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Well it finally happened. My first website ever is no longer. The Frank Lloyd Wright site at Hamline University is gone. I can’t let it just die like that so I’m gonna post it to my website. It was quite useful. I used to get emails about it all the time.

I found out today that Amanda’s cat Poppy died. She was the sweetest cat. I feel so bad for Amanda. Losing a pet is really hard and Amanda really loved Poppy.

I cat-sat for her once. In general she’s pretty aloof, but I think she was lonely so she actually (after some trepidation) hopped up on my lap and we just hung out for awhile as she was purring away.

I’ll miss Poppy too.

On a feline-related note, Ramona’s lip has swollen up. She looks like she’s pouting. It’s sorta funny.