Being Human Annie Sawyer

Series 2


Lenora Crichlow

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Cure and Contagion

Annie: Nina, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about this world is that it doesn’t follow logic. We’re talking about magic and curses. We’re off the map here.

Annie: Okay, shut up, I’m going to tell you. I have applied for a job!
George: As what?
Annie: Well. It’s something that I’ve always fancied.
George: Marrying Colin Firth isn’t strictly speaking a job.

Mitchell: You can’t get a job, Annie.
Annie: But who would know? I’m visible now, I’m solid.
Mitchell: You’re not solid, you’re squishy. What about when people touch you?
Annie: What kind of a pub do you think it is, Mitchell?

Hugh: Listen. I think it’s great, you know, that you’ve come so well prepared. But I just think my dad might be a bit resistant to some of the things, ah… Just for one thing, I don’t think there’s really room for a climbing wall.
Annie: Oh. There is another option here. We could just ignore all that and you could just give me the job?
Hugh relieved: would that be all right?

Annie: Hey, there’s a werewolf called Nina in Buffy.
Nina: I’ve never seen it.
Annie: No. No, like I stopped watching it once, you know, I started living it.

Annie: When are you going to tell him?
Nina: Oh, I’m not.
Annie: What?
Nina: It shouldn’t be too hard. He kept it secret from the rest of the world for years. I just have to keep it secret from one person.
Annie: Then I’ll tell him.
Nina: If you do I’ll give you fucking rabies.
Annie: I can’t know and not. He’s my friend. He won’t care what you are.
Nina: You think this is about my vanity? It will destroy him. Your friend. It will destroy him. I get to choose this. You don’t get a say. Nobody gets a say.

Annie: Why don’t you use the one at my house. I’m only up the road.
Hugh: I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Annie.
Saul: Yeah he’s right, I might murder you.
Annie: Oh, plenty have tried.

Nina: Why does this always happen when you tell a man another man is handsome?
Annie: Yea, it is possible for two men to be handsome. {looks at George.} Three men.
Nina: Although he is really handsome.
George: Look, can we talk about something else?
Nina: I’m a werewolf.
George: I guess he’s fairly handsome.
Annie: Yes, well let’s hope he’s deaf as well.

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Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Vienna 1999

Saul: I almost died.
Annie: What?
Saul: And I thought because we’re friends it was something you should know.

Saul: I was technically dead for about six minutes.
Annie: You poor thing. That’s, um, awful.
Saul: That’s not the, ah…. The thing that makes it still present in my mind, is what I saw.
Annie: Well, what did you see?
Saul: It’s stupid.
Annie: No, no please.
Saul: There was a corridor. Bright white.
Annie: Like in the films.
Saul: Except it wasn’t, because it was frightening. Like when you dream and you have this terror.
Annie: Were you alone?
Saul: No, there were men there. Men with sticks and ropes.
Annie: I’ve seen it.
Saul: What?
Annie: A few years ago I was attacked. It left me… But I saw it, I saw that exact same thing.

George: You are being careful, aren’t you?
Annie: Thanks. But I think I’m a bit old and dead for contraception conversation.

Annie: Hugh? He’s like a brother to me.
George: Oh promise me you will never tell him that.
Annie: I think he’s really sweet.
George: “Really sweet”— Oh my god, why not just stab him in the face! A brother? Annie, trust me, the only man who would ever want to hear that is your actual brother.

George: I don’t want you to get hurt.
Annie: No, neither do I. But that risk it’s… it’s all part of the deal.

Mitchell: You did what?
Annie: Sort of… disappeared.
Mitchell: Right. But that’s okay, because by disappeared you mean “got away.”
Annie deftly changing the subject: Oh Mitchell, have you been working out?
Mitchell: Oh, that’s just fantastic!
Annie: He was all over me! It was a reflex.

Annie: What is it with me and volatile, unsuitable men? Be honest with me, am I Ulrika Jonsonn?

