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I gotta admit it, even doing insurance ads Dean Winters is all different shades of awesome.

I’m currently waiting for feedback from clients so I figured I’d drop in here.  There is just plain nothing on TV this afternoon. Not even any good marathons. So I’m stuck watching some Conspiracy Theories ‘R’ Us: 2012 on SciFi.


Whatever. It reminds me slightly of all the Y2K meltdown paranoia. I typeset like three or four books about Y2K. Well I know I did at least one. But I know there were a couple more. On New Years Eve I idly wondered how many of these guys were actually in some sort of anti-technology bunker someplace. The truth is, probably none. I doubt they believed half the crap they preached. Every time I met one of them I walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. Sleazy and fake, the lot of them.

But they certainly conned a lot of people into believing. And THAT thought totally reminded me of a random story I had forgotten about. Which you can find here. It’s worth the click.

Okay, back to work.