow will carry your names forever.

The Sontaran Strategem

Staal: Remember your status, boy. We do not take orders from humans.
Luke Rattigan: I said… “recommend”
Staal: Then you’re advice shows military wisdom. She will be terminated.
Luke Rattigan: Cool.

Atmos: This is your final destination.

Staal: Excellent skills of deduction! I would rate you above average, solider. Well done. Whereas you, You smell of sweat and fear.

The Doctor: I said no salutes.
Colonel Mace: Now you’re giving orders.
The Doctor: Oh, you’re getting a bit cheeky aren’t you?

Wilfred Mott: I said so, didn’t I? Aliens! I said they was real. I just didn’t expect them in a little blue box.
Donna: It’s bigger on the inside.

Sylvia: Where have you been these past few days Lady? After that silly little trick with the car keys. I phoned Fiona and she said she hadn’t seen hide nor hair.
Donna: I’ve been travelling.
Sylvia: Oh, hark at her. Michael Palin.

Ross: UNIT’s been watching the Rattigan Academy for years. It’s all a bit “Hitler Youth”. Exercise at dawn and classes and special diets.
The Doctor: Ross, one question. If you do think that Atmos is dodgy—
Ross: How come we’ve got it in the Jeeps. Huh. Tell me about it. They’re fitted as standard in all government vehicles. We can’t get rid of them so we can prove there’s something wrong. Drives me around the bend
The Doctor: Oh, nice one!
Ross: Timed that perfectly.
The Doctor: Yeah, yeah you did.

Luke: I suppose you’re the Doctor.
The Doctor: Hello.
Luke: Your commanding officer phoned ahead.
The Doctor: Ah, but I haven’t got a commanding officer. Have you?

Luke: You’re smarter than the usual UNIT grunt, I’ll give you that.
The Doctor: He called you a grunt! Don’t call Ross a grunt. He’s
nice. We like Ross.

The Doctor: I was just thinking. What a responsible 18-year-old. Inventing zero carbon cars. Savin’ the world…
Luke: It takes a man with vision.
The Doctor: Mm. Blinkered vision. ‘Cause Atmos means more people driving. More cars, more petrol. End result the oil’s gonna run out faster than ever. The Atmos system could make things worse.
Luke: Yeah, well see. That’s a tautology. You can’t say Atmos system. ‘Cause it stands for Atmospheric Emission System. So you can say “Atmospheric Emission System System.” Do you see, Mr. Conditional Clause?
The Doctor: It’s been a long time since anyone’s said “no” to you, isn’t it?

The Doctor: And your name?
General Staal: General Staal. Of the Tenth Sontaran Fleet. Staal The Undefeated.
The Doctor: Ah, that’s not a very good nickname. What if you do get defeated? “Staal the Not-Quite-So-Undefeated Anymore But Nevermind.”
Ross: It’s like a potato. A baked potato. A talking baked potato.
The Doctor: Now, Ross. Don’t be rude. You look like a pink weasel to him.

The Doctor: With only one weakness.
General Staal: Sontarans have no weakness!
The Doctor: No, it’s a good weakness.
Luke: Oh, you’re meant to be clever. Only an idiot would provoke him.
The Doctor: No, the Sontarans are fed by probic vent in the back of their neck. That’s their weak spot. Which means they always have to face their enemies in battle. Isn’t that brilliant? They can never turn their back.
General Staal: We stare into the face of death!
The Doctor: Yeah? Well stare at this.

Luke: How do you tell each other apart?
General Staal: We say the same of humans.

Luke: 52 deaths in the same second, man. That is just so cool.
General Staal: Is the temperature significant?

Wilfred Mott: Is it him? Is it the Doctor? Oh, it’s you.
The Doctor: It’s who? Oh, it’s you.
Donna: What, have you met before?
Wilfred Mott: Yeah, Christmas Eve. He disappeared right in front of me.
Donna: And you never said?
Wilfred Mott: Well you never said! Wilf, sir, Wilfred Mott. You must be one of them aliens.
The Doctor: Yeah, but don’t shout it out.

The Poison Sky

Colonel Mace: What have we got?
Captain Price: Atmos is running wild, sir. It can’t be stopped. It’s the whole planet.

Sylvia: Donna, don’t go! Look what happens every time that doctor appears. Stay with us. Please.
Wilfred: You go, my darlin’.
Sylvia: Dad!
Wilfred: Don’t listen to her. You go with the Doctor.
That’s my girl!

Staal: Good work for a female.

Newscaster: The gas appears to be toxic. We are warning anyone and everyone: stay away from the cars. Repeat: stay away from your cars.

Staal: The spoils of war! The Doctor’s infamous vessel in Sontaran hands.

Luke: It’s time I reveal what our work has been for!

Colonel Mace: My god. They’re like trolls.
The Doctor: Yeah… Loving the diplomacy, thanks. So tell me, General Staal, since when did you lot become cowards?
Staal: How dare you!
Colonel Mace: Oh, that’s diplomacy?

Luke Rattigan: I call it Earth point Two. I, ah… did think about Rattigan’s World. But we can take a vote on that.

Luke Rattigan: But… I did this for you. Don’t you see? We’ve spent all our lives excluded. The clever ones. And they… they laughed at us. And pulled us down, those ordinary people out there—those… cattle. This is our chance to leave them behind.
Student: You mean you want them dead?
Luke Rattigan: And I choose you to survive! With Planetfall we can start again. We can build and breed. We can prosper, we can do anything!
Student: We’re going to breed?
Luke Rattigan: I’ve designed a mating program. I’ve planned the whole thing.
Student: Well then, shoot me!

Staal: The planet is going nuclear. I admire them. The bravery of idiots is bravery nonetheless.

Skorr: This is too easy. They’re running like slime bait from a speel fox.

The Doctor: Times like this I could do with the Brigadier. No offense.
Colonel Mace: None taken. Sir Alastair is a fine man if not the best. Unfortunately he’s stranded in Peru.

Luke: I’m sorry to report, sir, I’ve failed. They wouldn’t come. The students, they… didn’t have the imagination to believe.
Staal: A pity! We’ve lost our target practice.
Luke: What do you mean?
Staal: Upon arrival onboard this ship your students would have been shot down. Perhaps they were more clever than you thought.