Annie: Would you like a cup of tea?
Hugh: Oh, please.
Annie: Take your pick.
Hugh: You expecting people or… ?
Annie: Oh! No, I just like to make tea.

Radio Voice: We’ve got you trapped like a fly under a glass. Buzz buzz buzz! Now Saul! Get her through the Door!
Annie: Please don’t. Please don’t. No! George!
Radio Voice: We needed you here, we needed the Door. So we scraped you up and brought you back. Come along, Saul, tip her into our arms. We’ve all manner of tricks and wheezes waiting for her. That’s the ticket! We’ll let you live, Saul. You’ll spring back to life, fresh and crisp as a daisy.
Annie: No! It’s not my Door!
George: Annie?
Annie: George! George! Help me, George!
Radio Voice: The gang’s all here. There are men with ropes and men with sticks and men with black black feathers on their black black []. There are no prizes for kindness. You’ve said that. Mercy isn’t []. Stirring work, Saul. Quick as you like. You don’t want our rascals coming out there.
Saul: I can’t. {he throws Annie away from the Door.} Oh god.
Radio Voice: What are you doing?!
Saul: I can’t.

Annie: Hugh? Hugh, can you see me? Can you hear me, Hugh? Oh god. Not again. Please. Not this again.

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Long Live the King

Bristol 1665

George: Why hasn’t anyone gone shopping?
Annie: Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been struggling with the whole “ghost” thing the last few days. Strangely, being invisible makes purchasing Pyramid tea bags a touch awkward.

George: You can’t go interfering with people’s lives like that.
Annie: It’s not interfering, it’s more like regime change.
George: Oh, ’cause that’s never gone wrong.

Annie: I think that we’ve all just lost sight of each other a bit. We need to team build. We need to bond.
George: I’m not going to paintball, not again. Not after last time.

Annie: Did you know that gypsies are born with six toes and that’s why they never wear flip flops?
George: I don’t think that’s actually true.

Annie: She’s so not natural blonde. Bet you anything, cuffs and collar don’t match.
George: Oh. I’m not even going to ask what that means.

Annie: Your mission is to become her boyfriend but to be absolutely crap at it.
George: Well, I can’t do that.
Annie: Well of course you can! Look what a fuck up you made of your last relationship.

Annie: Okay, worst date ever.
George: That’s easy. Petra Gibbon. 2001. Kebab shop.
Annie: I can top that. 2003. Tony Slokum. We Will Rock You.
George: You win.

Kirsty: That was just amazing!
George: Clowns. So many clowns.
Annie: Kebab.
George to Kirsty: Are you peckish?

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Educating Creature

Annie: Are you okay? Do you understand what’s just happened to you?
Junkie Ghost: They told me to wait for you. {the Door appears}
Annie: No! No, please!

Sykes: No, this isn’t the other side. Yes, I did save you from the Door. And yes, I’m dead too. Sykes. Pleased to meet you.
Annie: You closed the Door.
Sykes: A thank you would be nice.
Annie: Thank you.
How did you do that?
Sykes: Extremely well. Anyway, it’s gone now. You’re in one piece, I’m in one piece so I’ll say cheerio. Cheerio!
Annie: No, wait! You have to show me how to do that. It keeps happening to me, you see.
Sykes: I’m sure it does.
Annie: Please. Please. You have to help me.
Sykes: I don’t have to do anything of the sort. Look, there’s no automatic bond between us. You’re not my responsibility. We’re just ghosts, luv. Flotsam and jetsam.

