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Cure and Contagion

Daisy to George: Can I just state for the record? Huge fan.
Ivan: Gotta say, in the flesh, very disappointing. {taunting George} Come on. Walkies.

Daisy: That whole thing outside with my husband, that was rude. I’ll talk to him. Once you get to know us, you’ll see we’re not really like that. A lot of vampires, it’s all about the blood and the world domination. Me and Ivan… we’re just about the tourism.

Ivan: Oh, mate, you look awful.
Mitchell: You just smacked me in the face!
Ivan: Oh, I think you know what I mean. So it’s true then? You’re clean.
Mitchell: Yes. You should try it.
Ivan: Oh, yes, and maybe one day I could look like shit too.

Mitchell: Why did you attack George?
Ivan: It was my duty.
Mitchell: Your duty? You didn’t even like Herrick.
Ivan: There are rules, Mitchell. He was one of us.

Ivan: Bet I’m not the first. I won’t be the last either, no. Insurgents. Herrick loyalists. Just anybody wanting to make a name for themselves. His dance card’s going to be pretty full.

Ivan: Brush up on your history. Taking out someone like Herrick is never clean, it’s never clinical. It leaves a wound and wounds get infected.

Ivan: You’re sliding into chaos here. Should be an interesting show.

Daisy: I’m hungry, baby. We should grab someone on the way home.

Hugh: Listen. I think it’s great, you know, that you’ve come so well prepared. But I just think my dad might be a bit resistant to some of the things, ah… Just for one thing, I don’t think there’s really room for a climbing wall.
Annie: Oh. There is another option here. We could just ignore all that and you could just give me the job?
Hugh: Would that be all right?

Lucy: Last night I got home and my goldfish was gone. No body, no note, nothing. So… no, I’m really not okay.
Mitchell: Do you have a cat? ‘Cause, well, chances are that’s what ate the goldfish.
Lucy: I don’t, but if I did I think I would have made that connection.

Daisy: Look at you, still so moral. So desperate to be human. Like mooning after a love that left you years ago.

Daisy: She had everything. Become cruel. It’s fun.
George: She’s the last person who needed you.
Daisy: What?
George: She wanted you. Ivan just wanted a portable fuck. I guess that must hurt.
Daisy: You— you don’t know what you’re talking about.
George: It’s not her fault. It’s not her fault.

Hugh after Annie and Saul leave: Well. We all saw that coming.

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Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Vienna 1999

Mitchell: We should go down there, man. Have a drink.
Carl: This is fine.
Mitchell: Oh come on! It’s the beginning of a new century.
Carl: Yeah, I saw the last one.

George: I promised Annie I’d visit. I hope you don’t mind.
Hugh: Oh, not at all. Two customers, we’ll be talking about this for years.

Lucy: Ladies and gentlemen, somewhere in Bristol is a gay vampire.
Nurse: Count Spectacular.
Lucy: Mince of Darkness.
Policeman: Tell you what, I bet he’d like to see my full moon, wouldn’t he! … No?

Terry Wogan: Look lively, we haven’t got much time. I need to talk to you about Annie. The lovely girl at the pub.
Saul: Annie?
Terry Wogan: She’s a cracker, isn’t she? I think you and she would make a smashing couple. I want to help.
Saul: No, this is one of those hidden camera things, right? Duncan, you absolute bastard!
Terry Wogan: No, this is about the corridor, Saul. Perhaps you should sit down. Until you had your accident, I can’t say I paid you much attention. But the minute you walked into that pub, saw that lovely girl, I knew I had to lend a hand.

Saul: I was technically dead for about six minutes.
Annie: You poor thing. That’s, um, awful.
Saul: That’s not the, ah…. The thing that makes it still present in my mind, is what I saw.
Annie: Well, what did you see?
Saul: It’s stupid.
Annie: No, no please.
Saul: There was a corridor. Bright white.
Annie: Like in the films.
Saul: Except it wasn’t, because it was frightening. Like when you dream and you have this terror.
Annie: Were you alone?
Saul: No, there were men there. Men with sticks and ropes.

Carl: When it happened… he didn’t even look frightened. He looked disappointed. You think you’re free of it but it finds you. All those years without it. It’s like a bill that has to be paid.

Nina: Things go wrong. Christ knows, we’re both proof of that. I’m radioactive now, that’s how it feels.
Carl: Trust me, he knows what he’s done.
Nina: Is that my shepherds pie?
Carl: Mm. Quite possibly.
Nina: George made it.
Carl: It’s good.
Nina: Hm. He’s a good cook.