Colonel Mace: Attention all troops! The Sontarans might think of us as primitive. As does every passing species with an ax to grind. They make a mockery of our weapons, our soldiers, our ideals. But no more. From this point on, it stops. From this point on, the people of Earth fight back. And we show them. We show the warriors of Sontar what the human race can do.

The Doctor: Here we go, the old team back together. Well, the new team.

Wilfred: It’ll be alright. Donna said so. She promised.

The Doctor: Planning a little trip, were we?
Luke: They promised me a new world

Martha: What are you doing?
Luke: Something clever.

The Doctor’s Daughter

Soldier: Don’t move! Stay where you are. Drop your weapons.
The Doctor: We’re unarmed. Look, no weapons. Never any weapons. We’re safe.
Soldier: Look at their hands. They’re clean.
Soldier 2 : Alright, process them. Him first.

General Cobb: Don’t think you can infect us with your peacemaking.

Donna: What, fighting all this time?
Jenny: Because we must. Every child of the machine is born with this knowledge. It’s our inheritance. It’s all we know. How to fight and how to die.

Jenny: I have a body, I have a mind, I have independent thought. How am I not real? What makes you better than me?
Cobb: Well said, soldier. We need more like you. If ever we’re to find the Source.
The Doctor: Oo! “Source”. What’s that, then? What’s the Source? I like a Source. What is it?
Cobb: The breath of life.

Cobb: Whoever holds the Source controls the destiny of this planet.

The Doctor: Hang on, hang on. A second ago it was “peace in our time”. Now you’re talking about genocide.
Cobb: For us, that means the same thing.

Cobb: And you’re the one who showed us the path to victory. But you can consider the irony from your prison cell. Clyde, at arms!
Donna: Oy! Oy, alright! Cool the beans, Rambo.
Cobb: Take them! I won’t have them spreading treason. And if you try anything, Doctor, I’ll see that your woman dies first.
The Doctor: We’re, we’re not a couple.
Donna: I’m not his woman.

Clyde: What about the new soldier?
Cobb: Can’t trust her. She’s from pacifist stock.

The Doctor: Listen to me. The killing. After awhile it infects you. And once it does you’re never rid of it.
Jenny: But we don’t have a choice.
The Doctor: We always have a choice.
Jenny: I’m sorry.

Cobb: You’re a child of the machine. You’re on my side. Join us. Join us in the war against the Hath. It’s in your blood, girl. Don’t deny it!

The Doctor: I warned you, Cobb. If the Source is a weapon I’m going to make sure you never use it.
Cobb: One of us is going to die today, and it won’t be me.

Jenny: They’ve blasted through the beams. Time to run again. Love the running, yeah?
The Doctor: Love the running.

The Doctor: Jenny, be strong now. You need to hold on, you hear me? We’ve got things to do, you and me. Hey! Hey! We can go anywhere, everywhere. You choose.
Jenny: That sounds good.

The Unicorn and the Wasp

The Doctor: Lady Eddison!
Lady Eddison (Felicity Kendal): Forgive me, but who exactly might you be? And, what are you doing here?
The Doctor: I’m the Doctor. And this is Miss Donna Noble. Of the Chiswick Nobles.
Donna: Good afternoon, my lady. Topping day, wot? Spiffing! Top ho!
The Doctor: No no, no no. Don’t do that. Don’t. We were thrilled to receive your invitation, my Lady. We met at the Ambassador’s reception.
Lady Eddison: Doctor, how could I forget you?

Agatha Christie: Agatha Christie.
Donna: What about her?
Agatha Christie: That’s me.

Lady Eddison: Is Mr. Christie not joining us?
Agatha Christie: Is he needed? Can’t a woman make her own way in the world?

Roger: I have a question: why a Belgian detective?
Agatha: Belgians make such lovely buns.

Miss Redmond: I was preparing myself. Positively buzzing with excitement about the party and the super fun of meeting Lady Eddy.
The Doctor: We’ve only got your word for it.
Miss Redmond: That’s your problem, not mine.

Agatha: The secret adversary remains hidden. We must look for a motive. Use “ze little grey cells.”
The Doctor: Oh yes. “Little grey cells.” Good ‘ol Poirot.
You know, I’ve been to Belgium. Yeah. I remember. I was deep in the Ardennes, trying to find Charlemagne. He’d been kidnapped by an insane computer…
Christie trying to snap him out of it: Doctor, Doctor.
The Doctor: Sorry.
Christie: Charlemagne lived centuries ago.
The Doctor: I’ve got a good memory.

Christie: For such an experienced detective you missed a big clue.
The Doctor: What, that bit of paper you nicked out of the fire?
Christie: You were looking the other way.
The Doctor: Yeah, but I saw you reflected in the glass of the bookcase.
Christie: You crafty man.

Miss Redmond: Surely you can crack it. These events, they’re exactly like one of your plots.
Donna: That’s what I’ve been saying. Agatha, that’s got to mean something.
Agatha: But what? I’ve no answers. None. I’m sorry, all of you. I’m truly sorry. But I’ve failed. If anyone can help us then it’s the Doctor, not me.

The Doctor: A terrible day for all of us. The professor struck down, Miss Chandrakala cruelly taken from us. And yet we still take dinner.
Lady Eddison: We are British, Doctor. What else must we do.

Colonel Hugh: Confound it, Mrs. Christie! How did you discover the truth?
Agatha: Um, actually I had no idea. I was just going to say you’re completely innocent.

Silence in the Library

Dr. Moon: Close your eyes and tell me what you see.
Little Girl
: The Library.
Dr. Moon: Open your eyes again. Where are you know?
Little Girl: My livingroom, Doctor Moon.
Dr. Moon: When you close your eyes.
Little Girl: I go to the library.
Dr. Moon: Go to the Library now. Are you back there?
Little Girl: Yes.
Dr. Moon: The same part?
Little Girl: No. It’s always different. The Library goes on forever.
Dr. Moon: How do you move around?
Little Girl: By wishing.
There’s banging on the door
Dr. Moon: What’s wrong?
Little Girl: Something’s here. Someone’s got in. No one’s supposed to get in.
Dad: She’s never mentioned anyone else. She’s always been alone.
Little Girl: Someone’s in my Library. No no, please! It’s not allowed!
Dr. Moon: Listen to me: the Library is in your mind.
Little Girl: I know it’s my mind, but something’s got inside!
The Doctor: Oh. Hello! Sorry to burst in on you like this. Okay if we stop here for a bit?