Annie: I’ll haunt you!
Sykes: You can’t haunt another ghost.
Annie: Well I’ll give it a damn good go.
Sykes: There’s nothing I can do for you. Fighting the men behind the Door is grown-up stuff. You’re outmanned and outgunned.
Annie: Grown up stuff? You’re about nine!
Sykes: I died when I was twenty-three. In ghost years I’m eighty-nine.
Annie: Oh great. So you’re senile. Look. Look. If you don’t help me then sooner or later they’re gonna get me. Please. Please, I’m asking you. I don’t know what else to do.
Sykes: You’ve resisted Death’s Door three times.
Annie: How could you know that?
Sykes: Oh please, it’s written all over your aura. Which I could teach you to read.
Annie: You can read auras?
Sykes: Maybe.
Annie: Well, show me how to do that at least. I mean that’s not like teaching, that’s more like, like a magic trick.

Sykes: Okay, okay. Cards on the table. Do you want to know why I don’t want to teach you? Because there’s only one passing grade. Anything less than an A plus and they’ve got you. You’re gone. And I really don’t want that on my conscience.
Annie: Sykes, if you don’t teach me then… I’m gone anyway.
Sykes: 0900 tomorrow. That’s if it’s okay with your two dads.

Sykes: What do you make of this likely looking fellah here?
Annie: OCD. Desperate. Having a mid-life crisis.
Sykes: I meant from his aura.
Annie: This is like those magic eye things. I can never do those either.

Annie: Something grey. It’s like it’s in his head.
Sykes: It’s a tumor.
Annie: Yes! No, no! Gosh, no. No, that’s terrible. We have to let him know somehow.
Sykes: I think he already knows.

Annie: So theoretically, I could read your aura.
Sykes: Well, yes, I suppose.
Annie: Oh go on, let me. I need the practice. You’re not wearing ladies underwear or something are you?
Sykes: You stay out of there, d’you hear me? Look, I’ll do what I can to help but please, that’s my only rule.
Annie: Sure. Sorry. I didn’t think.

Annie: So what are we testing?
Sykes: Your ability to taste.
Annie: What? I can do that?
Sykes: That’s what we’re here to find out.

George: Oo! It’s tingly.
Annie: Sorry.
George: No, that’s fine. I like it.

Sykes: Are you okay?
Annie: Um. Yeah. Yeah, but I don’t feel very well. Can we stop now?
Sykes: Of course. Thanks for all your help, George.
George: No no, that’s, um, that’s fine. I’ll, ah, I’ll just throw all of this in the bin then, shall I?!
Annie: Wow! Clearly someone’s been watching a bit too much Gordon Ramsey!

Sykes: It’s time. I think you’re ready for your exam. I think you’re strong enough.
Annie: What do you mean?
Sykes: Where did you die? Is it far?
Annie indicating the room: Ta da.
Sykes: Right. Turn on all the radios, the TV, anything electrical.
Annie: How long do you think it’ll take?
Sykes: Not long. It’s a honey pot now. {the radio flips over} Show time. Good luck.

Annie’s Body: Poor little me. I fell down the stairs and now I’m dead.
Annie: Yeah. I am.
Annie’s Body: Poor little me. My fiancé did it. He didn’t love me at all.
Annie: No, I really don’t think that he did.
Annie’s Body: Have you told her what you did?
Sykes: No, she doesn’t need to know that.
Annie: Sykes, what does she mean?

Annie: You’re one of them, aren’t you? Hm? You might put on my face but you’re one of the men. It’s just tricks. You put on a mask to frighten me, you convince people to hurt me. You’ve got to keep me scared because you can’t actually do anything.
Annie’s Body: We can drag you to hell anytime we want.
Annie: I thought you were an army of devils but you’re not. You’re a magician who’s come to the end of his act. And this… this was your big finish. It’s pretty poor. You’ve lost your audience.
Annie’s Body: Where are you going?
{Annie walks over to the Door and slams it shut}

Sykes: I think that’s a pass.

Annie: D’you know what I don’t get? People still can’t see me. I thought at least I’d be visible again.
Sykes: Annie, you were never meant to be visible in the first place. There’s a natural order. There’s life, there’s the Door. And then somewhere in between them, there’s the ghosts. But you, you were something different. A crease in the cloth…. In a plane you have this thing called the artificial horizon. It’s this little gauge and you have to keep it flat, and that’s order. You tip the world too much in one direction and sooner or later it had to right itself.