Lucy: So, Gay Vampire Man.
Mitchell: Are you actually calling him that?
Lucy: It’s shorthand. We use it all the time. Like Creepy Self-Harm Girl, or Accidentally Sat on a Wine Bottle Man, so… Gay Vampire Man.

Hugh: I’ve got my eye on you.
Saul: You’re not the only one.
Hugh: You might have Annie fooled with your face and your… hair. But you don’t fool me.

Newsreader: Okay, here’s the thing. Annie’s dead.
Saul: What?
Newsreader: Well, it’s complicated. She’s in limbo. She should be here with us, but she’s turned death down and it’s pissed off some very important people. And they want her back.

Hugh: All my life I’ve been the consolation prize. I can’t do that anymore. You’re so beautiful. I’d move mountains, I’d kill bears. But I need you to want to kiss me.
Annie: So what do we do?
Hugh: I’ll wait.

Ivan: What, are you imagining some kind of peaceful coexistence? It would be chaos! Worldwide panic. Good news for religion, mind you. Especially Christianity. It’d be standing room only in the churches all of a sudden. And as soon as they knew about vampires they’d know about werewolves, they’d know about ghosts. They’d be next. And when humanity had finally finished with us it would turn in on itself. First the other religions—massively in the minority now. Then the homosexuals, the disabled. Do you want to know what the future looks like? Enforced worship in churches a mile high. And every country surrounded by a coral reef of bones. {pause} But fuck it, maybe it should happen. There’s nothing on TV at the moment.

Ivan: Okay, two rules for Ivan’s car. No food or drink and I get to choose the music. And tonight, we shall be listening to Miss Kate Bush.

Radio Voice: The gang’s all here. There are men with ropes and men with sticks and men with black black feathers on their black black {?}. There are no prizes for kindness. You’ve said that. Mercy isn’t [?]. Stirring work, Saul. Quick as you like. You don’t want our rascals coming out there.
Saul: I can’t. {he throws Annie away from the Door.} Oh god.
Radio Voice: What are you doing?!
Saul: I can’t.

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Long Live the King

Bristol 1665

Inquisitor: Your teeth will be smashed from your skull, as a warning to other devils. And your head will be removed from your body… {checks the back of the scroll.} No, that’s it actually. Proceed!

Reporter: What do you say to those who stipulate there are now vampires living in Bristol?
Chief Constable Wilson: Ah, hot milk and an early night.

Mitchell: We have a situation.
Chief Constable Wilson: Too bloody right you do. The press are all over this. Perfect middle-class young couple engaged to be married. Why can’t you guys stick to homeless alkies?

Mitchell: What about the guy in the coma?
Chief Constable Wilson: Pray for brain damage. Oh, and I’m warning you, without Coroner Quinn on board this is all academic.

Daisy: Some of us chose this life, but for most of us it was forced on them. And now here you are putting restrictions on a lifestyle they didn’t even want. “Stop drinking!” “Stay in the shadows!”
Mitchell: I did it.
Daisy: Except, from what I hear, there were a few false starts.

Mitchell: You think we targeted them?
Wilson: All I’m saying is, stick with repeat offenders and it’s win-win. What happened with Balfour was unfortunate. He was collateral damage. But the main thing is, the system is in place. This is how it works. What? You expect it to be pretty?

Mitchell: This isn’t a fucking show!
Daisy: Justice has to be seen to be done, Mitchell. Or what’s the point? Do it properly, you’ll never have to do it again.

Kemp: You know God loves you very much. Isn’t that right, Professor Jaggat?
Professor Lucy Jaggat: Yes Nina. He loves you so much.

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Educating Creature

One Year Ago

Kemp: I’m not here about a job. I’m here about those wonderful papers you wrote last year.
Lucy: Oh, great.
Kemp: Your theory of a gene that could be the cause of all evil, was a revelation.
Lucy: Those papers were merely speculative. An intellectual exercise that some people—
Kemp: Really? So you don’t mean a word of it. Last week you received a sample of blood, yes?
Lucy: Yeah. We get a lot of those here.
Kemp: This one you’d remember. You ran it through your machines and the readings made no sense. You would have checked it several times and then perhaps blamed your machine.
Lucy: What was it?
Kemp: Evil. Think it over. And if you wish to learn more give me a ring.