The Doctor: Books. People never really stop loving books. 51st century. By now you’ve got holovids, direct-to-brain downloads, fiction mist. But you need the smell. The smell of books, Donna. Deep breath!

Courtesy Node 710/Aqua: I am Courtesy Node 710/Aqua. Please enjoy the Library. And respect the personal access codes of all your fellow readers. Regardless of species or hygiene taboo.

Head Librarian’s Message: Run. For god’s sake run. Nowhere is safe. The library has sealed itself. We can’t— Oh, they’re here.

Anita: How do you know they’re not androids.
River Song: Because I’ve dated androids. They’re rubbish.

Lux: Professor Song, why am I the only one wearing my helmet?
River: I don’t fancy you.

Anita: Couldn’t tell the difference between the escape pod and the bathroom. We had to go back for her. Twice.

River: Thanks.
The Doctor: For what?
River: The usual. For coming when I call.
The Doctor: Oh, that was you?
River: You’re doing a very good job acting like you don’t know me. I’m assuming there’s a reason.
The Doctor: Oh, a fairly good one actually.
River: Okay, should we do diaries then? Where are we this time? Going by your face I’d say it’s early days for you, yes? So, um… Crash of the Byzantium. Have we done that yet? Obviously ringing no bells. Alright, um. Picnic at Asgard, Have we done Asgard yet? Obviously not. Blimey, very early days then. Oo! Life with a time traveller, never knew it could be such hard work. Um… Look at you. You’re young.
The Doctor: I’m really not, you know.
River: Oh but you are. Your eyes! You’re younger than I’ve ever seen you.
The Doctor: You’ve seen me before then?
River: Doctor, please tell me you know who I am.
The Doctor: Who are you?

Little Girl: Hello. Are you in my television?
The Doctor: Well, no. I’m— I’m— sort of in space. I was trying to call up the data core of a triple grid security processor.
Little Girl: Would you like to speak to my dad?
The Doctor: Yeah. Or your mum. That’d be lovely.
Little Girl: I know you! You’re in my library.
The Doctor: Your library?
Little Girl: My library’s never been on television before. What have you done?
The Doctor: Um… I, um… just rerouted the interface.

River: Sorry, you’re not allowed to see inside the book. It’s against the rules.
The Doctor: What rules?
River: Your rules.

Miss Evangelista: I’m a moron, me. My dad said I have the IQ of plankton, and I was pleased.
Donna: See that’s funny!
Miss Evangelista: No, I really was pleased. Is that funny?
Donna: No… No.

The Doctor: Funny thing, Mr. Lux. I don’t want to see everyone in this room dead because some idiot thinks his pride is more important.
River: Then why don’t you sign his contract? *beat* I didn’t either. I’m getting worse than you.

River: There was one other thing in the last message.
Lux: That’s confidential.
River: I trust this man with my life. With everything.
Lux: You’ve only just met him.
River: Nope, he’s only just met me.

River: Whatever did this to her, whatever killed her— I’d like a word with that.
The Doctor: I’ll introduce you.

The Doctor: What’s in that book?
River: Spoilers.
The Doctor: Who are you?
River: Professor River Song, University of—
The Doctor: To me. Who are you to me?
River: Again: spoilers.

Dr. Moon: Now. Listen. This is important. There’s the real world. And there’s the world of nightmares. That’s right, isn’t it? You understand that.
Little Girl: Yes I know, Dr. Moon.
Dr. Moon: What I want you to remember is this—and I know it’s hard—the real world is a lie, and your nightmares are real. The Library is real. There are people trapped in there. People who need to be saved. The shadows are moving again. Those people are depending on you. Those people are depending on you. Only you can save them. Only you.

River: Donna? You’re Donna, Donna Noble?
Donna: Yeah? Why?
River: I do know the Doctor. But in the future. His personal future.
Donna: So why don’t you know me? Where am I in the future?

The Doctor: What’s that?
River: It’s a screwdriver.
The Doctor: It’s sonic.
River: Yeah, I know. Snap.

Little Girl: Donna Noble has been saved.
Dad: Sweetie?

River: So. What’s the plan? Do we have a plan?
The Doctor: Your screwdriver. Looks exactly like mine.
River: Yeah. You gave it to me.
The Doctor: I don’t give my screwdriver to anyone.
River: I’m not anyone.
The Doctor: Who are you?
River: What’s the plan?
The Doctor: I teleported Donna back to the TARDIS. If we don’t go back there in under five hours Emergency Program One will activate.
River: “Take her home”, yeah.

Forest of the Dead

Little Girl: Dad, the Library, it’s on television now.
Dad: How many times, honey? The Library is just your imagination.

Little Girl: Donna?

Donna: The Doctor! I saw the Doctor!
Dr. Moon: Yes. You did, Donna. And then you forgot.

Dave: Who is he? You haven’t even told us. You just expect us to trust him.
River: He’s the Doctor.
Lux: And who is “The Doctor”?
River: The only story you’ll ever tell. If you survive here.
Anita: You say he’s your friend, but he doesn’t even know who you are.
River: Listen, all you need to know is this, I trust that man to the end of the Universe. And actually, we’ve been.
Anita: He doesn’t act like he trusts you.
River: There’s a tiny problem. He hasn’t met me yet.

River: What’s wrong with it?
The Doctor: There’s a signal coming from somewhere interfering with it.
River: Use the red settings.
The Doctor: It doesn’t have a red setting.
River: Well use the dampers.
The Doctor: It doesn’t have “dampers.”
River: It will do one day.
The Doctor: So sometime in the future I just give you my screwdriver.
River: Yeah.
The Doctor: Why would I do that?
River: I didn’t pluck it from your cold dead hands if that’s what you’re worried about.
The Doctor: And I know that because?
River: Listen to me, you’ve lost your friend—you’re angry, I understand. But you need to be less emotional, Doctor. Right now—
The Doctor: Less emotion— I’m not emotional!
River: There are five people in this room still alive. Focus on that. Dear god, you’re hard work young.
The Doctor: Young— Who are you?!
Lux: Oh for heaven’s sake! Look at the pair of you. We’re all going to die right here and you’re just squabbling like an old married couple!
River: Doctor. One day I’m going to be someone that you trust. Completely. But I can’t wait for you to find that out. So I’m going to prove it to you. And I’m sorry. I’m really very sorry. whispers in his ear. Are we good? Doctor. Are we good?
The Doctor: Yeah, we’re good.
River: Good.