Sykes: On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about the gatekeepers anymore. Not after what you did today. From now on the Door will be your choice.
Annie: Why would I ever choose to go through?
Sykes: The world will change around you. You’ll see people fall in love, have children, grow old and die. All the things you can’t do anymore. It’ll be like watching the world through a glass wall, and eventually it becomes unbearable.
Annie: Well that’s a cheery thought.
Sykes: Ah, but then, but then you’ll find something else.
Annie: What?
Sykes: The next adventure.
Annie: What’s that supposed to mean?
Sykes: That’s strictly need-to-know. {he salutes}.
Annie: Dismissed.

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The Looking Glass

Mitchell: It’s for you.
Annie: Oo, how exciting!
Mitchell: Junk mail.
Annie: I might be dead but I’m still on the database.

Ghost Mom: This is nice. It doesn’t smell as bad as I thought it was going to.
Annie: Oh. You’re a, you’re a ghost. And, um, and this is a very small ghost.
Ghost Mom: Sykes told me about you.
Annie: Did he?
Ghost Mom: Yeah. He was telling everyone about you. You’re a celebrity.
Annie: No, not really, I’m not.
Ghost Mom: You resisted death like three times.
Annie: Four. Technically.
Ghost Mom: Oh my god, I’ve been so dying to meet you.
Annie: Oh stop, I’m blushing.
Ghost Mom: Oh, okay.

George: Hello Annie. What the fu— What is that?
Annie: A baby. It’s one of mine.
George: How long have I been gone?

Mitchell: Where will they sleep?
George: Well, um, Sam will be in with me… obviously. And Molly can have—
Mitchell: The cage?
George: No, not the cage! Forget the cage. The cage will obviously have to go.
Annie: Molly can have my room.
George: Thank you, Annie. That’s incredibly generous. Are you sure?
Annie: Yeah. Tim and I can make do down here.
George: Uh.. Tim?
Annie: My baby.
Mitchell: Annie. It’s not your baby.
Annie: Well mother’s gone AWOL and if she doesn’t come back I’m adopting him.
George: Right. Okay. It’s a bit weird. But thank you.

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In the Morning

Annie: Are you having a breakdown or something? Is that it?
George: No, but I think you might be.
Annie: Oh, how dare you!
George: Oh my god, did you just throw that at me?
Annie: It slipped.
George: So what are you, just flinging pottery around like a common poltergeist?
Annie: Did you just call me a poltergeist! Mitchell— Mitchell, listen to this. This is classic, this is. Go on. Say it to Mitchell, go on. Say it again, go on.
George: Would you just shut up for a millisecond? Mitchell, Sam and I are viewing a house today.
Annie: Ha! What d’you make of that?
Mitchell: He has to view houses. He’s moving out.
Annie: Right. Take his side. You two are just so… gay for each other.

George: Annie, I don’t understand. I thought you were fine with this. Come here, you big silly bear.
Annie: I was fine with “this”. When I thought “this” was a notion. But now you’re out viewing actual proper non-imaginary houses.
George: You thought it was a notion?
Annie: Yes! George, I didn’t think you would seriously go through with it. I thought the moment would just pass. You know, like when you decided you were going to wear skinny jeans.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans?
George: That was a private conversation.
Mitchell: Seriously?
George: It was a moment of madness.
Annie: No, George, this is a moment of madness! You can’t just move in with someone that you’ve just started dating. It’s—ah! Tell him, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans, George?
George: Oh, alright, Mitchell. Okay. Listen, where the hell were you last night?
Mitchell: I was with Lucy. We ah, finally, um, you know… Decided to, um…
Annie: Oh, this is like the problem pages of Just Seventeen. You had sex, Mitchell. Sex.
Mitchell: Yeah.
George: That’s great, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Yeah. Yeah, it kind of was, actually.
George: I’m really happy for you.
Mitchell: Oh, thanks mate.
Annie: Why don’t you two just snog each other? Just snog each other.
Mitchell: I don’t want him to go either.
Annie: Well then don’t let him.
Mitchell: We can’t keep him prisoner.
Annie: We do have a cage.
Mitchell: What?
George: Hey. We will still each other. I will visit. I will visit all the time.
Annie: It won’t be the same though, will it? Will it? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Annie: You’re a ghost?
Robin: Of course I’m a ghost. Who’d you think I was?
Annie: An usher?