Sykes: No, this isn’t the other side. Yes, I did save you from the Door. And yes, I’m dead too. Sykes. Pleased to meet you.
Annie: You closed the Door.
Sykes: A thank you would be nice.
Annie: Thank you.
How did you do that?
Sykes: Extremely well.

Annie: Please. Please. You have to help me.
Sykes: I don’t have to do anything of the sort. Look, there’s no automatic bond between us. You’re not my responsibility. We’re just ghosts, luv. Flotsam and jetsam.

Sykes: You’ve resisted Death’s Door three times.
Annie: How could you know that?
Sykes: Oh please, it’s written all over your aura.

Mitchell: What part of “no blood” did you not understand?
Campbell: No no no. This is different. She wants to be fed on.
Mitchell: Excuse me?
Campbell: We found her online. On an emo message board. There are dozens of ’em. They talk about vampires and there’s all this bonkers self-harm stuff. It gets really dark. Anyway, they love the idea of being drunk from. It’s a kind of groupie thing. Isn’t that better?
Mitchell: No, Campbell! It’s not better. Get her out of her, will ya?
Campbell: Sorry. {Emo Girl whispers to Campbell} She says can she have her bus fare home then?
Mitchell: For fuck’s sake.

Ivan: Well. That was a very creative reinterpretation of the rules.
Mitchell: There aren’t rules. There’s one rule.
Ivan: That’s addicts for you, always looking for little loopholes.

Sykes: Okay, okay. Cards on the table. Do you want to know why I don’t want to teach you? Because there’s only one passing grade. Anything less than an A plus and they’ve got you. You’re gone. And I really don’t want that on my conscience.
Annie: Sykes, if you don’t teach me then… I’m gone anyway.
Sykes: 0900 tomorrow. That’s if it’s okay with your two dads.

Ivan: Please don’t say you got that idea from me.
Mitchell: You should be pleased.
Ivan: Pleased? Don’t be fucking ridiculous. It’s like when they dress up those bears and make them dance for the tourists in Istanbul. Have you ever seen that?
Mitchell: No, I can’t say I have.
Ivan: This great big mountain of power and fury, done up in a fez and a waistcoat, and all the time just waiting for it to wake up, realize what it is and tear someone’s throat out.
Mitchell: Did you ever actually see it happen?
Ivan: Yeah, yeah, I did. Horrific. I mean I’ve got photos if you want.

Lucy about Nina in the chamber: Just wait a second. Are we sure about this? Have we changed anything about the procedure since it killed the last one? Anything at all?

Kemp: This is how we learn. This is how we help them. We can recalculate for the next one.
Lucy: The next one?
Kemp: George Sands.
Lucy: Fine, but surely the best way to reach him is through Nina.
Technician: Um, actual full moon.

Sykes about the TV: They use them to recruit agents, to spy on us and, sometimes, to come through.

Ivan: I swear, I’m going to be giving out autographs soon. It’s like being in a fucking boy band.
Mitchell: The thought of you in a boy band is disturbing on so many levels.
Ivan: Well, the thing about boy bands is it’s all about image, isn’t it? I mean behind closed doors they can be dressing up as Girl Guides, snorting coke, fucking swans.

Ivan: I can’t do it. I thought I could. I wanted to, I swear. But, um, I’ve never gone this long without blood.
Mitchell: Oh come on, its only been a few days.
Ivan: Yeah, after a hundred and ninety-five fucking years!

Mitchell: Do you know how many people are in that room because of you? If you quit—
Ivan: I am not gonna quit!
Mitchell: So what are you saying?
Ivan: I may be many things, Mitchell, but I am a man of my word. I will stand in that room and talk about how brave and strong we all are, how this is a fight that we can win. I will do that for as long as you need me to, but I cannot do it dry.
Mitchell: Do you have any idea what you’re asking me to do?
Ivan: I could say the same to you.

Ivan in a thick Russian accent: So, do you have the package?
Mitchell: Do you thinks that’s funny?
Ivan: Well, you know, I’m just trying to lighten the mood. So why do I suddenly feel like a turd in a swimming pool.
Mitchell: Just answer me this, did you ever actually think you could go dry or was it just another one of your games?
Ivan: I thought I could do it. I thought I was powerful enough. I was wrong. Okay? You know, Mitchell, eventually it just makes children of us all.

Kemp: As much as I respect your spirit of forgiveness, Professor, I do worry that you’ve lost sight of the difference between a werewolf and a vampire.
Lucy: Really? That isn’t remotely patronizing.