Anita: Professor. It’s important. I have two shadows.
River: Helmets on, everyone. Anita I’ll get yours.
Anita: Didn’t do Proper Dave any good.
River: Just keep it together, okay?
Anita: Keepin’ it together. I’m only crying. I’m about to die. It’s not an overreaction.

Donna: Your voice. I recognize it.
Miss Evangelista: Yes you do. I am what is left of Miss Evangelista.

The Doctor: Professor, go ahead. Find a safe spot.
River: It’s a carnivorous swarm in a suit! You can’t reason with it.
The Doctor: Five minutes.

Vashta Nerada: We did not come here.
The Doctor: Well of course you did.
‘Course you came here.
Vashta Nerada: We come from here.
The Doctor: From here?
Vashta Nerada: We hatched here.
The Doctor: But you hatch from trees— from spores in trees.
Vashta Nerada: These. Are. Our. Forests.
The Doctor: You’re nowhere near a forest. Look around here.
Vashta Nerada: These are our forests.
The Doctor: You’re not in a forest. You’re in a library. There’s are no trees in a— Library. Books. You came in the books.

Donna: Sorry, you’re dead.
Miss Evangelista: In a way we’re all dead here Donna. We are the dead of the Library.
Donna: Well what about the children? The children aren’t dead.
Miss Evangelista: Your children were never alive.

River: You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it’s from years before you knew them. It’s like they’re not quite finished—they’re not done yet. Well… yes, The Doctor’s here. He came when I called just like he always does. But not my Doctor. Now my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away. And he’d just swagger off, back to his TARDIS. And open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor. In the TARDIS. Next stop: Everywhere.
The Doctor: Spoilers. Nobody can open the TARDIS by snapping their fingers. It doesn’t work like that.
River: It does for the Doctor.
The Doctor: I am the Doctor.
River: Yeah. Someday.

Donna: What happened to your face?
Miss Evangelista: Transcription Errors. Destroyed my face, did wonders for my intellect. I’m a very poor copy of myself.
Donna: Where are we? Why are the children all the same.
Miss Evangelista: The same pattern over and over. Saves an awful lot of space.
Donna: Space?
Miss Evangelista: Cyberspace.
Little Girl: No! Don’t tell! You mustn’t tell!

Miss Evangelista: We’re only strings of numbers in here. I think a decimal point may have shifted in my IQ. But my face has been the bigger advantage. I have the two qualities you require to see absolute truth: I am brilliant. And unloved.

Library Voice: All Library systems are permanently offline. Sorry for any inconvenience.

River: Gravity Platform.
The Doctor: Bet I like you.
River: Oh, you do.

River: Doctor, these readings.
The Doctor: I know. You’d think it was… dreaming.
Lux: It is dreaming. Of a normal life and a lovely dad. And every book ever written.
The Doctor: Computers don’t dream.
Lux: No. But little girls do.

Lux: This CAL.
The Doctor: CAL is a child?!? A child hooked up to mainframe? Why didn’t you tell me this? I needed to know this!
Lux: Because she’s family!

The Doctor: I’ll hook myself up to the computer, she can borrow my memory space.
River: Difficult. It’ll kill you stone dead!
The Doctor: Yes, easy to criticize.
River: It’ll stop both of your hearts and don’t think you’ll regenerate!
The Doctor: I’ll try my hardest not to die, honestly. It’s my main thing.
River: Doctor—
The Doctor: I’m right, this works. Shut up.

River: I hate you sometimes!
The Doctor: I know!

The Doctor: Oh no no. What are you doing? That’s my job!
River: Oh and I’m not allowed to have a career I suppose.
The Doctor: Why am I handcuffed? Why do you even have handcuffs?
River: Spoilers.

River: Funny thing is, this means you’ve always known how I was going to die. All the time we’ve been together you knew I was coming here. The last time I saw you—the real you, the future you, I mean—you turned up on my doorstep with a new haircut and a suit. You took me to Derillium. To see the Singing Towers. Oh, what a night that was. The towers sang, and you cried. You wouldn’t tell me why but I suppose you knew it was time. My time. Time to come to The Library. You even gave me your screwdriver. That should have been a clue. There’s nothing you can do.
The Doctor: Let me do this!
River: If you die here it’ll mean I’ve never met you.
The Doctor: Time can be rewritten!
River: Not those times, not one line. Don’t you dare! It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s not over for you. You’ll see me again. You’ve got all of that to come. You and me. Time and space. You watch us run!
The Doctor: River you know my name. You whispered my name in my ear. There’s only one way I would ever tell anyone my name. There’s only one time I could.
River: Hush now. Spoilers.

Lux: Look at that, he did it! Four thousand and twenty-two people. Saved.

Announcer: Do not state your intended destination until you arrive…

River: When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can’t run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies. And nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever, for one moment accepts it.

River: Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today.

River: Oh for heaven’s sake. He just can’t do it, can he? That man. That impossible man. He just can’t give in.

River: Some days are special. Some days are so so blessed. Some days nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while—every day in a million days when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call—everybody lives.


Hostess: Ladies and Gentlemen and variations thereupon, welcome onboard the Crusader 50.

Hostess: Fire exits to the rear and, should we need to use it, you first!

Professor Hobbes : Before the Leisure Palace Company moved in, no one had come here in all eternity. No. Living. Thing.
Jethro: But… how do you know? I mean if no one can go outside.
Val: Oh his imagination. Here we go.
The Doctor: He’s got a point though.

Claude: Look at all those diamonds, poisoned by the sun. No one can ever touch them.

Claude: Look look! There it is! There it is! Look there!
The Doctor: Where? What was it?
Claude: Like, just something shifting. Something sort of… Dark. Like it was… running.
The Doctor: Running which way?
Claude: Towards us.