Robin: Here we are. The cheap seats.
Annie: Do they live here?
Robin: No. But when a psychic rolls into town we get a good few ghosts back here.
Annie: You throw the term “psychic” around pretty loosely.
Robin: No, Alan was amazing. He really was. Then one year he started ignoring us. Stopped engaging. I don’t know why.

Annie: What are you looking for?
George: The bloody phone charger.
Annie: Oh, that’s in the oven.
George: Really? Alright. Cheers…. What?
Annie: When you said you were viewing houses I started to hide your stuff.
George: Why?
Annie: I thought the more of your stuff I hid then the longer it would take you to leave.
George: Right. How much stuff are we talking about, Annie?

Annie: Red Robin, this is A1. Let me know when we have FO hedge clearance. Over.
Robin: Should be about twenty minutes.
Annie: Do it properly. Over.
Robin: This is Red Robin. We’ll have front-of-house clearance in twenty minutes approximately. Over.
Annie: I don’t think your heart’s really in this, Red Robin. Over.
Robin: Maybe because it’s stupid. Over.
Annie: How’s it stupid? Over.
Robin: Because I’m stood right next to ya. Besides it don’t even work. They’re not connected to anything.
Annie: Well you are just determined to pick holes in this operation, aren’t you?

Annie: Alan, Jimmy has a pretty serious message for her. Um, apparently she’s getting married again.
Alan: Jimmy says you’re getting married again, Orla.
Orla: Yeah. Well that’s why I’m here, really, ’cause I just wanted to check, you know, that he was all right with it.
Jimmy: I’m not.
Annie: Oh, he says he’s not.
Alan: Yeah, he wants you to know that he’s not.
Orla: He’s what?
Alan: He’s not okay with it.
Orla: And why the fuck would that be?
Annie: Because apparently her new boyfriend is a massive tosser. {Jimmy whispers again} And a sponger.
Alan: Because your new man is a massive tosser and a sponger. Allegedly.

Carmen: Yes. My daughter.
Alan: Don’t tell me. Your daughter’s name is…
Annie: It’s me. She’s here for me. That’s my mum.
Alan: Your daughter’s name was Annie. Is there something you’d like to ask Annie?
Carmen: I just… well, I don’t even know what I want to hear. I don’t know what would help. I mean, losing a child is, um, it’s a unique kind of pain. The pain is… spectacular. You know what? If you told me that you could take that pain away, I’m not sure I’d want you to because it’s, it’s all I’ve got left. I want to feel that pain. And I deserve to feel that pain, because… I should have known. She was my little girl, and I should have known that she was in danger. I should have known that she was scared. Because I’m her mum and I really should have known. {she sits down.}

Carmen: I was so afraid of this place. I just thought that if I came here that this would become my last memory of you. That somehow, your face and your eyes and your laugh… would be replaced by this. But I still have you. I mean I do still have you, don’t I?
Annie: You will always have me, mum.
Carmen: So I’m going to try. I’m really going to try.

Anna Clare Sawyer 1985-2007

Annie: I can’t come on the road with you, Alan.
Alan: I know.
Annie: Speaking to my mum and telling her that she had to move on, it just made me realize what a hypocrite I was being. To come away with you then I’d… I’d just be running away.
Alan: It won’t be the same without you.
Annie: What will you do? Without an interpreter I mean?
Alan: Do you think Robin would be any good?