Annie: D’you know what I don’t get? People still can’t see me. I thought at least I’d be visible again.
Sykes: Annie, you were never meant to be visible in the first place. There’s a natural order. There’s life, there’s the Door. And then somewhere in between them, there’s the ghosts. But you, you were something different. A crease in the cloth….

Sykes: In battle, you don’t have the time to think everything through. You make the right choice, your men live. I made the wrong choice. I’ve had seventy years to think about. And that’s why I didn’t want to help you. I didn’t want to have responsibility again. I didn’t want more blood on my hands.
Annie: Is that why you’re still here?
Sykes: I go through that Door, and I know who’s waiting for me. Maybe they’ll welcome me now, but maybe not. I’m a coward, Annie.

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The Looking Glass

London, 1969

Mitchell: What, there’s no vampires in London?
Herrick: Yeah, but their head guy and I, we don’t, um… I sort of killed his mum. Anyway, there’s bound to be a bucket and some Fairy liquid under the sink. Um, do what you can.
Mitchell: You want me to do it?
Herrick: Yeah, I’ve got to find the car. I have a vague recollection of parking it on a bridge.

Mitchell: Is there another way out of here?
Girl: You mean like a secret tunnel that connects to the sewage system?
Mitchell: Yeah.
Girl: No.

Mitchell: Are you gonna cause me a problem?
Girl: That depends. Are you gonna hurt me?
Mitchell: Right now I’d say it’s about fifty-fifty.

Wilson: …And then this afternoon we find him parked outside a primary school with a length of rope in the boot of his car.
Mitchell: And this involves me how exactly?
Wilson: Well it’s time for affirmative action.
I want this animal sent kicking and screaming to hell, and you’re the man to do it. So. Get in there, vamp up, vamp out, whatever it is you do, and rip this fucker to shreds.

Ghost Mom: This is nice. It doesn’t smell as bad as I thought it was going to.

Girl: Why did you do it? You must have had a motive. No one kills without a motive. You didn’t even know those girls, did you?
Mitchell: I didn’t need to know them. They were in a bar, they were up for a party and now they’re dead. Tomorrow I won’t even remember what they looked like.
Girl: I don’t believe you. Even if you said you enjoyed it, it would make more sense.

Lucy: I signed on to this to study the genetics of evil. Since when did assassinating vampires become part of the brief.
Kemp: The brief is to combat evil in whatever shape we find it.
Lucy: If he’s clean, as he says he is, then what’s the urgency to deal with it?
Kemp: We have a duty to future generations. As well as to those already lost.

Girl: No remorse? Or does this make it easier to do it? This—what is it—this role you play?
Mitchell: Why couldn’t I have taken a mute hostage?
Girl: That was my last question.
Mitchell: Yeah. It makes it easier, okay?
Girl: So it’s an act.
Mitchell: You said no more questions.
Girl: That wasn’t a question.
Mitchell: Why are you being like this?
Girl: Oh, so you can ask questions?
Mitchell: You’re a funny little thing, you know that?

Girl: I’m not scared of you. Maybe that’s why I’m being like this. At least not as scared as I probably should be.
Mitchell: Yeah. You should be terrified.
Girl: I should be married to David Bowie.

Girl: I still don’t understand why you do it.
Mitchell: It’s complicated.
Girl: Take your time. I’m tied to a bookshelf.

Sam: So now you know it all. Single mother, penniless, lives with her mum, can’t hold down a relationship. I’m just going to turn my back now for three seconds just to give you the opportunity to run for the hills.

Herrick: Do you remember when we met? At that forest in France? Do you remember our deal?
Mitchell: Yeah. You said if I let you take me, then you’d save my men.
Herrick: Why did I do that? You ever wondered?
Mitchell: No. No.
Herrick: Because I could see in you a great man, a terrible man. An orphan-maker. A breaker of hearts. Now, these people, these children of Darwin, they’ll tell you that you’re wrong. That you’re a monster. Because they’re jealous. Because they’re in chains. That little… scratch of conscience. That’s a lie. That’s not who you are. Now go and kill that girl.

Mitchell: Help me.
Josie: Why should I?
Mitchell: Because I can’t help myself. I don’t even know your name.
Josie: It’s Josie.

