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I was on my way to a client meeting this afternoon and a few blocks from my house I passed by two kids frantically waving down cars and passersby. With the ultimate goal of getting them to buy some lemonade from their lemonade stand.

My first thought was, “There is no way I’m going to be that weird adult who buys lemonade from random kids I don’t know.” I mean the whole idea of going up to kids and making idle chit chat while they pour me a glass of tepid, watered down lemonade is not my idea of a good plan.

Although I was definitely responsible for a few glasses of tepid, watered down lemonade back in the day. We had a leg up on the competition. My best friend had a relative who worked for a candy company and he’d give us all sorts of candy to sell.

Looking back, I can’t help but wonder how many level one sex offenders bought our lemonade for a chance to make idle chit chat with two young girls. I guess it was somewhat safe. We were in the front yard in a busy neighborhood with one or more parents just a scream away should anything hinky go down. But still. A little dicey.

Then you think about flippin’ ice cream trucks. I mean THAT is a child abduction just waiting to happen. You’ve got a guy in a large windowless truck whose very presence sends kids running willy nilly after it. I’m marginally amazed there’s never been some sort of parental backlash against the whole concept.

Hm. Apparently I’ve been watching too many Forensic File-esque shows lately. Because I see potential crimes and criminals in every situation. Like the other day I noticed there was some new guy staying with my next door neighbor and my immediate thought was, “If I’m ever found raped and murdered, that would totally be my first suspect.”

I need to get out more.