Annie: Well I think Robin would be an excellent choice. She did learn from the master after all.
Alan: What are you going to do?
Annie: I think it’s time to go.

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Annie: Nina!
Nina: Hi.
Annie: Well come here. {they hug}
Nina: How’s George? Sorry that was— How’re you? Fuck it, tell me later. How is George?
Annie: He’s okay.
Nina: What’s happened?
Annie: Um. Do you want to sit down? Um… he’s met someone, Nina. And he’s moved out.
Nina: Ah… What’s she like?

Annie: Are you back now? Please tell me that you’ve come back to tranquilize George.
Nina: It’s complicated. I need to speak to him. So he’ll be here tonight for the full moon? I need to speak to him before then.
Annie: Yeah, just hang out. He’s always here. Half his stuff is still here. Thing is, he has moved out but he’s always coming back. It’s like we’ve become his shed.

George: Nina’s back.
Mitchell: Get out of here. How is she?
George: She’s weird. She’s met these people and they reckon they can cure her.
Mitchell: How’s that?
George: Oh wait for it, one’s a priest.
Mitchell: You’re fucking joking.
Annie: Kept that quiet. I made her toast and everything.

George sitting down on Mitchell’s bed: Oof! Gross. Yeah, his name’s called Jaggat. He’s probably from the Pond Clinic. Oh stick around, the vicar’s coming over at two.
Annie: What, he’s coming over here? You’re going to meet him?
George: Too right. They’re exploiting her. They’re exploiting her shock. No, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.
Annie: Mm. Well I’ll lurk in the kitchen, ’cause I am not missing this.
Mitchell: Alright, guys, I gotta be somewhere.
Annie: What? Hang on, wait. Aren’t you worried? These people know he’s a werewolf.
Mitchell: Just because someone knows what you are doesn’t mean they’re a threat, Annie. He’ll be fine. I mean they sound pretty harmless, don’t they? A scientist and that.

George: No, you get back and get in the— Get in the kitchen!
Annie: Father Ted won’t even be able to see me.
George: Yes, but I will. And I will giggle. And Nina will. And she will get snippy.
Annie: No!
George: Oh god.
Annie: You can’t say that. George you cannot say not.
George: Shut your mouth, Annie, actually. You’re being incredibly rude.

Annie: Hey.
Mitchell: It’s the ghost.
Annie: Did you have a friend over?
Mitchell: I kissed you once, do you remember?
Annie: Yeah. Sort of.
Mitchell: You know, sometimes I can hear you moving about in a different room and… I just think about your body under those clothes. I think about your skin.
Annie: What? Mitchell, stop it! Shut up.
Mitchell: Do you want to kiss me again? Do you want to kiss me?
Annie escaping: George! Hi.
George: Hey.
Annie: What’re you doing?
George: I’m going to that place, that facility Nina was talking about. I’m going to try that cure.
Annie: But you said that there wasn’t a cure. {she puts back an item he’s packing.} That belongs with the house.
George: Maybe not, but we have a responsibility to try.
Annie: Is it safe?
George: Safer than not going. We’re monsters, Annie. Immersing ourselves in humanity is deceptive and it’s dangerous, and the sooner we’re away from other people, the better.
Annie: Then I’m coming with you.
George: What? Why?
Annie: Keep an eye on you. God knows what those people might do to you.
George: Annie, he’s a Catholic priest.
Annie: Exactly.

{Mitchell coughs in the other room}.
Annie: There’s someone in there.
George: Who?
Annie: Mitchell.
George: You said someone.
Annie: Go and talk to him.
George: Why’d you say “someone”?
Annie: Just please, go and talk to him.

Annie: We’re not coming back here again, are we?
George: Of course we are. Come on, Annie, please. It’ll be fine.