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In the Morning

London 1972

Young Reverend Kemp: Before he was given up to a death he freely accepted, he broke the bread and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take this all of you, and eat it. This is my body which will be given up for you.” When supper was ended, he took the cup, and gave it to his disciples, saying—
Maria Kemp looking for her daughter: “Where are you?”
Reverend Kemp: —Take this all of you, and drink from it. This is the cup of my blood. The blood of the new and everlasting covenant. It will be shed for you so that sins may be forgiven.”

Present Day

Kemp: Whosoever eats my flesh. And drinks my blood will live forever.

Sam: It’s available now!
George: What? Now? No, no. As in, today now? As in right here, right now?
Sam: Someone else will have moved in by the time you’ve finished that sentence.

Lucy: I’m sorry. I wasn’t strong enough. I thought I was, I thought I could do it but I can’t. I can’t kill another person.
Kemp: He’s not a person, Professor. They’re not people.
Lucy: I know. I know, and I keep telling myself that. I’m so frightened.
Kemp: Of what? Of them? Of him?
Lucy: Of myself.

Kemp: It’s understandable that you’re confused. The Devil was designed for temptation. He can be charming, clever and exciting. And Mitchell can be those things too because he was made in the Devil’s image. Just as you were made in God’s. But you must remain strong.
Lucy: I know. But sometimes… I want to surrender to it.
Kemp: Then you must fight it! Declare war on it! If we are weak, and we allow the Devil to seduce us, God is disappointed. And we will be punished severely.

Cortez: Back then I would pray that they would stop. And now that it’s finally happened, I’m praying they come back.

Lucy: You have killed people.
Mitchell: Not anymore.
Lucy: Not anymore? Do you know how insufficient that sounds? You have killed people.
Mitchell: You can be my salvation.
Lucy: I don’t think so.

Mitchell: I have you. It’s a struggle. I can’t lie, it’s always a struggle. But I can do this.
Lucy: How?
Mitchell: I leave them.
Lucy: They’ll follow you.
Mitchell: I’ll tell them I’m finished with them. I’ll tell all of them.
Lucy: When?
Mitchell: What?
Lucy: When will you tell them?
Mitchell: I’ll call a meeting tomorrow night at the funeral parlor.

Lucy: It’s done. Mitchell’s going to call a gathering.
Kemp: When?
Lucy: Tomorrow night at the funeral parlor.
Kemp: Did he say how many of them— {she hangs up the phone.}

Annie: I don’t think your heart’s really in this, Red Robin. Over.
Robin: Maybe because it’s stupid. Over.
Annie: How’s it stupid? Over.
Robin: Because I’m stood right next to ya. Besides it don’t even work. They’re not connected to anything.
Annie: Well you are just determined to pick holes in this operation, aren’t you?

Annie: Alan, Jimmy has a pretty serious message for her. Um, apparently she’s getting married again.
Alan: Jimmy says you’re getting married again, Orla.
Orla: Yeah. Well that’s why I’m here, really, ’cause I just wanted to check, you know, that he was all right with it.
Jimmy: I’m not.
Annie: Oh, he says he’s not.
Alan: Yeah, he wants you to know that he’s not.
Orla: He’s what?
Alan: He’s not okay with it.
Orla: And why the fuck would that be?
Annie: Because apparently her new boyfriend is a massive tosser. {Jimmy whispers again} And a sponger.
Alan: Because your new man is a massive tosser and a sponger. Allegedly.

Mitchell: Look you just spread the word, okay? I want everyone there.
Ivan: Just, just leave it to me. I’ve got most of them on my Twitter feed, so it’ll be all right, okay?

Technician: We’ve had report of a gas leak. We’re going to have to clear the premises.
Ivan: I wouldn’t bother. They’re all dead in there.

Carmen: Yes. My daughter.
Alan: Don’t tell me. Your daughter’s name is…
Annie: It’s me. She’s here for me. That’s my mum.
Alan: Your daughter’s name was Annie. Is there something you’d like to ask Annie?
Carmen: I just… well, I don’t even know what I want to hear. I don’t know what would help. I mean, losing a child is, um, it’s a unique kind of pain. The pain is… spectacular. You know what? If you told me that you could take that pain away, I’m not sure I’d want you to because it’s, it’s all I’ve got left. I want to feel that pain. And I deserve to feel that pain, because… I should have known. She was my little girl, and I should have known that she was in danger. I should have known that she was scared. Because I’m her mum and I really should have known.

