Being Human Nina Pickering

Series 2


Sinead Keenan

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Cure and Contagion

Nina: I need to show you something. {she rolls up her sleeve.} When he pushed me back I got these.
Annie: But he hadn’t changed though, had he.
Nina: Well… his nails needed clipping.
Annie: But he hadn’t changed, not completely.
Nina: Well he was still George, but—
Annie: So you’re fine.
Nina: But the change had started.

Annie: What are you gonna do?
Nina: The first time he said he went to the woods, so he wouldn’t hurt anyone. Or there’s that room where it happened. George said he wouldn’t use it again. I could go there.
Annie: I mean about telling him.
Nina: Oh, I don’t know. I guess. Will you come with me? It’s the full moon tomorrow and I don’t want to go on my own.
Annie: Of course, yeah. Of course I will.

Nina: It’s a lot to take in. You know, I mean werewolves, ghosts, vampires. I didn’t even believe in homeopathy before.

Nina: So what now?
Annie: We just wait.

Annie: When are you going to tell him?
Nina: Oh, I’m not.
Annie: What?
Nina: It shouldn’t be too hard. He kept it secret from the rest of the world for years. I just have to keep it secret from one person.
Annie: Then I’ll tell him.
Nina: If you do I’ll give you fucking rabies.
Annie: I can’t know and not. He’s my friend. He won’t care what you are.
Nina: You think this is about my vanity? It will destroy him. Your friend. It will destroy him. I get to choose this. You don’t get a say. Nobody gets a say.

Nina: You gave it to me, George!
George: What?
Nina: In that room. You pushed me away, and you scratched me. You gave me the curse.
George: Then last night…
Nina: Was very busy. I’m a werewolf. I’m a fucking werewolf.

George: Not you. Don’t let me. I’ve done this to you. Not you. Not to, not to you. I’m sorry.
Nina: You didn’t know, baby. You didn’t know.

Nina: Why does this always happen when you tell a man another man is handsome?
Annie: Yea, it is possible for two men to be handsome. Three men.
Nina: Although he is really handsome.
George: Look, can we talk about something else?
Nina: I’m a werewolf.
George: I guess he’s fairly handsome.
Annie: Yes, well let’s hope he’s deaf as well.

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Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Nina: What an interesting selection of food.
George: Well I shall explain. You’ve just done the night shift so for you it’s breakfast time, but it’s two in the afternoon so technically it’s lunch. The feast before you now has been specifically designed to combine the best bits of those two meals. Eggs benedict, choc ice, can of ginger beer… cigarette.
Nina: Breakfast of Champions.
George: Which isn’t to say I approve of your smoking, I’ve just given up the fight on that one.
Nina: Besides you’ve done more to shorten my life expectancy than these ever could.

Mitchell: George around?
Nina: Upstairs. Probably making me a mix tape.
Mitchell: I cam imagine how hard this must be. But the stuff we can teach you, me and George.
Nina: Like sit… and fetch? Thank you, but I’m fine. Really.

Carl: Did Mitchell tell you why I’m here?
Nina: He told me enough.
Carl: You’re not in any danger. I want you to know that.
Nina: You killed someone. Sounds pretty dangerous to me.
Carl: You don’t understand.
Nina: Oh, you got that right.

Nina: We shouldn’t be in houses. In streets where there’s children.
Carl: There are safeguards you can put in place.
Nina: Things go wrong. Christ knows, we’re both proof of that. I’m radioactive now, that’s how it feels.
Carl: Trust me, he knows what he’s done.
Nina: Is that my shepherds pie?
Carl: Mm. Quite possibly.
Nina: George made it.
Carl: It’s good.
Nina: Hm. He’s a good cook.

Nina: You let him out. The dead man. From the morgue.
George: We put him on a container ship to Brazil.
Nina: Of course you have, anything else would be insane.

George: You have to understand the reality we inhabit now.
Nina: A reality that includes aiding and abetting a murderer and body snatching. My god, you’ve lost your way.