Sky as the banging continues: It’s coming for me!

Jethro: That noise from outside. It’s stopped.
Val: Well thank God for that.
Jethro: But what if it’s not outside anymore? What if it’s inside?

Dee Dee (and Sky): “We must not look at goblin men.”
Biff (and Sky): What’s that supposed to mean?
The Doctor (and Sky): It’s a poem. Christina Rossetti.
Dee Dee (and Sky): “We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?”
The Doctor (and Sky): Actually I don’t think that’s helping.

The Doctor (and Sky): If you try to throw her out that door you’ll have to get past me first.
Flight Attendant (and Sky): Okay.
Biff (and Sky): Fine by me.

Biff: No one’s called John Smith! Come off it!

Jethro: Look, it’s passed into the Doctor, it’s transferred. Whatever it is, it’s gone inside him.
Dee Dee: No. That’s not what happened.

Dee Dee: I wouldn’t touch her.
Biff: But it’s gone, she’s clean. It passed into him.
Dee Dee: That’s not what happened.

Hobbes to Dee Dee: You’re making a fool of yourself! Pretending you’re an expert in mechanics and hydraulics, when I can tell you, you are nothing more than average at best! Now shut up!

The Doctor: The Hostess. What was her name?
Hobbes: I don’t know.

Turn Left

Fortune Teller: Oh, you’re fascinating! But you’re good. I can see… a man. The most remarkable man. How did you meet him?
Donna: You’re supposed to tell me.
Fortune Teller: I see the future. Tell me the past. When did your lives cross?

Fortune Teller: Your life could have gone one way or the other. What made you decide?
Donna: I just did.
Fortune Teller: But when was the moment? When did you choose?

Trap One: Trap One to Greyhound 15. What is your report? Over.
Greyhound 15: From the evidence I’d say he managed to stop the creature. Some sort of red spider.
Blew up the base underneath the barrier, flooded the whole thing, over.
Trap One: And where is he now? Over.
Greyhound 15: We found a body, sir. Over.
Trap One: Is it him? Over.
Greyhound 15: I think so. He just didn’t make it out in time.
The Doctor is dead. Must have happened too fast for him to regenerate. to the soldiers Escort the ambulance back to UNIT Base.

TV Reporter: It sounds impossible, but the entire hospital has vanished. The Royal Hope no longer exists. It’s not been destroyed, there’s no wreckage. It’s simply gone. Reports from bystanders say that the rains lifted up around the hospital…

Oliver Morgenstern: We couldn’t breathe. We were running out of air. A colleague of mine gave me the last oxygen tank. Martha— Martha Jones. And… she died.

TV Reporter: This further report just in from Oliver Morgenstern.
Oliver: There was this woman who took control. Said she knew what to do, said she could stop the MRI or something.
Sarah Jane, her name was. Sarah Jane Smith.
TV Reporter: Sarah Jane Smith was a freelance investigative journalist, formerly of Metropolitan Magazine. Her body was recovered from the hospital late this afternoon. Ms. Smith had a son called Luke. …along with his teenage friends Maria Jackson and Clyde Langer. It is feared that they also perished.

TV Reporter: I don’t know how this is possible, but this footage is live and genuine. The object is falling on Central London. I repeat: this is not a hoax. A replica of the Titanic is falling out of the sky and it’s heading for Buckingham Palace. We’re getting this footage from the Guinevere range of satellites.
Donna: Is that a film or something?
TV Reporter: The Royal Air Force has declared an emergen—
Sylvia: It’s gone dead. All of them.
Donna: No, but the Titanic. Oh, don’t be daft. Is that like a sequel?
Wilfred: Oh… 0h, God rest their souls.

Wilfred: I was supposed to be out there selling papers. I should’ve been there. We all should. We’d be dead.
Sylvia: That’s everyone. Every single person we know. The whole city.
Donna: Can’t be.
Sylvia: But it is. It s gone. London’s gone.
Wilfred: If you hadn’t won that raffle…

Wilfred: You’re not gonna make the world any better by shouting at it!
Donna: I can try.

Rocco Colasanto giving the Nobles grand tour: And this, this is you. This is your palazzo!
Sylvia: What d’you mean “this is us”?
Mr. Colasanto: You live here!
Donna: We’re living in the kitchen?
Mr. Colasanto: You got camp beds! You got the cooker, you keep warm. You got the fridge, you keep cool! Is good!
Sylvia: What about the bathroom?
Mr. Colasanto: Nobody lives in the bathroom.

TV Reporter: America is in crisis. With over 60 million reported dead. Sixty million people have dissolved into fat. And the fat is walking. People’s fat has come to life and is walking through the streets.

Sylvia: What if it never gets better?
Donna: Of course it will.
Sylvia: Even the bees are disappearing. You don’t see bumblebees anymore.

Mr. Colasanto: And you! I’m gonna miss you most of all! All flame-haired and fiery!
Donna: Oh, but why d’you have to go?
Mr. Colasanto: Is the new law. England for the English, et cetera. They can’t send us home, the oceans are closed. They build labor camps!
Donna: I know, but labor doing what? There aren’t any jobs.
Mr. Colasanto: Sewing, digging. Is good! Now stop it before I kiss you too much. Wilfred! My capitan. they salute each other
Donna: It’ll be quiet with him gone. Still, we’ll have more room.
Wilfred: Labor camps. That’s what they called them last time.
Donna: What d’you mean?
Wilfred: It’s happening again.

Wilfred: The stars are going out.

Donna: What the hell is that?
Fortune Teller: You were so strong! What are you?! What will you be? What will you be!

The Stolen Earth

Jack: Gwen! Ianto, you okay?
Ianto: No broken bones. Slight loss of dignity. No change there then.
Gwen: The whole of the city must have felt that! The whole of South Wales.

Ealing, London:
Sarah Jane: Luke! Are you all right?
Luke: Felt like some sort of cross-dimensional spatial transference.
Sarah JaneBut it’s night. It wasn’t night. It was 8 o’clock in the morning. Mr. Smith, I need you! I wish you’d stop giving that fanfare and just tell me what happened.
Mr. Smith: Sarah Jane, I think you should look outside. I think you’ll find the visual evidence most conclusive.