Carmen: I was so afraid of this place. I just thought that if I came here that this would become my last memory of you. That somehow, your face and your eyes and your laugh… would be replaced by this. But I still have you. I mean I do still have you, don’t I?
Annie: You will always have me, mum.
Carmen: So I’m going to try. I’m really going to try.

Ivan: Only alcohol tonight, I’m afraid. None of the hard stuff.

Kemp: Professor, it’s time.
Lucy: He’s early.
Kemp: Does it matter?
Lucy: Others may still arrive.

Ivan: Look, this was your plan and, you know, it’s working. Everyone’s on the wagon—
Mitchell: Yeah.
Ivan: Well aside from me, obviously. But I’m, you know, a Special Needs.

Ivan: Mitchell, at the moment I’m keeping my excesses in check as a favor to you and because it amuses me. But, um, you have no idea of the effort that that entails. Now I can’t lead, not even by example. I am just one step away from wiping out an entire branch of Argos.

Ivan: You should have said it was about love. I get it now. We all lead long and appalling lives. But I have my Daisy. Everyone deserves a Daisy. So. After you.

Lucy: I just think we need to wait a few more minutes.
Kemp: I’ve waited long enough. This is the will of the Lord. I’m prepared to carry it out. Are you? {she nods} Professor. You need to say the words.
Lucy: Do it.

Mitchell: This has been a really, a really interesting journey. But tonight marks the end of the journey for me. But I’ll be leaving you in the capable hands of—
Ivan throwing Mitchell to the floor: Get down!

Kemp: And the deed is done. Shall we pray?

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London 1941

Ivan: Does she have a name?
Daisy: Pearl. After her daddy’s mommy.
Ivan: Where is her daddy?
Daisy: He was on the HMS Princess Charlotte. Sub caught fire six months back.
Ivan: And is Pearl your jewel?
Daisy: She cries a lot. I don’t understand her. It’s like she was left on my doorstep and any minute now the real parents are going to want her back. Sometimes I wish they’d hurry up.
Ivan: What’s the worst thing about thinking that? The guilt. Or the lack of it.

Ivan: Listen to them. Wrecking the place.
Daisy: Do you think we’re going to win?
Ivan: What, the war? Um, I don’t know. It’s, um… My people, we’ve never really been interested in politics. You see, I look at the cogs, not the machine. They’re easier to predict. Like you, Daisy. What will happen to you? You’ll meet someone. He’ll be a fraction of what you hoped for, but you’ll make do and mend. And that will be the first of your dreams to miscarry. You’ll become small and provincial like everyone around you. Wearing your prejudices like medals. That beautiful mouth will become mean and thin and tight. A life that means nothing. Enriches nothing. And when it’s over, not even Pearl will raise a glass.
Daisy: You don’t know that. How can you say that?
Ivan: Because every human life is just another story by the same author.
Daisy: Well that’s not going to be me!
Ivan: You’re unlucky. You have ambition. You’re trapped in a world of dwarves and you can see it for that. It’s not your baby who’s in the wrong place.
Daisy: Where are you going?
Ivan: I move about. Come with me.
Daisy: What? I don’t know you!
Ivan: No. But somehow staying here feels like more of a risk. Doesn’t it?
Daisy: At least wait ’til they’ve sounded the all-clear. {he scoffs and opens the door.} Look at it! It’s dangerous out there!
Ivan: Always. But I’ll make you indestructible.

Sam: You know, it’s like you’re still there. sat in that house with Mitchell, watching The Real Hustle, surrounded by cups of cold tea. It’s like you’re hedging your bets.
George: I’m not! But I can’t just abandon— I still have commitments, Sam.
Sam: I’m not asking you to abandon anything. I’m asking you to stop giving mixed signals.

Daisy: This was quick and brutal but it was amateurish. Trust me, it wasn’t the police.

Daisy: You watch the news much?
Mitchell: No. Not really.
Daisy: All over the world you’ve got these pockets of vampires. Some in hiding, some with arrangements like you had here. But things have started to shift. You notice how there’s been lots of accidents lately? Gas explosions, buildings collapsing. They’re fighting back.
Mitchell: They?
Daisy: Humans.

Daisy: Don’t you get it? We’re being hunted. We have to retaliate.
Mitchell: And how are you going to do that? Hm?
Daisy: I’m going to track down everyone who knew, and I’m going torture them. I’m going to find who did this, I’m going to kill them.

