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When I first got my iPhone I has no idea what apps to download if any at all.

Oo! Tangent! I have this relative that insists on calling appetizers “apps”. “Let’s start out with some apps” “Who’s up for apps?”. Drives me nuts. And it has hardened my heart against the usage of the word in any context. So I have a hard time calling the things I have on my phone “apps” without dying a little inside.

Anyway. I did some searches to at least get an idea of what to grab. Which turned out to be not so helpful actually. Such is life.

The most amusing list I found though would have to be the one listing the top ten a**s for graphic designers. So thinks I, “Hey, they’re talking to me. How helpful!” And proceeded to read through a top ten list of stuff like “Best Photo Editing Software,” “Best Color Matching system based on an iPhone photo” or whatever. Clearly whoever had the bright idea to compile this list didn’t take his initial bright idea from theory to reality.

Because if I ever decide it’s a good course of action to use my iPhone to edit software and pick colors instead of—oh I don’t know, Photoshop and an eyedropper tool—I’ve clearly lost my mind.

I was reminded of the lunacy of this again when the Photoshop app was released a day or so ago and a bunch of the comments were complaining about not being able to do precise levels or color.

Imagine that.