Mitchell: Nina. Don’t do this. I understand, I really do. But it’s gonna take time to adjust.
Nina: Adjust? You’ve gone native. The three of you. Maybe I’m being naive. Maybe it’s the consequence of your condition. Our condition. I don’t know. Your humanity, this thing… are you protecting it? Are you looking for it? Do you even know? Because take it from me, it’s long gone. And this house accelerates it! It’s insane here. You’ve got monsters and killers… and my god, that man! You helped him escape.
Mitchell: What have you said to George?
Nina: I’ve written him a letter.
Mitchell: Jesus, Nina. A letter?
Nina: He gets a letter. I love him. I really do. I mean sickening, stomach-turning love. Practicing my signature with his second name kind of love. But I look at him, and I want to pull chunks of flesh from his face.
Mitchell: Good luck.
Nina: You too.

Kemp: Hello Nina.
Nina: I’m sorry, do I know you?

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Long Live the King

Nina: I can’t talk for very long, I’m just… I’m ringing to say goodbye properly.
George: Are you all right? Where are you?
Nina: I’m fine. Listen, there are some things I need to say to you. You
need to stop using the curse as an excuse not to live your life. You’re a wonderful man. You can make a go of things. Get a better job, get out in the world, even… find love again one day. I want you to promise me you’ll start to live your life now.
George: Are you going back? Are you going back, Nina?
Nina: George, I need you to promise me.
George: I promise you. I love you, Nina.
Nina: I love you too. I always will.
George: What are you going to do?
Nina: Something wonderful. Goodbye George.

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Educating Creature

Lucy: Just wait a second. Are we sure about this? Have we changed anything about the procedure since it killed the last one? Anything at all?
Technician: No. But look, she has a completely different physiology.
Nina: Hello? I have a nosebleed! Should this be happening?
Lucy: Hello Nina. Um, just, just relax. It’s all part of the process.

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The Looking Glass


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In the Morning


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Annie: Nina!
Nina: Hi.
Annie: Well come here. {they hug}
Nina: How’s George? Sorry that was— How’re you? Fuck it, tell me later. How is George?
Annie: He’s okay.
Nina: What’s happened?
Annie: Um. Do you want to sit down? Um… he’s met someone, Nina. And he’s moved out.
Nina: Ah… What’s she like?

Annie: Are you back now? Please tell me that you’ve come back to tranquilize George.
Nina: It’s complicated. I need to speak to him. So he’ll be here tonight for the full moon? I need to speak to him before then.
Annie: Yeah, just hang out. He’s always here.

Nina: Hi. You look well. I saw your cage. What a great idea. I can’t believe we didn’t think of it before, so…. Um, Annie told me you’ve, ah, you’ve started seeing someone. She said you’re living together?
George: You told me to move on.
Nina: I know, I’m not… I think it’s good. You must be very happy.
George: What are you doing here?
Nina: I came to see you.
George: Yeah, you’ve seen me.
Nina: Okay, I appreciate you’re angry.
George: Who’s angry?
Nina: I’m sorry I left—
George: I’m not mad. It’s the best thing you ever did.
Nina: I just needed some time.
George: Yeah. I gathered that from the letter. Frankly I’m surprised you didn’t dump me by text.
Nina: George, you turned me into a werewolf. Taking the moral high ground about anything feels kind of ridiculous.
George: So that’s why you’re here. You weren’t sure I felt guilty enough.

Nina: Okay, this has gone completely, this is just… I’ve met some people. They might have a cure.
George: For what?
Nina: Cystitis. What do you think? They knew about us, about werewolves. They have done for a long time—
George: What did you tell them?
Nina: I haven’t told them anything! Christ, do you think I—
George: Who the fuck are these people?

George: So this cure, how does it work? Oh my god. This is our first conversation. You disappear for weeks and we’re talking about this.
Nina: They have a facility. That’s where I’ve been. And in it, there’s this chamber that… Look, just meet them. They can explain it better than me.
George: I’m not going to meet them.
Nina: Why not?
George: Because it’s insane.
Nina: Three years ago, if someone had told you about werewolves and vampires and ghosts, what would you have said?
George: This is different.
Nina: How?
George: There isn’t a cure.
Nina: Then we walk away.

Nina: Yeah okay, I get it. So later today. Two o’clock only to meet him.
George: Yeah. Two is fine. Back here.
Nina: George. It’s good to see you.