Kemp: I’m going to see George Sands.
Lucy: Um well, do you want me to come? I met him a few times in the hospital. He might respond better to a familiar face.
Kemp: Better? I shall be nothing short of bubbly.
Lucy: But when you spoke to Nina, did she say anything about Mitchell? In terms of how George is coping since he died. They were friends. They— It was like a friendship.
Kemp: I’m sure he was devastated. No doubt the vampire seduced him too.

George: So. You know why we’re this way.
Kemp: You’re possessed.
George: I’m possessed?
Kemp: By Satan.

Kemp: In our facility we have a decompression chamber into which we would place you, or Nina, on the night of a transformation. The room is then pressurized to negate the tidal effect of the full moon. The wolf is not allowed to manifest. It becomes weaker. It dies.
George: Does it work?
Kemp: You would be the first.
George: Right. Right. So it’s less of an exorcism, it’s more like vivisection.

George: I don’t understand. If you’re an exorcist why can’t you just pray it out of us?
Kemp: A possession is different from what you might call a haunting. Although I have helped many stranded and lost souls to pass on. What you have is a demonic spirit. They tend to be more tenacious. Hence the chamber.

Kemp: You can’t cherry pick the aspects of faith that appeal to you. If you believe in God’s miracles you must believe in Satan’s.
George: Yeah, I don’t believe in Satan.
Kemp: Then you’re an idiot! Evil exists. And so do monsters. No one knows that better than us.

George: What are you doing?
Sam: Hand-washing a cardigan. When I’m done it’ll fit one of Molly’s Barbies.

Mitchell: Stephen, this is Daisy. Daisy, this is Stephen. The coroner.
Daisy: Hey, Stephen the Coroner.
Mitchell: So. The fire at the funeral parlor. One of the vampires that got toasted was her husband. How long were you together, Daisy?
Daisy: Sixty-nine years!
Mitchell: Sixty-nine years. I mean think about couples nowadays, huh. Anyway, Daisy needs closure. And she’s decided that the best way of getting that is by cutting your throat.
Daisy: It’s healthy to turn anger outward, you see.

Quinn: You don’t know. Whether it was us or somebody else. You’re on the run. Here comes the candle to light you to bed. Here comes the chopper to chop off your head.
Mitchell: Tell me it was you or I swear I will kill you and everyone you know!
Quinn: I wish to God it had been us. I’d have invited every father and mother and child of your victims, and we’d have held hands as we listened to the screams.

Mitchell: Let’s go.
Daisy: Okay, so A. I told you so. And B. {to Stephen the Coroner} You are really rude.

Quinn: You won’t find her.
Daisy: Find who?
Quinn: She’s disappeared, am I right?
Daisy: Who’s disappeared? Mitchell?
Quinn: She came to my office a few weeks back. Said she had this bonkers idea I was working for vampires and didn’t like it. She told me not to worry. Said they’d got a plan. She’d find out where the vampires were gathering, and there was going to be a fire.

Chaplain: I saw you in the hospital. The way George looked at you when you were dying. This isn’t that man.
Mitchell: I don’t get saved.
Chaplain: Well I don’t hand out the contact details of my parishioners.

Chaplain: George risked his life to save you. Why?
Mitchell: Tell me where she is.
Chaplain: What was it about you that he thought was worth saving!
Mitchell: I’ll kill you, you bastard!
Chaplain: That man is still in there somewhere. You have to find him! Because whoever you are, I will tell you nothing! Whoever you are, you stay away from here! Whoever you are, you stay away from Lucy Jaggat.
Mitchell: What did you say?
Chaplain: Just… just leave her alone.
Mitchell: Did you say Jaggat?

Jaggat: Welcome to freedom.

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All God’s Children

Amy McBride: It’s coming.

Lucy: Where’s my Garfield mug?
Daniel: Um, I don’t know.

Lucy: You got a minute? I saw Amy McBride this morning.
Kemp: Amy McBride is dead.
Lucy: She spoke to me. She said, “It’s coming.”
Kemp: What is?
Lucy: Retribution, my stuff from Amazon. She didn’t go into detail.

Kemp: What’s the alternative? We simply allow the possession to spread?
Lucy: Are you saying it’s win-win?
Kemp: I’m saying we’re doing good work.

Daniel: What are these?
Technician: Body bags for the Type 3s.
Daniel: But we’re curing them.
Technician: In a manner of speaking.

George: I know about you and Mitchell.
Lucy: The intention was to reach out to you. Now given the exclusivity of your friendship, I thought the best way to do that was through Mitchell. I fucked up. I lost sight of why I was— It was unprofessional and adolescent.