Wilfred: It’s gone dark. It’s them aliens. I’ll bet my pension! What do you want this time, ya green swine!
Sylvia: Dad—
Wilfred: Look, you get back inside Sylvia. They always want the women.
Sylvia: No Dad, just look. Oh my god! Look at the sky!

TV Presenter: So far there has been no explanation of the 26 planets which have appeared in the sky.

Professor Richard Dawkins: But it’s an empirical fact. The planets didn’t come to us, we came to them. Just look at the stars. We’re in a completely different region of space. We’ve travelled.

Paul O’Grady: You know what, I look up and there’s all these moons and things— Have you seen them? Did you see them? I thought, “What was I dinking last night? Furniture polish?”
Jack: Ianto! Time and a place!
Ianto: He is funny though.

Jack: Someone’s established an atmospheric shell, keeping in the air and holding the heat.
Ianto: Whoever’s done this wants the human race alive. That’s a plus.

Mr. Smith: I’m receiving a communication from the Earth-bound ships. They have a message for the human race.
Sarah Jane: Put it through. Let’s hear it.
Dalek Voice: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Dalek: The human harvest will commence!

General Sanchez: Battle stations! Geneva declaring ultimate code red. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war.

Shadow Architect: Time Lords are the stuff of legend. They belong in the myths and whispers of the higher species. You can not possibly exist.
The Doctor: Yeah. More to the point, I’ve got a missing planet.
Shadow Architect: Then you’re not as wise as the stories would say. The picture is far bigger than you would imagine. The whole universe is in outrage, Doctor. Twenty-four worlds have been taken from the sky.
The Doctor: How many? Which ones? Show me!
Shadow Architect: Locations range far and wide. They all disappeared at the exact same moment, leaving no trace.
The Doctor: Callufrax Minor. Jahoo. Shallacatop. Woman Wept. Clom! Clom’s gone? Who’d want Clom?
Shadow Architect: All different sizes. Some populated, some not. But all unconnected.

General Sanchez: Doctor Jones, you’ll come with me. Project Indigo is being activated. Quick march.

General Sanchez: Put it on. Fast as you can!
Jack: Martha, I’m telling you, don’t use Project Indigo. It’s not safe!
General Sanchez: You take your orders from UNIT, Dr. Jones. Not from Torchwood!
Martha: But why me?
General Sanchez: You are our only hope of finding The Doctor. But failing that, if no help is coming, then with the power invested in me by the Unified Intelligence Task Force, I authorize you to take this. The Osterhagen Key.
Martha: I can’t take that, sir!
General Sanchez: You know what to do. For the sake of the human race. Dr. Jones, good luck.

Davros: Supreme Dalek, is there news?
Dalek: Earth has been subjugated.
Davros: I mean, is there news of him?
Dalek: Negative! No reports of Time Lord. We are beyond the Doctor’s reach.

The Doctor: I’ve got a blip! It’s just a blip but it’s definitely a blip.
Shadow Architect: Then according to the strictures of the Shadow Proclamation I will have to seize your transport and your technology.
The Doctor: Oh. Really? What for?
Shadow Architect: The planets were stolen with hostile intent. We are declaring war, Doctor. Right across the universe! And you will lead us into battle!
The Doctor: Right. Yes. ‘Course I will. Just go… get you the key.

Shadow Architect: Doctor come back! By the holy writ of the Shadow Proclamation I order you to stop!

Sylvia: Dad, please! Come home! They’re leaving our street alone.
Wilfred: I’ve got a weapon.
Sylvia: It’s a paint gun.
Wilfred: Exactly! Them Dalek things, they’ve only got one eye. A good sploge of paint, they’d be blinded.

Dalek: My vision is not impaired!
Sylvia: I warned you Dad.
Dalek: Hostility will not be tolerated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Rose takes off its head
Wilfred: Do you wanna swap?
Rose: You’re Donna Noble’s family, right? I’m Rose Tyler. And I need you.

Harriet Jones: Can anyone hear me? The Subwave Network is open. You should be able to hear my voice. Is there anyone there?
Rose: I know that voice!
Luke: Who’s that?
Sarah Jane: Some poor soul calling for help. There’s nothing we can do.
Luke: Look at Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith: Processing incoming subwave.
Harriet Jones: This message is of the utmost importance. We haven’t much time. Can anyone hear me?
Gwen: Someone’s trying to get in touch.
Jack: The whole world’s crying out. Just leave it.
Harriet Jones: Captain Jack Harkness, shame on you! Now stand to attention, sir!
Jack: What!? Who is that?
Harriet Jones: Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
Jack: Yeah. I know who you are.
Rose: Harriet! It’s me! It’s me! She can’t hear me. You got webcam?
Wilfred: No, she wouldn’t let me. She said they’re naughty.
Rose: Well I can’t speak to her then, can I?
Harriet Jones: Sarah Jane Smith, 13 Bannerman Road. Are you there?
Sarah Jane: Yeah! Yeah, I’m here. That’s me!
Harriet Jones: Good. Now let’s see if we can talk to each other. The fourth contact seems to be having some trouble getting through.
Rose: That’s me! Harriet, that’s me!
Harriet Jones: I’ll just boost the signal.
Martha: Hello?
Jack: Ha ha! Martha Jones!
Rose: Who’s she? I wanna get through.
Jack: Martha. Where are you?
Martha: I guess Project Indigo was more clever than we thought. One second I was in Manhattan, next second— maybe Indigo tapped into my mind because I ended up in the one place I wanted to be.
Francine: You came home, at the end of the world you came back to me.
But then all of the sudden it’s like, the laptop turned itself on.
Harriet Jones: It did. That was me. Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
Martha: Yes, I know who you are.
Harriet Jones: I thought it was about time we all met given the current crisis. Torchwood, this is Sarah Jane Smith.
Jack: I’ve been following your work. Nice job with the Slitheen.
Sarah Jane: Yeah well I’ve been staying away from you lot. Too many guns.
Jack: All the same. Might I say, looking good ma’am.
Sarah Jane: Really? Oo!
Harriet Jones: Not now, Captain. And Martha Jones, former companion to The Doctor.
Rose: Oi, so was I!
Martha: But how did you find me?
Harriet Jones: This, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Subwave Network. A sentient piece of software programmed to seek out anyone and everyone who can help to contact The Doctor.
Martha: What if the Daleks can hear us?
Harriet Jones: No. That’s the beauty of the subwave. It’s undetectable.
Sarah Jane: And you invented it?
Harriet Jones: I developed it. It was created by the Mr. Copper Foundation.
Jack: Yeah but what we need right now is a weapon. Martha, back at UNIT, what did they give you? What was that key thing?
Martha: The Osterhagen Key.
Harriet Jones: That key is not to be used, Dr. Jones. Not under any circumstances.
Jack: But what is an Osterhagen Key?
Harriet Jones: Forget about the Key, and that’s an order. All we need is The Doctor.
Sarah Jane: Well excuse me, Harriet, but well the thing is, if you’re looking for The Doctor, didn’t he depose you?
Harriet Jones: He did. And I’ve wondered about that for a long time— whether I was wrong. But I stand by my actions to this day. Because I knew— I knew that one day the Earth would be in danger and The Doctor would fail to appear. I told him so myself and he didn’t listen.
Martha: But I’ve been trying to find him. The Doctor’s got my phone on the TARDIS but I can’t get through.
Rose: Nor me, and I was here first.
Harriet Jones: That’s why we need the Subwave. To bring us all together, combine forces. The Doctor’s Secret Army.
Jack: Wait a minute. We boost the signal. That’s it. We transmit that telephone number through Torchwood itself using all the power of the Rift.
Luke: And we’ve got Mr. Smith. He can link up with every telephone exchange on the Earth. He can get the whole world to call the same number all at the same time. Billions of phones calling out, all at once.
Jack: Brilliant. Who’s the kid?
Sarah Jane: That’s my son.
Ianto: Excuse me. Sorry, sorry. Hello. Ianto Jones. Um, if we start transmitting then the Subwave Network is going to become visible, I mean to the Daleks.
Harriet Jones: Yes. and they’ll trace it back to me. But my life doesn’t matter. Not if it save the Earth.
Jack saluting: Ma’am.
Harriet Jones: Thank you, Captain. But there are people out there dying, on the streets.
Wilfred: Marvelous woman. I voted for her.
Sylvia: You did not!
Harriet Jones: Now, enough of words. Let’s begin.