Nina: George, this is Mr. Kemp.
George: Alright.
Kemp: It’s an honor to meet you.
George: If you’d like to go through please. {Annie giggles and Nina looks a bit snippy.}

George: Do you really believe what we are could be explained by religion?
Nina: You do.
George: What?
Nina: You call our condition a curse. Why is a curse easier to believe than a possession?
Kemp: Nina’s right, George. You can’t cherry pick the aspects of faith that appeal to you.

George: You know what I find most amazing? Is that you believe it. You, of all people.
Nina: Really? ‘Cause what I can’t understand is why you’re being such a dick.

George: I have my cure. Everything is under control now, thank you.
Nina: The cage is damage limitation, that’s all.
George: You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.
Nina: Look, they are offering back our lives.
George: Oh really? I didn’t realize I was lacking one. I have a job, friends, a girlfriend who won’t leave—
Nina: So do it for her.
George: What do you mean?
Nina: You had the situation under control. How’d that work out for you?

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All God’s Children

Nina: Why did you even come here? Was it guilt? Obligation?
George: You know why. I thought maybe they had a cure.
Nina: Exactly! A cure for this hell we’re in and three days later you want to leave. I just, I don’t—
George: I’m frightened.

Nina: When I found out what you were… suddenly it all made sense, you know? I’ve never exactly been, um, lucky in love, but if this works we’ll have nothing left to hide behind, it will just be you and me. And we’ve never even met before. My god, George, you think you’re scared?
George: You really thought that? Nina, you are worth a thousand of me.
Nina: Just the one’ll do. So what happens now?
George: I stay.

Nina: We can play I Spy.
George: Oh no…
Nina: I spy with my little eye…
George: Please. Please, don’t do this—
Nina: Live with it, it’s happening. I spy with my little eye something beginning with…
George: God, you are beautiful.
Nina: W. Can’t say walls.
George: Do you know we’d never have met if it weren’t for this?
Nina: W. And you can’t say wall.
George: Oh, I don’t know. Weird Christians. I give up.
Nina: Writing.
George: Writing?
Nina: Over there. Can’t read it from here. {George goes to investigate.} Oof. Nice ass.
George: Yeah, I’m aware of that. Thank you.

George, all the werewolves die

Nina: So. What’s it say? George? George?
George: Get up.

Nina: George, we should find Annie and go.
George: Something’s going on. Ah shit. There’s a body in the bathroom.
Nina seeing the technician: What’s he up to?

Nina: George, we need to go. We need to go, please. George!

George: It wasn’t your fault, Nina.
Nina: I brought Kemp to the house and he met Annie. I convinced you to go to the facility, we watched her get…. So yes. I have to do this.

Nina: You’ve got some fucking nerve.
Lucy: Please.
Nina: Got your friend with you?
Mitchell: She’s on her own.
George: Nina. Nina, let her go.

Nina: Why are you here?
Lucy: I find that an odd question, given you’ve gone to such lengths to find me.
Nina: Tell me about it. I’ve got one of your books. Six hundred pages of utter bullshit.
Lucy: Did you keep the receipt? I can get your money back.
Nina: Is that sarcasm? Is she giving us sarcasm now? Christ, Mitchell, why haven’t you just—
Mitchell: What? Killed her?
Nina: Yeah.

Nina: Right. What does she want then?
Lucy: To say sorry.
Nina: Sorry. What, like you pranged the car?
Lucy: To, to explain then. But before I can make any kind of reparation, I have to—
Nina: I don’t want reparation.
Lucy: What do you want, Nina?
Nina: I don’t know. Maybe I just want to give you a little nip.

Mitchell: I believe she wants to make amends.
Nina: She must have been some lay.

Nina: It’s not just about Annie. I was in there for two months. One time, they put me in that chamber. They persuaded me to bring the man I love in there to die. Like Tully died. Like the others died.
Mitchell: You’re better than this, Nina.
Nina: They started it. They set the agenda. Why is it always down to the victims to do the right thing?
George: ‘Cause there has to be a difference between us and them.
Nina: There is. We’re weaker.

Lucy: Nina, run!
Nina: What?
Lucy: Get out, Nina! Get out!
Kemp: Hello Nina.

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