Lucy: It’s Mitchell.
Kemp: Mitchell was destroyed in the fire along with all the other vampires.
Lucy: Amy McBride died in the chamber four months ago. That didn’t stop her dropping by my office this morning.
Technician: Oh, Amy McBride came to your office? Amy McBride who exploded.
Lucy: She said it’s coming. It’s here.

Technician: Look, he took the body bags. He was in this room.
Lucy: I don’t understand. Is he looking for them? Is he looking for us?
Kemp: Both. Primarily, I suspect, he’s looking for you.

Kemp: Daniel. Our work here is over. But we cannot release George and Nina back into society and allow their demon to steal more innocent souls. They are a threat to humanity. And once we’ve dealt with this intruder, it’s our duty to neutralize it. That is God’s will. And when the time comes to carry it out, I shall need your help.

Kemp: What the hell was in that house? What hell have we invited here?

Lucy: The three of you, you erase everything. Science, faith. We go back to the year dot with you. My god, to study that. To understand a fraction of what you mean to the world.
Mitchell: And how does blowing up a building full of vampires fit in with that?
Lucy: We got sidetracked.
Mitchell: Sidetracked?
Lucy: There was a parade of bodies coming into the hospital, Mitchell. We were supposed to just sit there and watch?
Mitchell: It was under control.
Lucy: Yeah. Yeah, clearly.

Mitchell: If this was just a science project, then why focus on us?
Lucy: The three of you living together like that, it frightened us. We didn’t know what you were planning.
Mitchell: We weren’t planning anything. We just wanted to be left alone.
Lucy: You don’t get to be left alone! You don’t get a life and lovers and hope! You are poisonous! You are wearing other people’s clothes. You are not human.

Psychic: She’s not going anywhere until she’s said goodbye to her friends.
Kemp: Friends! Did she use that actual word?

Psychic: We’ve been through this before. Annie’s different. She won’t budge. Anyway there needs to be a Door for her to pass through. How’re you gonna do that?
Kemp: Like this. {he stabs him.}

Kemp: It’s true! I killed her! Your friend. I threw her over to the other side. {Mitchell attacks} Did you feel her go? Hm? Did you hear her scream as she was ripped from this world? I want you to know pain. Like the families of your victims, I want you to know grief and rage! As I did.
Mitchell: I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna rip your head off.
Kemp: I’m ready to meet my maker. Are you ready to meet yours?

Three Weeks Later

Lucy: The chamber was my idea. Four people died in there. Craig Ford. Amy McBride. Lee Tully. Richard Galvin. Their faces are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I sleep.
Mitchell: So it’s that, it’s forgiveness you’re after, is it? Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me? What you’ve started? I should rip you apart with my hands. I have to live with what I’ve done. I think you should too.
Lucy: Mitchell, I need to see Nina and George.
Mitchell: In terms of good ideas that’s up there with the chamber.
Lucy: Mitchell, please! I don’t have anywhere else to go!

Nina: Why are you here?
Lucy: I find that an odd question, given you’ve gone to such lengths to find me.
Nina: Tell me about it. I’ve got one of your books. Six hundred pages of utter bullshit.
Lucy: Did you keep the receipt? I can get your money back.
Nina: Is that sarcasm? Is she giving us sarcasm now?

Nina: I don’t want reparation.
Lucy: What do you want, Nina?
Nina: I don’t know. Maybe I just want to give you a little nip.

Mitchell: Why did you come here?
Lucy: I betrayed my lover. I betrayed my faith. I don’t know who I am anymore.
Mitchell: I guess you’re a monster. Just like us.

Lucy: Nina, run!
Nina: What?
Lucy: Get out, Nina! Get out!
Kemp: Hello Nina.

George: Please. Please don’t hurt her.
Kemp: The dog. It begs.

George: If you want to kill someone, then you kill me.
Kemp: Oh be reassured. Tonight I will spill every drop of your black blood. And I will start with her.

George: Oh my— that was Annie! What’s that? Nina, I thought it didn’t work.
Nina checking the plug: No, it doesn’t.

Daisy: This will never work.
Cara: This is where Mitchell said the bones were.
Daisy: Yeah.
Cara: Well then, blood heals. You saw the state of me when you found me in that cave. I drank from that cave blood, now look at me.
Daisy: I can’t lose anymore blood. I feel sick.
Cara: Shut up. We can’t stop not now!

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