Harriet Jones: Captain, I’m transferring the Subwave Network to Torchwood. You’re in charge now. And tell The Doctor from me, he chose his companions well. It’s been an honor.

Harriet Jones: Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
Dalek: Yes. We know who you are.
Harriet Jones: Oh you know nothing of any human. And that will be your downfall.
Dalek: Exterminate!

Donna: Twenty-seven planets. And there’s the Earth. But why couldn’t we see it?
The Doctor: The entire Medusa Cascade has been put a second out of sync with the rest of the Universe. Perfect hiding place. Tiny little pocket of time. But we found ’em! Oo! Oo, what’s that? Hold on, hold on! Some sort of… subwave network.
Jack: Where the hell have you been? Doctor, it’s the Daleks!
Gwen: Oh, he’s a bit nice. Thought he’d be older.
Ianto: He’s not that young.
Sarah Jane: It’s the Daleks! They’re taking people to their spaceship!
Francine: …Look, I’m sorry. I mean, do something!
Martha: …It’s not just Dalek Caan!
Jack: …The Earth has surrendered!
Sylvia: That’s Donna!
Wilfred: That’s my girl!
The Doctor: Sarah Jane! Who’s that boy? That must be Torchwood. Oh, they’re brilliant! Look at you, all you clever people.
Donna: That’s Martha! And who’s he?
The Doctor: Captain Jack. Don’t… Just… don’t.
Rose: Doctor, it’s me. I came back.
Donna: It’s like an outer space Facebook.
The Doctor: Everybody except Rose.

Davros: Your voice is different. And yet… its arrogance is unchanged.
Sarah Jane: No! But he’s dead.
Davros: Welcome to my new empire, Doctor. It is only fitting that you sohuld bear witness to the resurrection and the triumph of Davros. Lord and Creator of the Dalek race.
Donna: Doctor?
Davros: Have you nothing to say?
Donna: Doctor, it’s alright. We’re in the TARDIS. We’re safe.
The Doctor: But you were destroyed. In the very first year of the Time War. The Gates of Elysium. I saw your command ship fly into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. I tried to save you.
Davros: But it took one stronger than you. Dalek Caan himself.

Davros: I have my children, Doctor. What do you have now?
The Doctor: After all this time—everything we saw, everything we lost—I have only one thing to say to you. Bye!

Dalek: Subwave Network rerouted. New location: Torchwood.
Dalek: Then exterminate them. At once! Exterminate Torchwood!

Gwen: Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine.
Jack: You better be.

Sarah Jane: I love you. Remember that.

Ianto: But, they don’t work against Daleks.
Gwen: Yeah? Well I’m going out fighting. Like Owen, like Tosh. How ’bout you?
Ianto: Yes, ma’am.

Journey’s End

Sarah Jane: Mickey!
Mickey: Us Smiths gotta stick together.
Jackie: Jackie Tyler, Roses’ mum. Now where the hell is my daughter?

Ianto: It’s a Time Lock. The ultimate defense program. Tosh was working on it. Never thought she finished it but she did. The Hub’s sealed in a time bubble nothing can get in.
Gwen: But that means we can’t get out.
Ianto: Nope. Not without unlocking that Dalek. We’re trapped inside. It’s all up to Jack now.

Dalek: Surrender Doctor! And face your Dalek masters!

Donna: It’s you.
The Human/Doctor: Oh yes!
Donna: You’re naked.
The Human/Doctor: Oh yes.