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All God’s Children

Annie: Do you know what the weird thing is?
Psychic: Annie says, “Do you know what the weird thing is.”
George: For the eighteenth time, I can hear her. {to Annie} So none of this is the weird thing?
Annie: They can’t see me—the weird Bible guys. Only you two, Mr. Kemp and Nina know I’m here.

Annie: So. Looks like we found Mitchell’s girlfriend.
George: Yeah. Small world.
Annie: Why do you think she didn’t tell him that she had all this going on?
George: Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence, does it. This place is doing my head in. All the medical tests, religious talks. Do you know, I’m not even allowed protein.
Annie: You’re kidding.
George: No. No dairy or meat. Apparently they’re worried it will strengthen the demon.
Annie laughing in disbelief: Demon!
George: It’s not funny.

Annie: George. I’m worried about Mitchell. When we left him, he was—
George: He was drunk. That’s all, Annie.
Annie: He wasn’t drunk. You know he wasn’t drunk. What the hell had happened? What’s he done?

Psychic: Does George know why you’re really here?
Annie: He thinks I’m here to keep an eye on him. Don’t tell him, will you? I just wish it would hurry up. I’m sick of all this waiting.

Annie: For so long now I’ve been tired, frightened. The prospect of this scream of time in front of me… is terrifying. Do you remember, George, I was going to pass over and you couldn’t understand why because I didn’t know what lay beyond. It was because this endless life—never aging, never kissing, never having a family—all the things that make you human, not having them it’s a worse hell than anything they’ve got over there. You boys. I love you boys. ‘Cause it was through you two that I’ve really truly lived. ‘Bye.

George: What the hell are you doing? I just rang home to see if there was a message from Mitchell and I got your suicide note.
Annie: Ah.
George: Is that why you’re here? Is it? You want Father Lurch to exorcise you?
Annie: No, I wanted to keep an eye on you as well.
George: Did you know about this?
Psychic: Uh, yeah.
George: Oh right, so you tell him and not us.
Annie: You would have tried to stop me.
George: Uh, yeah. Too bloody right! No, I’m sorry I’ve already lost one best friend this week, I’m not losing another.
Annie: You want to get cured, why can’t I?
George: It’s completely different. My cure won’t kill me.
Annie: Well it’ll kill me.
George: What? That doesn’t even make sense.
Annie: You’ll be human, George. You won’t be able to see me. Then nobody will be able to see me.
George: What if I stayed? I mean, the way I am.
Annie: No. You’ve got Nina now.
George: I’m just saying. What if?

George: Just one more day—one more day. That’s all I’m asking. I understand what you’re saying, I really do understand. But please—please don’t do anything until we’ve spoken. I love you, you know?
Annie: Yeah. I love you too. Oh shut up.
George: You shut up.
Annie: You shut up. {she grabs his hand.}
George: What is it?
Annie: I don’t know, it’s weird. But I feel very frightened.

George: Oh my— that was Annie! {the tv turns on.} What’s that? Nina, I thought it didn’t work.
Nina checking the plug: No, it doesn’t.

Annie: Can you hear me?
Mitchell: Yeah, we can hear you and see you.
Annie: Are you guys safe now?
George: Yeah. You saved us.
Mitchell: Annie, are you okay?
Annie: Yeah. It’s just a bit complicated. Um, I miss you.
Mitchell: Oh, we miss you too, Annie.

George: What’s it like there?
Annie: We wait. We wait. We each have a number and we wait for someone to call our number and then we move to another room and we wait there. But then… then one of us disappears and we talk, and we’re not allowed to talk about them. And there are bells and there are buzzers and whistles… we had to fill in this form and the people… the people behind the doors, they whisper. I don’t know what we’re waiting for to happen, but sometimes I wish it would just, just happen. We’re frightened of what it might be and… they’re really angry with me for getting Kemp, ’cause they said there isn’t a form for that. Oh god, um, I have to go. {she starts to fade} Please, don’t forget me, will you?

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