The Human/Doctor: All repaired. Lovely. Shhhh! No one knows we’re here. Gotta keep quiet. Silent running. Like on submarines where they can’t even drop a spanner. Don’t drop a spanner. I like blue. What d’you think?
Donna: You. Are. Bonkers!
The Human/Doctor: Why? What’s wrong with blue?
Donna: Is that what Time Lords do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You’re like worms!
The Human/Doctor: No no no no. I’m unique. Never been another like me. ‘Cause all that regeneration energy went into the hand. Look at my hand! I love the hand. But then you touched it— WHAM! Shhhhh!! Instantaneous biological metacrisis. I grew out of you. Still. Could be worse.
Donna: Oy! Watch it, Spaceman!
The Human/Doctor: Oy! Watch it, Earthgirl! surprised I sound like you. I sound all… all sort of… rough.
Donna: Oy!
The Human/Doctor: Oy!
Donna: Oy!
The Human/Doctor: Oy! Spanners! Shhhhh. Must’ve picked up a bit of your voice that’s all. Is it— Did I— No. You are kidding me. No way. One heart. I got one heart. This body’s got only one heart.
Donna: What, like you’re human?
The Human/Doctor: Ahh, that’s disgusting.
Donna: Oy!
The Human/Doctor: Oiii!
Donna: Stop it!
The Human/Doctor: No, wait I’m…. part-Time Lord, part-human. Well isn’t that wizard.
Donna: I kept hearing that noise. That heartbeat.
The Human/Doctor: Oh that was me. My single heart. ‘Cause I’m a complicated man of time and space. Must’ve rippled back. Converging on you.
Donna: But why me?
The Human/Doctor: ‘Cause you’re special.
Donna: I keep telling you, I’m not.
The Human/Doctor: No but you are. Oh…. you really don’t believe that, do you? I can see, Donna, what you’re thinking. All that attitude, all that lip— ‘Cause all this time, you think you’re not worth it.
Donna: Stop it.
The Human/Doctor: Shouting at the world ’cause no one’s listening. Well, why should they.
Donna: Doctor. Stop it.
The Human/Doctor: But look at what you did! No…. it’s more than that. It’s like… we were always heading for this. You came to the TARDIS. And you found me again. Your Wilfred, your car. Donna, your car! You parked your car right where the TARDIS was going to land. Oh! We’ve been blind. Something’s been drawing us together for such a long time.
Donna: But you’re talking, like, destiny. There’s no such thing. Is there?
The Human/Doctor: It’s still not finished. It’s like… the pattern’s not complete. The strands are still drawing together. But heading for what?

Rose: What is that thing?
The Doctor: You’ve met before. The last of the Cult of Skaro. But it flew into the Time War unprotected
Davros: Caan did more than that. He saw time. Its infinite complexity and majesty raging through his mind. And he saw you. Both of you.
Caan: This I have foreseen! In the wild and the wind! The Doctor will be here as witness at the end of everything! The Doctor and his precious Children of Time! And one of them will die!

Davros: Why so shy? Show your companion. Show her your true self. Dalek Caan has promised me that too.
Caan: I have seen into the time of ending. The Doctor’s soul will be revealed.
The Doctor: What does that mean?
Davros: We will discover it together. Our final journey. Because the ending approaches. The testing begins.
The Doctor: The testing of what?
Davros: The Reality Bomb.

Davros: This is my ultimate victory, Doctor! The destruction of reality itself!

Jack busting in through the air shaft: Just my luck. I climb through two miles of ventilation shafts chasing life signs on this thing and who do I find? Mickey Mouse!
Mickey: You can talk, Captain Cheesecake. {they hug.}
Jack: Good to see you! And that’s Beefcake.
Mickey: And that’s enough hugging.
Jack: We meet at last, Ms. Smith.
Sarah Jane: There is something we can do. You’ve got to understand. I’ve got a son down there on Earth. He’s only fourteen years old. I brought this. It was given to me by a Verron soothsayer. He said, “This is for the End of Days.”
Jack: Is that a Warp Star?

Davros: Impossible. That face, after all those years.
Sarah Jane: Davros.

Davros: The man who abhors violence. Never carrying a gun. But this is the truth, Doctor. You take ordinary people and you fashion them into weapons. Behold your Children of Time transformed into murderers. I made the Daleks, Doctor. You made this.

Davros: The Doctor. The man who keeps running. Never looking back. Because he dare not out of shame. This is my final victory, Doctor. I have shown you yourself.

Davros: I was wrong about your warriors, Doctor. They are pathetic.

Davros: But you promised me, Dalek Caan. Why did you not foresee this?
The Doctor: Oh I think he did. Something’s been manipulating the timelines for ages. Getting Donna Noble to the right place at the right time.
Caan: This would always have happened. I only helped, Doctor.
Davros: You betrayed the Daleks.
Caan: I saw the Daleks! What we have done throughout time and space. I saw the truth of us, Creator. And I decreed, “No more.”

Gwen as things shatter everywhere: There goes the time lock.

Caan: One will still die.

Sarah Jane: K-9! Out you come!
The Doctor: Oh! Good dog!

Sarah Jane: You know, you act like such a lonely man. But look at you. You’ve got the biggest family on Earth.

Mickey: I’m gonna miss you, more than anyone.
Jackie: Whatcha mean? Doctor’s gonna take us home, isn’t he?
Mickey: Well that’s the point.

The Doctor: Oy! Where you going?
Mickey: Well I’m not stupid. I can work out what happens next. And I had a good time in that parallel world, but my Gran passed away. Nice and peaceful. Spent her last years living in a mansion. There’s nothing there for me now. Certainly not Rose.
The Doctor: What’ll you do?
Mickey: Anything. Brand new life. Just you watch. See ya Boss! running after Jack and Martha. Hey, you two!
Jack: Oh. Thought I got rid of you.

The Doctor: It’s time for one last trip. Dårlig ulv stranden. Better known as [Bad Wolf Bay].
Jackie: Oh, fat lot of good this is. Back of beyond. Bloody Norway. I’m gonna have to phone your father. He’s on the nursery run. I was pregnant, do you remember? Had a baby boy.
The Doctor: Ah! Brilliant. What’d you call him?
Jackie: Doctor.
The Doctor: Really?
Jackie: No, you plum. He’s called Tony.

Wilfred: That must be her! Donna! Ha ha!
The Doctor: Help me!
Wilfred: Donna?

Wilfred: Oh, Doctor. What about you now? Who’ve you got? I mean, all those friends of yours.
The Doctor: They’ve all got someone else. Still that’s fine. I’m fine.
Wilfred: I’ll watch out for you, sir.
The Doctor: You can’t ever tell her!
Wilfred: No no. But every night, Doctor. When it gets dark, and the stars come out, I’ll look up on her behalf. I’ll look up at the sky. And think of you.
The Doctor: Thank you.